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JWT INSIDE & LinkedIn Present: STEM Recruitment Decoded

From the June 2015 Webinar - This webcast debunks common misperceptions about STEM talent providing you with takeaways you can immediately leverage for search and storytelling in your recruiting and employer branding efforts.

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JWT INSIDE & LinkedIn Present: STEM Recruitment Decoded

  2. STEM Recruitment Decoded This webcast debunks common misperceptions about STEM talent, providing you with takeaways you can immediately leverage for search and storytelling in your recruiting and employer branding efforts. You’ll learn what to emphasize and de-emphasize in your STEM communications and how to best engage STEM talent to achieve optimal results. @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  3. Presenting Today Rebecca Feldman
 LinkedIn Global Marketing & Education Program Manager Michael Savage
 J. Walter Thompson INSIDE Director of Employer Brand @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  4. Today’s Agenda Market Dynamics  Audience Revelations  Search and Communications Strategies  Summary/Takeaways  Q&A
  5. What is STEM? The breakdown of STEM employment 15% Life, Physical and Social Sciences 49% 34% 2% Mathematics Technology (IT/Computer) Architecture and Engineering Tech and Engineering account for 
 83% How to find and keep STEM talent of the jobs
  6. If you think STEM demand is high now… STEM employment growth through 2020 2010 increase in Tech and Engineering jobs is anticipated by 2020 
 2020 16.8% STEM jobs 15.2% 16.6%21.8% Technology IT/ computer jobs 10.3% Architecture & engineering jobs Science jobs Mathematics jobs 30%
  7. LinkedIn can help assess supply and demand for talent across regions LinkedIn recruiter activity and member data are used to measure supply and demand for software engineering talent. Higher demand index means that professionals are receiving more contact from recruiters than peers in other regions. ®2015 LinkedIn Corporation, All rights reserved.
  8. You know the markets everyone is chasing for STEM. But what about the hidden gems - the paths less traveled? 
 16.6% There are 4.8M STEM professionals in the U.S. Total Talent Pool 4,786,272 Top Regions New York City, NY 384,444 San Francisco Bay, CA 346,767 Boston, MA 201,387 Washington, D.C. 181,393 Chicago, IL 179,021 Los Angeles, CA 165,526 Dallas/Forth Worth, TX 133,756 Houston, TX 130,456 Seattle, WA 126,945 Atlanta, GA 125,789 Quadrant Hidden Gems High Demand Saturated Small Markets
  9. Quadrant Hidden Gems High Demand Saturated Small Markets There are 1.6M Tech professionals in the U.S. Total Talent Pool 1,651,359 Top Regions San Francisco Bay, CA 153,285 New York City, NY 149,881 Washington D.C. . 75,771 Boston, MA 65,420 Los Angeles, CA 63,579 Seattle, WA 63,345 Chicago, IL 59,559 Dallas/Forth Worth, TX 50,304 Atlanta, GA 41,803 Philadelphia, PA 36,781
  10. Hidden Gem regions are likely to offer untapped pools of tech talent Seattle, WA Atlanta, GA Dallas/Forth Worth, TX Boston, MA New York City, NYAustin, TX Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Denver, CO Houston, TX Philadelphia, PA Los Angeles, CA 150,000 200,000 300,000 400,00050,000 70,000 100,000 Phoenix, AZ San Diego, CA Detroit, MI (Supply # Professionals) (DemandIndex) ©2015 Linkedin Corporation, All rights reserved
  11. Majority of in-demand skills are tech-related The 25 Hottest Skills of 2014 on LinkedIn - Global
  12. Some of the hardest-to-fill roles according to CIO’s… 56% 21% 23% Not Sure Yes No 1. Big data/business intelligence & analytics 2. Security/risk management 3. Application development/programming 4. Mobile technologies 5. Enterprise architecture 6. Business-IT liaison/business relationship management 7. Project management 8. Cloud services 9. Database administration 10. Smart initiatives/Internet of Things (IoT) Difficult Skillsets to Find IT Talent War Marches On State of the CIO. 2015 Survey. CIO Magazine. @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Experiencing Skill Shortages? Q. Will your organization experience any IT skills shortages during the next 12 months? Q. In which areas do you anticipate your organization will have the most difficulty in finding appropriate skill sets? No
  13. IT in 2015: Navigating a “digital now, digital first” reality The digital world and its ramifications have moved from the shadows to center stage, creating winners and losers in all industries and geographies, trends, opportunities and threats is creating yet another competitive frontier. 
 In 2015, C-Suite at the Leading Companies Have Prioritized Technology-Related Change
  14. Candidates look for well-respected brands ready to transform through technology “•Shows the company is dedicated to a technology-driven future •Intriguing about what new technology could do to advance business processes •Want to learn every day to hone my skills and be innovative •Like the fact that I can play a major role in expanding the technology area •I need innovation to challenge my skills •I like to solve problems through technology
  15. What’s influencing the supply drought? STEM talent is opting out! Only 1/3 of workers with a STEM degree work in STEM Only about 40% of men with STEM degrees work in STEM jobs Only 26% of women with STEM degrees work in STEM Female STEM majors are 2x as likely as men to work in Education or Healthcare @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  16. So maybe chasing that degree is less important…
  17. Overreliance on university recruitment and limiting searches based on degree earned is eliminating top candidates from consideration. An outdated strategy. They are self-taught. iMPLICATIONS 42%of developers do not have a formal education The Developer Hiring Landscape 2015
  18. Audience Poll: It’s a competitive marketplace. Sure. But does that mean the majority of candidates are passive?
  19. Candidates may not be actively looking for jobs, but the majority are ripe for a move if you can showcase the interesting work you are doing. iMPLICATIONS 59%of developers are open to new job opportunities The Developer Hiring Landscape 2015 60%of tech talent is open to new job opportunities
  20. But how do you get their attention? Especially those purple unicorns (women in STEM).
  21. Women in STEM want meaningful work. You need to ask yourself.. “what’s the societal impact and value it provides to the world at large?”
