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Discover Microsoft's Cloud Automation Suite

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Azure contains an ever growing suite of products, what tools or products do we have available to remove repetitive tasks from our daily grind. This session is viewed from the perspective of a Cloud/IT Professional, our vision is to automate anything we can using whichever tools we have available.

In this session we will dive into Azure Automation, Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions, Event Grid and more. What are they, how do they relate to each other and what are the pros and cons for using each product. By looking at and understanding how we can leverage the Cloud Automation tools that are available to us today we will be able to work less tomorrow! Warning: Contains code.

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Discover Microsoft's Cloud Automation Suite

  1. 1. 31.08 – 01.09.2018. OSIJEK
  3. 3. Discover Microsoft's Cloud Automation Suite Jaap Brasser @jaap_brasser
  4. 4. • Technical Marketing Engineer at Rubrik • PowerShell Conference EU/Asia • Dutch PowerShell User Group • Speaker / Blogger / Tech Enthusiast • PowerShell Gallery • TechNet / MSTechCommunity @jaap_brasser jaapbrasser.com/about
  5. 5. Agenda • What is Cloud Automation • Azure Automation • Microsoft Flow • Azure Functions • Q & A
  6. 6. First server
  7. 7. Servers through the years
  8. 8. Cloud Automation
  9. 9. Azure Automation
  10. 10. Find and Install PowerShell script
  11. 11. Run script to Install Hybrid Runbook Worker
  12. 12. Run script to Install Hybrid Runbook Worker
  13. 13. Demo Summary • Discovered PowerShell script on Gallery • Installed script using Install-Script • Added a Hybrid Runbook Worker
  14. 14. Hybrid Runbook Worker
  15. 15. Event Grid
  16. 16. Download example runbooks
  17. 17. Azure Automation Summary Automate processes Cross-platform configuration management Download example runbooks and scripts Event grid integration Can run local with Hybrid Runbook Worker
  18. 18. What is Microsoft Flow
  19. 19. Connectors
  20. 20. Flow Templates
  21. 21. Demo Summary • Flow.Microsoft.com • Create and modify from template • Create a custom flow
  22. 22. Request Limits
  23. 23. Runtime Limits
  24. 24. Microsoft Flow Summary Use connectors to get data Create triggers based on this data Build workflows Integrate and combine different services
  25. 25. What are Azure Functions
  26. 26. What is serverless?
  27. 27. Azure Web Apps
  28. 28. Advantages of Azure Functions Pay for what you use No Infrastructure to manage No maintenance of servers Can be placed in existing subscriptions Simplify code writing
  29. 29. What are we solving? Using our scripting skills in the cloud Re-using existing code / scripts Faster deployment Less maintenance
  30. 30. Demo Summary • Triggers available • Scenarios available • Experimental flag • How to create Azure Function • Delete Azure Function
  31. 31. Azure Functions Summary Use existing scripting / programming skills Develop serverless code Interact with other services Free tier functions.azure.com
  32. 32. Questions? @jaap_brasser