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Telecommunication Solutions for Small Business

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Communication is a key to a successful business. In the past, communication can cost you thousands of bucks. But with the technology we have today, you could stay connected for less or even FREE! Ja-nae listed some telecommunication solutions for freelancers and small business owners.

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Telecommunication Solutions for Small Business

  1. 1. Telecommunication Solutions for Smart Entrepreneurs Presented by © 2010 Ja-Nae Duane Ventures. www.ja-nae.net
  2. 2. • Offers a variety of communication tools • Connects with your Social Media networks • Available on your mobile device
  3. 3. • Exceptionally low rates • Automated incoming call handling and forwarding • Access voicemail via web, E-Mail, or phone
  4. 4. • Free conference calling • Provides callers with free toll-free number to dial into conferences • Can store recorded session to be downloaded onto your servers
  5. 5. • Affordable audioconferencing and web meeting solutions • Offers podcasting and broadcast via RSS • Provides event services
  6. 6. • Free internet calls to other Skype users • Free video chat • Low-rate calls to landlines and mobile phones
  7. 7. • Unique Google Voice phone number • Voice mail is transcribed and sent via E-Mail • Free domestic calls, low-rate international
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