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Trio Digital Agency Company Profile 2014

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Trio Digital Agency Company Profile 2014

• Full-Service Agency with design and technology at its core.
• One of the best digital agencies in Indonesia integrating creativity, technology, and business as one.
• International services from Indonesia and Taiwan covering Asia Pacific region.
• Holistic approach on branding and digital marketing, which provides stepping stones for success – including deep expertise in technology development and creative concept.


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Trio Digital Agency Company Profile 2014

  1. 1. CV TRIO GROUP Widodaren no. 3C-4 , Surabaya 60251 Indonesia T : + 62 31 545 1169 | F : + 62 31 532 5392 www.triodigitalagency.com COMPANY PROFILE
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE We are known by our cutting edge strategy and jaw-dropping ideas. Creativity is our soul, embodied technology implementation that produce the most effective and efficient way to leverage its brand. We are not craving to be the best, but we humbly aim to be the one of the most influential digital agency and game changer in this industry. HISTORY Established in 2009, Trio is one of the leading digital agencies in Taiwan. In 2013, they decided to attend the needs of Indonesian businesses by opening up a branch in Surabaya, Indonesia. As a global-minded team with local awareness, Trio Digital Agency believe in utilising the right knowledge, technology, and design to amplify both your business processes, products, and marketing. Trio is your partner to help you building an effective way communicate your business to the market.
  3. 3. TRIO WORKS AS A FULL-SERVICE DIGITAL AGENCY TO DEVELOP INSPIRATION THEN BRINGS IT TO ACTIVATION WITH THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AND IDEA • Full-Service Agency with design and technology at its core. • One of the best digital agencies in Indonesia integrating creativity, technology, and business as one. • International services from Indonesia and Taiwan covering Asia Pacific region. • Holistic approach on branding and digital marketing, which provides stepping stones for success – including deep expertise in technology development and creative concept. WHAT WE DO? We help brands grow their business by working closely to understand the needs and utilize the appropriate technology to deliver the best design, development, and activation strategy. We work in partnership with your team to make sure our services meet your needs, every step of the way. With the experienced and dedicated team of professionals, we will be your best digital agency partners. OUR KEY FACTORS → CREATIVITY Leverage a brand by combining our research with mind-blown ideas to produce jaw-dropping design and strategy. → TECHNOLOGY Ensuring the best quality and on time result with the most effective implementation of technology as the core of our industry. → BUSINESS Working closely with you to find valuable business insights and turn them into new opportunities, brand concepts and activation.
  4. 4. Having graduated from Shih Chien University in Taiwan with a Master’s in design communication, Ivaline is the co-founder of Trio Digital Agency in Taipei and Indonesia. Ivaline has a keen eye for design and the ability to visually communicate virtually any idea. In the office, there’s never been a day we don’t see a cup of coffee on her desk. She is a great communicator and loves to share her knowledge. She has been a source speaker on Surabaya’s popular radio station Suara Sura-baya and has been a keynote speaker in Surabaya’s TEDx event com-munity. She is also a member of the Indonesia Taiwan Business Club and the Indonesia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Youth League. Ivaline Tedjo Creative Director, Co-founder PEOPLE Jay was graduated with a Bachelor of Science (IT) in Swinburne University, Melbourne. He loves to tinker with things and building great apps. Jay specialises in web application development, Linux server programming, and machine learning for big data. He developed, released, and is currently maintaining an open source PHP framework called Skully Framework, while contributing to several other open source projects. On his free time he does a research on computational creativity and learning state-of-art technologies and programming algorithms. As you imagine, having a quick chat with him guarantees some amount of nerdgasm to your system. Jay Teguh Wijaya Daniel aka Dante was graduated in Petra Christian University with Bachelor of art, he is a designer and illustrator with a great sense of art. On a regular office day, you will see Dante skillfully draws on his drawing tablets and produces great graphic