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European open science cloud

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by Dale Robertson

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European open science cloud

  1. 1. Dale Robertson (presentation slides courtesy of Matthew Dovey) European Open Science Cloud
  2. 2. Digital Single Market Strategy, May 2015 »The Commission will propose in 2016 a European ‘Free flow of data’ initiative that tackles restrictions on the free movement of data for reasons other than the protection of personal data within the EU and unjustified restrictions on the location of data for storage or processing purposes. It will address the emerging issues of ownership, interoperability, usability and access to data in situations such as business-to-business, business to consumer, machine generated and machine-to-machine data. It will encourage access to public data to help drive innovation.The Commission will launch a European Cloud initiative including cloud services certification, contracts, switching of cloud services providers and a research open science cloud https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/digital-single-market 223/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  3. 3. European Cloud Initiative, April 2016 3 › to develop a trusted, open environment for the scientific community for storing, sharing and re-using scientific data and results- the European Open Science Cloud › to deploy the underpinning super-computing capacity, the fast connectivity and the high-capacity cloud solutions they need via a European Data Infrastructure › Focussing initially on the scientific community, the user base will be expanded to the public sector and to industry, creating solutions and technologies that will benefit all areas of the economy and society https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/european-cloud-initiative » Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  4. 4. Joint e-Infrastructure Vision 4 The Open Science Cloud offers researchers from all disciplines seamless, open access to the advanced digital capabilities, resources and expertise they need to collaborate and to carry out data- and computing-intensive science. Secure and trustworthy, the Open Science Cloud engages researchers in governing, managing and preserving resources for everyone’s benefit. http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.32915 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  5. 5. 5 EOSC Is Not Only e-Infrastructures »Not just technologies »Not green field »Engagement »Governance »Policies »Scientific Motivation »Skills and Capabilities 5 https://www.opensciencecommons.org/ 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  6. 6. » Facilitating access of researchers across all scientific disciplines to data » Establishing a governance and business model that sets the rules for the use of EOSC » Creating a cross-border and multi-disciplinary open innovation environment for research data, knowledge and services » Establishing global standards for interoperability for scientific data 6 EOSC Pilot Project: Mission 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  7. 7. EOSC Pilot Project 723/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  8. 8. EOSC Architecture: ServiceTypes 823/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham EOSCpilotWP5
  9. 9. e-Infrastructure Gap Analysis & Interoperability Architecture 923/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham EOSCpilotWP6
  10. 10. EOSC Governance Decision Flow Model 10 Executive ExecutiveGovernance Board Strategic National Institutional Forum External Funders Forums Steering Stakeholder Forum Consumer Forums Research Communities Research Producing Organisations Provider Forums Public sector services Enterprise services Technology providers Intermediaries ESFRI E-Infrastructures Provid es Solutio ns Subsidises Incentivises Compensates Objecti ves Metrics Scientific Case Requirements & Proposals Technology Requirements & Proposals PolicyPrinciplesof Engagement Requirements & Proposals Performance and Impact Report against Objecti vesMe trics External EOSC Compatible Complian tEOSC Core Resourc es EOSCSupported Resources ExternallySupportedResources 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  11. 11. Timing of INFRAEOSC Projects 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 EOSCpilot EOSC-Hub Openaire RDA/FREYA/etc INFRAEOSC-01 INFRAEOSC-04 INFRAEOSC-05 (Gov and Fair) INFRAEOSC-02 INFRAEOSC-05 (RIA) INFRAEOSC-06 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  12. 12. Implementation of EOSC 12 Governance, Policy,Technical Frameworks and Architecture Open Access e-Infrastructure Governance National Open Access Desk, Metrics, extending Sherpa services into EOSC Governance, Policy Frameworks, Data Interoperability First Implementation 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham
  13. 13. jisc.ac.uk Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND Dale Robertson Open Science Policy Senior Analyst JiscTechnologies dale.robertson@jisc.ac.uk 23/03/2018 OpenAIRE UK Workshop, Birmingham 13