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Establishing a culture to transform the use of technology across the whole college

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A presentation at Connect More in England (Manchester), 27 June 2019.

Speaker: Steven Hope, head of independent learning, Leeds City College.

Establishing a culture to transform the use of technology across the whole college In this session Steven will draw on his experience from Leeds City College and talk through how to set a vision and strategy that drives technological transformation and creates a culture where experimentation with technology is celebrated.

Steven will also discuss what professional development and CPD strategies look like at Leeds City College and how they have supported the creation of this culture.

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Establishing a culture to transform the use of technology across the whole college

  1. 1. Establishing a culture to transform the use of technology across the whole college Steven Hope Head of Independent Learning @Hope_Steven
  2. 2. Agenda 2 1 3 Start with Why.. Creating a culture which embraces new ways Creating meaningful and purposeful PD
  3. 3. Start with the why..
  4. 4. FUEL THE FUTURE Left Side - Shared Doc (case sensitive) goo.gl/PJzQ0O Why implement technology in and out of the classrooms? Right Side - Shared Doc (case sensitive) goo.gl/Dj5XGP What could make it difficult?
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. #EduTECHAU Add subheading here So what’s your why?... Head to www.menti.com and use code 519844 Add in your why (can be more than one) Chat and share with your table and see if any similarities
  7. 7. Why we started the Journey Leeds City College is one of the largest College’s within the UK with 30K+ learners of varying levels across a diverse curriculum spread across 6 main campuses. Previous feedback was that too many varying platforms were being used to deliver Teaching Learning and Assessment (TL&A) at the college and no direction. Financial constraints placed on FE - The college and other organisations were having to think of new innovative ways which they could save money and space but also increase the quality of our offer. Adapting to learners expectations and improving Learner experience - Learners expect to be able to learn at their own pace, from different locations and using different devices. Technology is no longer the exception but the rule across learners - If they use technology everyday and it is engrained why fight against that.
  8. 8. Journey Overview
  9. 9. Our journey Strategies that support teachers to be innovative Quick wins with Google - Less reliant on the teacher to evidence learning: ● Managed & auditable learning environment ● Track GLH, history, learning content and collaboration ● Apps that are education focused ● Virtual Classroom - use in and out of college ● Differentiated - each student ‘owns’ their learning ● Online, self marking assessment tools ● Built in literacy tools & assistive technology ● Embedded research tools for higher level skills
  10. 10. Key Benefits Affordable ShareableSimple Secure Leeds City College has benefitted from: ● Shift in pedagogy and delivery to more independent / online learning ● Increased accessibility for every student - Any Place, Any time, Any where ● Device agnostic learning ● Approx ‘server’ savings of £750,000: 25,000 students with access to unlimited storage in Google Drive ● Approx saving of £1.35m on devices: 4500 chromebooks vs 4500 laptops
  11. 11. #EduTECHAU What Ofsted said...
  12. 12. #EduTECHAU ● Staff use a wide range of excellent resources, including innovative digital platforms, to motivate students, extend their knowledge and enable them to develop good independent study skills ● Staff use a wide range of resources to engage their students, extend their knowledge and enable them to develop good independent study skills. ● Teachers use innovative digitally enhanced learning to enable students to make good progress in and out of the classroom. ● Students frequently access online learning platforms from home and in the college ’s network of independent learning zones What Ofsted said around our digital work...
  13. 13. Creating a culture which embraces new ways of thinking
  14. 14. Just enforcing the use of technology doesn’t always work. Staff need to have training, support and guidance for it to be used effectively. Get that right and it’s a game changer “ “
  15. 15. Confidential & Proprietary 19
  16. 16. FUEL THE FUTURE Independent Learning Zones, LRCs and Chromezones The college now has LRCs and has created 25 Independent learning zones across campuses to embrace learning outside the classroom using G Suite and Chromebooks as the tools and platforms to do this. Students can - Complete supported online study Independent work Get additional maths and English support Digital literacy skills improvement Research and study skills
  17. 17. Breakout spaces
  18. 18. i Mark - Evidencing learning outside the classroom
  19. 19. Creating meaningful & purposeful PD
  20. 20. #googleedu The Pillars we base our PD on There are key Fundamental pillars which we build our PD sessions on and these are: Differentiate in PD Make PD fun and engaging Vary how people can access PD sessions Take your time with PD to get it right...it doesn’t happen overnight
  21. 21. #googleedu What we offer Variety of sessions Varying in terms of time, pace and method of delivery These range from quick Show and TEL/Micro-teach sessions to full day and boot camps Staff have a variety of ways to complete sessions….fully online, face to face or blended approach
  22. 22. #googleedu Format and Example sessions Google Roadshow Google Basics Bespoke Training TECH TALKS Show and TEL Google Academy Micro-Teach Sessions 1:2:1
  23. 23. #googleedu Example...Embedding maths and English PD G:EM New Resources Multi-faceted approach: ● Face to face sessions ● Screencast ● 1:1 Mentoring and support Develop staff Enhancing teaching and learning: ● Face to face sessions ● App development ● Sites Improvement in cross- curricular links New delivery model: ● All lessons include Slides, Docs and Forms ● Differentiated Docs ● Classroom
  24. 24. Confidential & Proprietary 28 Delivered the #CE Level 1 face to face for college staff Was 2 hours per week 5-7pm Lasted 13 weeks About peer support and group learning Alternative to those looking to complete online Leeds City College Google Academy Educator Level 1 Deep Dive - Google Academy
  25. 25. Confidential & Proprietary Deep Dive - Example Activities from the Academy 29
  26. 26. Confidential & Proprietary Deep Dive - Microteach session These sessions lead on from TECH TALKS and are short burst mini sessions which last no more than 30 minutes They ‘engage’ people to learn a new tool, or gain an quick insight into a feature on Google These are delivered face to face but going forward will be now an online offering. 30
  27. 27. 31 Online approach
  28. 28. Blended Approach
  29. 29. Confidential & Proprietary Reward PD attendees 33 Google Visit Events SWAG
  30. 30. Confidential & Proprietary What staff say about our PD…. “Prior to taking on the course, I had a vague idea of what Google applications were available and certainly did not utilise them in my day to day work. Throughout the course, I learned about the benefits of using Google and was able to compare them to how I was working at the time. I now incorporate what I learned into my day to day working and have been able to organise, share and manage my workload far more efficiently than I have ever done before.” - Recruitment Coordinator “The training really changed my mind about the platform and apps! I can now see all the benefits and not only that I got a practical hands on experience of how to use things which apply to me and my students. I now use the platform and me and my students love it.” - Teacher 34
  31. 31. Top tips to Takeaway for PD creation
  32. 32. #googleedu Things to think about when planning your next PD session Top-tip one Deliver PD Sessions like you could get observed at any time. Top-tip two Think greatly about your target audience and do your research. Top-Tip three Personalise and Differentiate your PD sessions
  33. 33. #googleedu Things to think about when planning your next PD session Top-tip four Target your PD sessions to engage the ‘tough crowd’ and ‘harder adopters’ not just the ‘easy win’ crowd Top-tip five Use the tools and technology throughout when delivering your PD sessions Top-Tip six Flip your PD sessions
  34. 34. #EduTECHAU Thank you Any Questions @Hope_Steven