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Jisc TechDis: supporting vulnerable learners

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This presentation outlines a set of e-safety recommendations for learning providers working with adults with learning disabilities.

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Jisc TechDis: supporting vulnerable learners

  1. 1. Dawn Green, Principal Landmarks College Lisa Featherstone, Jisc TechDis 22/11/2013 Preparing for Safer Internet Day Preparing to Work Together 28 November 2013
  2. 2. Preparing to Work Together East Midlands e-­‐Safety Project An LSIS Flexible Innovation Fund project. The project aim was to improve e-­‐Safety for all learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. The project partners are all Independent Specialist Colleges (ISCs) and members of the East Midlands Peer Review and Development (PRD) Group.
  3. 3. Preparing to Work Together 3 Project objectives The project: » involved learners in the production of support and guidance materials that they felt comfortable using; » produced training materials for staff; » produced guidance for parents and carers. » Produced guidance for governors » The final output was a website – www.em-­‐e-­‐safetyproject.co.uk
  4. 4. Preparing to work Together 4 Website Open Educational Resource with Creative Commons.
  5. 5. Preparing to Work Together 5 E-­‐Safety A definition. is about safe and responsible practice with technology and the sensible management of risks presented by a digital world There is a need to educate ourselves and others about the benefits and risks of using technology and to provide awareness, skills and safeguards to enable users to take responsibility for their own and others’ online experiences.
  6. 6. Preparing to Work Together 6 Vulnerable People Some users may be more at risk on-­‐line than others and this may be due to age (children or older people), health or disability. Some disabled learners may be at risk online due to difficulties in understanding and/or communication and/or limited access to and interaction with information.
  7. 7. Preparing to Work Together 7 Surveys Learners, Staff, Parents and Carers » Were surveyed at the start and 6 months after completion.
  8. 8. Preparing to Work Together 8 Survey Comment I think the risks to learners are very minimal and tend to be overstated and exaggerated as a result of this type of project Please feel free to comment in the text chat. Is this a valid comment? Are we scare mongering? Quote from the previous definition “sensible management of risks”
  9. 9. Preparing to Work Together Parents and Staff Concerns 9 Little knowledge of what young people were doing online
  10. 10. Preparing to Work Together 10 Recommendations from Surveys » Closer work between all stakeholders » Agreed simple and clear Terminology » Understanding and awareness » E-­‐safety Triangle » Clear Evaluated Strategy » Understanding and Practice. » Individual needs assessed and managed.
  11. 11. Preparing to Work Together 11 E-­‐Safety Triangle Staff skills Technology Online Activity Legal Practical
  12. 12. Preparing to Work Together 12 Spectrum of Understanding Assessing, Understanding and Managing Risk None Limited Full Little opportunity Barring Understanding and managing risk.
  13. 13. Preparing to Work Together 13 Preparing to Work Together Safer Internet Day 2014 » Closer work in-­‐house › Management › Teaching staff › Care staff › Parents and Carers › Governors » Closer work with outside agencies › Schools and other colleges › Police › Charities › Social Services › Supported Living projects
  14. 14. Preparing to Work Together 14 Suggested Activities Working with Stakeholders » Use Safer Internet Day to launch initiatives and activities • Collaboration with outside agencies – Police, social services, charities etc. • Private Facebook group to discuss and debate issues. • Quizzes and interactive activities for • Students • Staff • Governors • Reminders in classrooms, session plans •
  15. 15. Preparing to Work Together 15 Suggestions? Ongoing development Design and develop activities that you and your organisation are comfortable with. Resolve to make a start. E-­‐safety is like food hygiene or road safety – it doesn’t stop. Send us your ideas!
  16. 16. Preparing to Work Together 16 Thank You Please feel free to contact us. Dawn Green -­‐ DawnGreen@landmarks.ac.uk Lisa Featherstone – lisa@techdis.ac.uk TechDis – helpdesk@techdis.ac.uk