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The Power of Context and The Future of Digital Marketing

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Presentation given during the Web 3.0 Conference organized on February 11th, 2014 in Warsaw, Poland

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The Power of Context and The Future of Digital Marketing

  1. warm air cool air tropical moisture
  2. our pefect storm Photo by Ranpict.com
  3. mobile social media data sensors location-based services
  4. context is about how we relate to everything around us
  5. context influences the choices we make, based on what is going on around us and what we expect or want to do next
  6. emergent technologies are making our computing devices more intuitive
  7. foundation of the age of context
  8. the marvels of the contextual age are based on a tradeoff the more the technology knows about you, the more benefits you will receive
  9. privacy vs. personalization
  10. all five forces – mobile, social media, data, sensors and location – are enjoying an economic sweet spot. they are in a virtuos cycle. rapid adoption driving prices down
  11. mobile
  12. „Mobile is the aggregator of the other four forces. It’s where they all converge. Your device is your key to all the power of the internet.” Robert Scoble, Shel Israel
  13. X mobile =
  14. social media
  15. „Social media is no longer a disruptive force. Instead it is a vital business component.” Robert Scoble, Shel Israel
  16. social media highly personalized content allows technology to understand the context of: •  who you are •  what you are doing •  what you are likely to do next
  17. data
  18. „It’s not about the big mountain data that matters, it’s those tiny little spoonfuls we extract whenever we search, chat, view, listen, buy or do anything else online. We call this the miracle of little data.” Robert Scoble, Shel Israel
  19. sensors
  20. June 29th, 2007
  21. proximity sensors motion sensors / accelerometer ambient light sensor moisture sensor gyroscope
  22. $3.2 billion!
  23. location
  24. „without location, there is no context” Catherina Flake, CEO Findery
  25. + one billion check-ins by 2013  
  26. bridging digital and physical
  27. Photo : HOB / Flikr.com
  28. beacons are a low-cost piece of hardware that utilize lowenergy bluetooth connections to transmit messages or prompts directly to mobile devices
  29. Source: Estimote
  30. Source: Estimote
  31. Source: Estimote
  32. Source: Estimote
  33. understand multi-location visits VIP awareness movement through the location understanding how people interact at events feeding insight back into CRM
  34. Source: Credit Suisse
  35. Mico headphones read brainwaves to recommend music based on your mood
  36. Photo by Ian Allen
  37. Photo by Ian Allen
  38. so what?
  39. the average person sees some 3,000 brand impressions every day Source: Altimeter Group
  40. context is the key in the future of digital marketing
  41. empathy
  42. who are you?
  43. what are you doing?
  44. where are you?
  45. understand
  46. do not focus on technology! focus on customer needs, wants and behavior
  47. it’s the little things …
  48. it’s all about the experience
  49. multiple contexts
  50. „35 years old marketing executive who likes hip hop and running” daughter aunt friend mom
  51. your purchases reflect all those different contexts
  52. thank you
  53. Ivan Hernandez Digital Strategy and Development @IvanHernandez_ thedigitalloop.co walk.pl