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Scaling up online learning

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Scaling up online learning presented by Heather Price at the Learning and teaching practice experts group, 22 April 2015

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Scaling up online learning

  1. 1. Heather Price, Senior co-design manager. Student Experie:nce Scaling up online learning: project update24/04/2015 Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yodelanecdotal/4092671749
  2. 2. Scaling up online learning: the project »Working with the UK academic community to identify: › the barriers stopping institutions from adopting more online learning › solutions that can address those problems »Building pilot versions of the most promising solutions during 2015 »Supported by a projectWorking Group with members from across the academic community 24/04/2015 2
  3. 3. Barriers identified by the community » Lack of clear institutional strategy for distance learning » Cost (mainly staff time) » Lack of understanding of what online learning is & what it entails » Lack of information on the market for online learning » Risk aversion » Perceived lower value of accreditation gained via an online course » Institutional systems are geared towards traditional on-campus learning » Student access (poor or non-existent internet connection) » Poor understanding of the roles needed to deliver and support online learning » Lack of understanding around how to design an online programme 24/04/2015 3
  4. 4. Solution finding »Online ideas and voting tool gathered: »23 ideas »196 votes »48 comments »75 users »Refined & prioritised by the projectWorking Group 24/04/2015 4
  5. 5. The identified solutions »Staff skills for online learning course »Scaling up online learning toolkit »Directory of online courses »Partnership building service for international online learning 24/04/2015 5    
  6. 6. Scaling up online learning toolkit 24/04/2015 6 » Suggested themes: • understanding and penetrating the market • institutional administrative & organisational issues • pedagogic models and staff development • technology and tools » Institutions that deliver online courses are seen as a key provider of content Practical interactive online resource to help support the development and delivery of online/distance learning programmes. Providing: » tools, techniques, strategies and activities At a range of levels: » institutional, strategic, administrative and delivery
  7. 7. Staff skills for online learning 24/04/2015 7 » Incorporates a diagnostic tool for staff to assess their current skills and requirements » Highly practical, easy to use – helping to condense the complexities around pedagogy and technology Online course with a range of modules that support staff to develop the skills they need to plan, design, create, deliver and support online learning courses and programmes. » Help participants to understand the learner experience » Increases staff competence and confidence in delivering and/or supporting online learning » Models good practice
  8. 8. Directory of online courses 24/04/2015 8 Potential benefits: » Enhancing the discoverability of existing UK online programmes both nationally and internationally » Improves information available to potential students » Marketing tool for current and future programmes Investigating the viability of the development of a Jisc tool which pulls together feeds of current online courses from UK HE and FE institutions. » Provision of market intelligence in terms of market size and subject-specific demand (user analytics) Service design review into the viability/need for the directory is a key part of this strand.
  9. 9. Current activity » Lou McGill Consultancy appointed to collate the content for theToolkit (delivery: September 2015) » SkillSet Ltd, working with Lou McGill appointed to develop a diagnostic tool to assess online course development skills (Delivery: July 2015) » MichaelWebb (Director of technology and analytics) developing a online course directory prototype (March 2015 onwards) » All working closely with the projectsWorking Group 24/04/2015 9
  10. 10. Can you contribute? »Do you have any resources that you think might be useful to be incorporated into theToolkit? »Are there sections or areas you would like to see covered in theToolkit? »Would you like to add a link to your institutions online course listing to the prototype Online Course Directory? »Join the project mailing list: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=SUOLL-LIST 24/04/2015 10
  11. 11. Want to find out more… 24/04/2015 11 http://scalinglearning.jiscinvolve.org Heather Price h.price@jisc.ac.uk #suoll . Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND