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  2. Introduction The operation of agricultural equipment has many hazards, and accidents can be reduced if safety precautions are carefully followed.  “Safety first” is a slogan that should be kept in mind at all times  Man of the accidents that occur in operating agricultural equipment are the direct results of thoughtlessness and carelessness.  Accidents are more likely to occur with power- operated equipment that has moving parts to perform its operating function. 01
  3. Avoid climbing over running machines Stay away from loose banks and ditches Do not get in front of moving machines to make adjustments 02 Operator’s Responsibility for Safety Check haying machines for unsafe rope, pulley, etc.
  4. Always keep shields and guards over power shafts, chains and gears. Keep doors of building open when running gasoline equipment inside. Check hazards and be careful at all times 03 Operator’s Responsibility for Safety When driving on highways, use adequate signal lights at night and red flags by day.
  5. Keep extra riders off moving tractors and vehicles. Prevent upset and overturns by careful driving up and down and across steep slopes Hold speed within safe limits of 4.5 mph 04 Operator’s Responsibility for Safety Avoid loose clothing and ragged gloves around moving machinery.
  6. Cabs for Farm Equipment 05 Cabs serves as safety devices on tractors and it should be reinforced with a roll bar or the roll-on-protective structure. Strong cabs protects the operator from being crushed in case a tractor rolls over. It also protects the operators from dusts, noise, heat, and cold. When cab is used, a check should be made to be sure that the exhaust pipe from the engine is extended far enough away from the cab to prevent the exhaust fumes from entering the cab. All tractors not equipped with strong cabs should be provided with safety roll bars.
  7. Cabs for Farm Equipment 06 Cab
  8. Emblem Safety The National Safety Council of US recommends that all slow- moving vehicles operated on highways should have a safety emblem attached to the equipment in a manner so that the emblem can be easily seen. The emblem is triangular in shape. The central portion is fluorescent orange while the 4 –in border is reflective dark red. If a sow-moving vehicle move at night, it should be equipped with amber-colored flashing lights 07
  9. 83 % Safety Emblem 08
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