  22. Defining the role of technology at your organization as part of the employer brand story is critical. 75 50 25 0 Would you rather… Work for a technology company Work in another industry for a co. that prizes tech 55% 45%
  23. How could you effectively talk about the purpose/role of technology as part of your employer brand story? 2015 STEM Talent Study “
  24. GM puts technology at the center of the conversation. 
 It’s the product. The key to delivering value in every vehicle. What this looks like in practice…
  25. What this looks like in practice…
  26. UPS: Logistics demands technology. 
 It’s front and center on the corporate site, prizing and praising it. What this looks like in practice…
  27. When creating great content keep these tips in mind: Be conversational Keep it short Be visual Offer snackable tips Include a call to action @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  28. Audience Poll: Do you think you can compete with a startup in attracting STEM talent? @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  29. You bet you can! Surprisingly, stability, resources and continued investment make larger companies more attractive. Work in a new innovative lab in a large organization Work for a hot startup 30 70 75 50 25 0 Would you rather… @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  30. We’ve noticed a “lab” trend. Everyone wants to work in the company lab, right? @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  31. As it turns out. No! Understanding and recognizing STEM differences is important. Different interests, work environments and aspirations. Organization emphasizes idea creation Organization emphasizes implementation 42 57 100 75 50 25 Would you rather… 0 @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  32. What does your target audience care about most when considering an opportunity? What is important among candidates when considering a job? Excellent compensation & benefits Good work/life balance Challenging work Ability to make an impact Culture that fits personality Job security A place I should be proud to work at Strong carer path Values employee contributions Having a good relationship with colleagues Flexible work arrangements Having a good relationship with superiors A company with a long-term strategic vision Strong employee development Internal transfer opportunities
  33. Correctly solving this puzzle led you to a web page with a second puzzle. If you were able to solve this second puzzle you were shown the following: How many hires do you think they made? Why?@JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights In 2004, Google got a ton of press for this billboard
  34. 9 golden rules of one-to-one communication 1. Review profile. Let the recipient know what on their profile caught your eye. Personalization is flattering. 2. Grab attention. Mention mutual connections. LinkedIn suggests them for you. 3. Show you are selective. Highlight what makes them appealing. Compliment them sincerely. 4. Be conversational and brief. Write as if you were speaking. DO NOT paste the job description. 5. Listen well. Ask about goals and interest level in new opportunities. 6. Focus on goals, not the job. Frame your message around what’s in it for them. 7. Leverage content. Consider including useful information, such as a relevant whitepaper. 8. Be patient. Don’t hound. Use status updates to stay visible while you wait for responses. 9. Include a call to action. Ask to continue the dialogue, not necessarily for them to apply off the bat. @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  35. The power of employee ambassadorship @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  36. Your employees are your focus group, sales team, and models. It doesn’t get more authentic. Credible. 2.6M Instagram Followers. Only 12 Retail Stores in the U.S. Gap has 869K Followers. 1700 Stores.
  37. Help your employees shine Empower them with the knowledge needed to evangelize your brand Dell trains global employees at scale •“SMaC University” (Social Media and Communication) •Global certification program with structured classes •Strong exec support •5,000 trained since mid-2010 Adobe introduces “Social Shift” •Social Shift program trains employees to feel confident on social media •Encourage blogging on Adobe Life and social media sharing •Elevated most active employees to a special brand ambassador program @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  38. Turn your employees into your best ambassadors: Encourage use of social media Communicate frequently Make it easy Train your employees Customize your game plan @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  39. @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  40. How can you engage and recruit STEM talent on LinkedIn? @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  41. Drive STEM professionals through the hiring funnel with targeted outreach @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Robert Jackson Software Developer Awareness Interest Application Hire
  42. Raise awareness at the top of the funnel @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Convert the unaware to aware with broad outreach tHE xYZ company Awareness
  43. Build interest by engaging those who are aware @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Foster relationships with people who are aware of you tHE xYZ company Interest
  44. Convert the interested people into leads @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Target exactly the right candidates and drive them to apply tHE xYZ company tHE xYZ company Application
  45. Some takeaways as they relate to STEM and your Employer Brand Story: • Define the role/importance of technology • Recognize audience differences (Don’t stereotype STEM) • Be credible and authentic to your company culture • Amplify through your ambassadors/employees @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights
  46. @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Questions
  47. @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Rebecca Feldman
 Global Marketing & Education Program Manager 312 650 7545 rfeldman@linkedin.com linkedin.com/in/feldmanrebecca Michael Savage
 Director of Employer Brand 212 210 1085 michael.savage@jwt.com Send us a note, share with us what you found most surprising or valuable, or schedule time for an informal audit of your STEM communications.
  48. @JWTINSIDE #INSIDEinsights Thank You.