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IG working group update

A presentation from the NHS-HE forum event on 24 November 2020, by Trevor Peacock.

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IG working group update

  1. 1. NHS-HE Forum IG Working Group update Trevor Peacock, 24th November 2020
  2. 2. About the IG Working Group • Formed in 2013 – when IG Toolkit was introduced for S251 • Primarily those involved in research using NHS data • Members are at all stages: beginner to expert • Good engagement with NHS Digital and the HRA • ~4 meetings per year, plus active mailing list • 127 members, 36 universities / research organisations (Jun ‘20) https://community.jisc.ac.uk/groups/nhs-he-forum-connectivity- project/article/nhs-he-information-governance-working-group
  3. 3. 7th July meeting • Commissioning a secure cloud environment • Simon Parker CRUK • Resuming audits while working remotely • John Fox, NHS Digital • Developing a set of use-cases, collaboration between • IG Working Group • Secure Data Access Professionals • Health Research IG Group
  4. 4. October meeting • Planning for March 31st COPI end date • Alex Bailey, MRC Regulatory Support Centre • Information asset registers • David Stone, Kaleidoscope Consultants • Guidance for new starters • Yannis Kotrotsios, CRUK
  5. 5. Plans for the group • Hold a ’Real’ meeting as soon as we can • More frequent and focused virtual meetings • Let the email list guide meeting content • Build on our good working relationship with NHS Digital • Welcome those at all stages in the IG journey
  6. 6. Plans for our next meeting • Late January • Hope to focus on IGARD / DARS • Requirements for cloud • May have to focus on implications of Brexit