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EliPay BP - 2019

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EliPay BP - 2019

  1. 1. EliPay Smart Payment 2019 May
  2. 2. General InfoSection I.
  3. 3. Proposal | At the current transaction process, money flow from consumer to the middle agent (bank/online banking), then to the merchants. It may cost longer time and additional fee in each step. Where’s Our Deposit / Working Capital / Money from online transaction?
  4. 4. Proposal | Concept 1: Blockchain Technology By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data. It is “an open, distributed l e d g e r t h a t c a n r e c o r d transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Non-centralization; Distributed ledger; Smart Contract
  5. 5. Proposal | Concept 2: Supply Chain Finance Merchant <-> Consumer Account Payables (AP) Account Receivables (AR) Proposal | A set of solutions that optimizes c a s h f l o w b y a l l o w i n g businesses to lengthen their p a y m e n t t e r m s t o t h e i r suppliers while providing the option for their large and SME suppliers to get paid early.
  6. 6. Proposal | Concept 3: Payment System Mobile payment (also referred to as mobile money, mobile money transfer, and mobile wallet) generally refer to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device. Prepay; Cash Pay; Post-Pay
  7. 7. Proposal | What we try to do EliPay would like to apply Blockchain technology to current Prepaid system and increase the efficiency of Supply Chain Finance (AR financing). In this idea, we provide secured payment for customers, convenient working capitals for merchants, and innovative fintech for financial sectors. Quantum Finance
  8. 8. Proposal | Problems ShootingSection II.
  9. 9. Proposal | And the needs for proper and more secured payment systems. Rapid growth Online Transaction •  By 2017, total online-shopping users reached 533 million (increased 14.3%) and the volume of transaction was about 7,300 billion RMB. According to the official report, it can find that from 2011 to 2017, the scale of online-shopping grow rapidly and attract 340 million new users. •  The average of transaction is 7 – 20 day- from initial order to close the deal. During this capital-flow period, up to 3 billion per day has been “occupied” and the profit has not distributed to either users or merchants.
  10. 10. Proposal | The Prepaid Card scam Customers top-up their prepaid cards with cash or credit card. 20% 1537 In Shanghai (2017), the disputes of prepaid card has increased 20% from 2016. In Shanghai (2017), 1537 cases related to the “abscond with the money” issue. In Shanghai (2017), there were 16951 complaints/scam cases, including various industries: beauty salon, restaurant, gym, bike-share (e.g. OFO), etc. In the first season of 2017, the “Prepaid Card” disputes increased 20%. In those Prepaid Card disputes, “abscond with the money” is the main cause. In 2017, fraudulent bankrupt, misappropriate management caused customers’ losses. In Guangdong, the illegal incomes from prepaid card cases was 50 million RMB in 2017, while the total cases increased to 7195 from 3131 in 2015.
  11. 11. Proposal | The Potential of Prepaid Card According to the study (2018-2023年中国移动⽀付 ⾏业发展趋势及投资决策分析报告), the mobile payment will become the major payment in near future. In China, the country handled a total number of 125.111 billion non-cash payment transactions with the amount of 3,687.24 trillion yuan. Life with NCT is future Noncash Transactions (NCT) Supermarket Shopping Mal l Restaurant Beauty Salon Gym & Healt h Massage Entertainment < 500 > 500 From 100 – 1000 Usually > 1000 Usually > 1000 Usually > 1000 Usually > 1000 Frequently, 1-2 t imes per day Once every two weeks / season Frequently Form the initial year, customers usually use once per week until reach the peak at the second year (2-3 times per week). Afterward, t he frequency declines until termination. Consumer Behaviors
  12. 12. Proposal | EliPay SolutionSection III.
  13. 13. Proposal | The EliPay smart contract ensure clients can control their own capital/digital asset. Before the real transaction, no one should manipulate the profit from “prepay” system. Secure Users’ Asset To clients, EliPay reduces the risk of consumption; to merchants, Elipay ensures the future payment with potential AR financing; to financial sectors, EliPay provides data and attractive derivatives. Win-win-win solution Efficiently transfer asset/capital’s ownership and right of access. Clients can “deposit” their “prepay” right and get further discount and earn financial income. Smart Consumption Eliconn would like to offer an innovative payment tool – EliPay, which contains the core concepts of blockchain technology: incorruptible, anonymous, encrypted, trackable, and decentralization. EliPay aims at withdrawing “money-in-transit” from the “prepay” system, ensuring customers’ right, and guaranteeing merchants’ future income. Consum er Merchants Financial S ectors EliPay – fundamental ideas EliPay encrypts and confirms the prepay right of each “money-in-transit” transaction. It can be regarded as the personal “draft” of each customer, or the “token” of specific purpose. We all this mechanism “Quantum Finance” or “Quantum Wealth”.
