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2013 CUPA Presentation

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This is a presentation given at the 2013 CUPA Conference that describes Chemical Safety’s software and expertise in the area of California’s Environmental Reporting System (CERS).

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2013 CUPA Presentation

  1. 1. Chemical Management MSDS Management Regulatory Compliance Environmental Support Hazardous Waste Tracking CERS Software & Consulting supportChemical Safety Software www.chemicalsafety.com
  2. 2. EMS-CERS Gives businesses the ability to download/upload inventory data from CERS  Enables businesses to fill-out and print all required forms  Includes MSDS (material safety data sheets) data  Includes Chemical Reference Data  Includes permit tracking tools  Includes green chemical alternatives database  Includes archiving prior, current and future regulatory reports www.chemicalsafety.com
  3. 3. Track Chemical Inventory (by container or aggregated) Import Inventory www.chemicalsafety.com
  4. 4. Track Chemical Inventory (by container or aggregated) Track Chemical Inventory www.chemicalsafety.com
  5. 5. Validate Your Chemical Reference Data Validate Chemical Reference Data www.chemicalsafety.com
  6. 6. Create Data Set of Reportable Chemicals Create Data Set of Reportable Chemicals www.chemicalsafety.com
  7. 7. Export Your Data to Excel (optional) Export Data to Excel www.chemicalsafety.com
  8. 8. Compare Current Data to Last Year’s Compare Data Set Against the Previous Year’s www.chemicalsafety.com
  9. 9. Report Center Report Center www.chemicalsafety.com
  10. 10. Fill Out Facility & Business Forms Fill out Facility and Business Info Forms www.chemicalsafety.com
  11. 11. Print Report Print Report www.chemicalsafety.com
  12. 12. Mail Report (optional) Mail Report www.chemicalsafety.com
  13. 13. Create Excel File for Electronic Submission Create Excel File for Electronic Submission www.chemicalsafety.com
  14. 14. Upload to CERS Upload to CERS www.chemicalsafety.com
  15. 15. Import Reference Data from CERS Import Reference Data from CERS www.chemicalsafety.com
  16. 16. Import Inventory from Excel (if not a current EMS user) Import Reference Data from CERS www.chemicalsafety.com
  17. 17. In a Nutshell – “Small(er)” Facilities SUBMIT CONVERT ENHANCE UPLOADSubmit data Data gets Data gets EMS-CERSto Chemical converted enhanced data isSafety to proper with EMS CERSEMS-CERS format Chemical upload- Dictionary ready Database www.chemicalsafety.com
  18. 18. In a Bigger Nutshell – “Large(r)” Facilities SUBMIT CONVERT ENHANCE EXPAND UPLOADSubmit data Data gets Data gets Use EMS for Data isto Chemical converted to enhanced advanced CERSSafety proper with EMS reporting, upload- format Chemical container- ready Dictionary level Database inventory management, and more www.chemicalsafety.com
  19. 19. About Chemical Safety Environmental and Technology Products and Services Facility Management Services Chemical Inventory Management Software and Services MSDS Management Software and Services Hazardous Waste Management Software and Services Facility Audit and Inspection Technology and Services iPad Software Barcode Scanners  Local (SF Bay Area) Woman-Owned Small Business  22+ Years Experience in Regulatory/Compliance Consulting  California Hazmat Regulations Experts  SBA 8(a) Certified  WBENC Certified  ISO 9001:2008 Certified  GSA Contract #GS35F-0823R www.chemicalsafety.com
  20. 20. SFS Chemical Safety, Inc. For More Visit our Web site Information www.chemicalsafety.com/CERS +1-510-594-1000 Ext 27 www.chemicalsafety.com