  14. 14. Proposal | 0 1 03 04 02 Auto-monitoring prepay balance system Digitalized data/asset can be financialized and traded The blockchain- based algorithm and distributed ledger Non-centralized mechanism Merchants Customers Provide discounts Payment/Settlement Provide goods & services Prepay deposit in personal account Confirm/secure by Smart Contract Provide financial Services (e.g. AR financing) EliPay – New Prepay System
  15. 15. Proposal | Advantage •  Before the consumption, it doesn’t require the real “top-up”, instead, the Elipay smart contract shall send a “AP” request to customer’s bank/account to keep that prepay right. After real transaction, the payment shall automatically transfer to merchants. •  Before transaction, interests can be accumulated and given to users. •  Merchants can also be promised the future income and request AR financing from financial sectors. Promise to pay and confirm account payables (AP) – “prepay” Customers control their assets Provide AR financing services Receive account receivables (AR) Provide discounts Money-in-transit according to each transaction Financial Asset Exchange 0 1 03 04 02 Auto-monitoring prepay balance system Customers deposit prepay to their own bank account and this AP should not be controlled by merchants. Digitalized data/asset can be financialized and traded EliPay provide date for bank to confirm each AP transaction and create digitalized asset. Then, the factoring company can offer merchants AR financing services. The blockchain-based algorithm and distributed ledger Blockchain technology can reduce the risk from centralized agent and mistakes. Non-centralized mechanism Peer-to-peer mechanism: the smart contract connects consumer, merchant, and bank to complete transactions. Smart Pay – Prepay without top-up
  16. 16. Proposal | EliPay – Highlighted Features The blockchain remove (or reduce) the i ntervention of middle agent. Especially i n the prepay process, the benefits from cash flow should be given back to users . Smart contract and distributed ledger c an secure transaction data and perform the better risk control. Meanwhile, the bank/credit reporting agent is able to as sess different users. Small-size merchants can easier reque st AR financing and increase their worki ng capital. Smart Payment The blockchain-based mechanism with the settlement/clearing ability (corporate with banking partners). The main features contained in this system: incorruptible, trackable, with collateral, implementable, and lower cost. Besides, it also secures customers’ account, property right, cash flow and gives “money-in-transit” profits back to clients.
  17. 17. Proposal | Payment Process
  18. 18. Proposal | Cross-border Payment Flow
  19. 19. Proposal | Applicable scenarios EliPay can simply connect with various APIs Merchants, retailers, online/offline shops , shopping mall…even different industrie s: education, hospital, hotel, charity, etc.
  20. 20. Proposal | The possibilities to integrate Smart Payment with sustainable development goals (SDGs), especially improve life’s quality in both financially and practically. EliPay & SDG?
  21. 21. Proposal | EliPay Demo EliPay can be connected with current payment system and share the data. Users can simply login with their existing accounts and consume in any online/offline shops. Multiple APIs Available Simple Login and QR code Screenshot from the EliPay Demo
  22. 22. Proposal | EliPay Demo EliPay focuses on prepay market and provides an easier way to manage different prepay memberships. Users can “deposit” their prepay promise and the smart contract will verify them. Manage Your Prepay Cards Different prepay cards with clear view Screenshot from the EliPay Demo
  23. 23. Proposal | EliPay Demo EliPay can connect with various industries and provide customized gateways. At the first stage, we focus on Chinese market (thus we only test in Chinese). In the near future, EliPay shall be developed in more regions, e.g. Southeast Asia, Africa. AP from customers is the AR for Merchants
  24. 24. Proposal | 02 01 03 04 Consuming Scenarios Eliconn and its partners have negotiated with several attractive businesses & scenarios. Powerful Business Partners With internal and external supports from suppliers, funders, tech providers. ERP + SCF Eliconn’s ERP and SCF services provide a better business management and capital flow. Security The money is kept in consumer’s own account until the smart contract triggers the payment EliPay – Smart Prepay The next Payment Revolution
  25. 25. Proposal | Blockchain Technology Partnered with Tomochain and Ontology •  Eliconn has partnered with advanced blockchain developers – Tomochain (based in Vietnam) and Onotology (based in China). The corporation bwtween Eliconn’s developers and partners can bring more values to EliPay product. •  The transaction and personal data shall be saved and verified on distributed ledgers which are developed by both sides. •  More super-nodes are going to connect (e.g. financial sectors, public sectors) and data can be shared among necessary institutes.
  26. 26. Proposal | SCF Service Multiple financial services can be provided to merchants, retailers, and customers. Transaction Information Details can be processed and verified on distributed ledger. Basic Information Smart Contract can record prepay promise. EliPay + Blockchain Fintech ‧ Consulting ‧ Service
  27. 27. Proposal | About UsSection IV.
  28. 28. Proposal | Meet Our Team Members from different backgrounds Our team has 20+ years experiences in Financial sector, fintech, mobile payment, blockchain technology, token/custodian, investment, real estate, and project management. Kindly contact us if you would like to know further. CEO CIO COO CFO CTO CMO more…
  29. 29. Proposal | 英⻜凌迪 Platinum 和⼲投资 ZhongHu focuses on smart commun ity, agri-tech project and implement EliPay to their system. He Guang is an asset management company and it will repackage finan cial asset from EliPay. ⽆忧保理 厚康科技 HoConn has its business in smart home, digital life and e-commerce. EliPay acts as the major payment in its system. Infinity provides international payment gateway, settlement/clearing, and tax-refund services. Platinum is the tech-partner and token economy consultant for EliPay. Eliconn has been incorporated with Finconn Inc. (Foxconn) and other groups. Core Partnerships
  30. 30. Proposal | Meet Our Global Partners Powerful Institutes & Corporates The list may be modified due to the change of partnership
  31. 31. Proposal | Our Ambition Eliconn would like to introduce the innovative payment system with blockchain technology for all. v Self-Finance (financial inclusion) v Fintech-driven growth v Win-Win-Win Solution for all
  32. 32. Proposal | EliPay, the Smart Payment EliPay can be further used in different areas: •  Corporate Wallet •  AR/AP Financing •  Settlement and Clearing •  International Trade •  B2B Transactions •  Remittance •  Credit Reporting •  Charity 0
  33. 33. Proposal | Thank You eliconn.io@gmail.comhuangichan33 UBI, Avenue 3 #08 – 13 VERTEX, Singapore 408868 https://www.linkedin.com/c ompany/14533182