designs. He showcased many of his artwork in deviantart before moved to instagram and has gained quite a popularity there among other visually inclined audience. On his free time he loves driving his kick-ass motorbike out of town and back and other things cool kids do, like airsoft gun and beating up people Daniel Pamuji on League of Legends game. Art Director Bobby was graduated in Ubaya University with Bachelor of Science (IT) degree, with an almost perfect score. A hardworker at heart, and technologically curious in mind, he is one of the most reliable persons we’ve ever met. He joined and won various programming competition back in college, and that is proven with the quality code he has been producing for our projects. On his free time, he enjoys trying out new mobile technology, tinkering with electronic projects, and doing some weird experiments like finding Managing Director, Head of Science, Co-founder Bobby Stenly out the relation between carriage weight and gasoline usage in cars. Head Developer
  5. 5. SERVICES WEB DEVELOPMENT FULLY RESPONSIVE, MULTILINGUAL WEBSITES, HOSTED IN MOST RELIABLE SERVERS. Website Design & Development E-Commerce Mobile Web application / SaaS Browser-based game Server Hosting Provider System Maintenance VISUAL GRAPHIC PRODUCTION BECAUSE EYES ARE THE CLOSEST GATE TO YOUR HEART. Print Advertising & Strategic Planning Company Profile Development Product Packaging Design Presentation Design Marketing Collaterals Brochures & Flyers Catalogues Calendar Invitations Newsletter MOBILE APPS DEVELOPMENT SIMPLE, YET ROBUST LITTLE APPS. iPhone App, Android App, Mobile game BRANDING YOUR BRAND IS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN THE ROOM Brand/Corporate/Product Identity Market Analysis & Survey Vision & Mission Creation Naming & Tagline Brand & Communication Strategy Brand Positioning Manual & Guidelines BRAND ACTIVATION Visual Production, Sales Promotion, New Product Launch, Sampling CONTENT CREATION YOUR CONTENT, DONE PROFESSIONALLY. PR Articles Professional Translation (English, Chi-nese) News Production and Editing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) DIGITAL MARKETING & MEDIA VIDEO MARKETING THE SHORTEST ROAD FROM YOU TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Social Media Strategy & Viral Campaign Google AdWords Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Email Marketing Media Strategy & Planning Media Buying IF A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, IMAGINE WHAT A VIDEO IS WORTH. Video Profile TV Commercial Viral Video Production Animation Motion Graphic Photography
  6. 6. CLIENTS “We look forward to engage and leverage every brands to the top by combining creativity, technology, and business” -stick better-be tte r de sig n, be tte r furniture
  7. 7. GOVERNMENT TAIPEI SONSGHAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 台北松山機場 Taipei International Airport wished to create an online system so public can access their information online using desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. P R O B L E M Airport information is an important public information that should ideally be accessible to anyone from all generations. Accessibility and usability are both equally important in the development of this project. C H A L L E N G E How to organize the Airport’s data and make a user-friendly website, using the government’s rules but also visually astonishing. S O L U T I O N We design and developed a platform for public information displays that is accessible from both websites and mobile applications (available on both Android and iOS devices). Within the app we included many usability features such as quick links and interactive images to ensure the best user experience of their users. CONCLUSION Website and application made and launched, and has since been servicing Taiwanese public at large. www.tsa.gov.tw
  8. 8. CORPORATE DIAMOND EXCHANGE O N L I N E D I A M O N D R E T A I L E R diamondexchange.com.au FEATURES •• e-commerce Complex search widget Diamond Exchange is an online-only loose diamond and engagement and wedding ring retailer, which is privately owned and operated by the International Diamond Company Pty. Ltd. The International Diamond Company is run by a fourth-generation family business that has over 100 years’ worth of combined knowledge and experience in the jewellery and diamond industry. P R O B L E M Diamond Exchange needed a way to simplify the process of finding and purchasing diamonds and jewelry. C H A L L E N G E A diamond has many different attributes which are very distinct from one another. We would need to create a search function that allows users to find diamonds with different shapes, prices, carats, cuts, symmetries, and many others. S O L U T I O N We developed a widget that allows users to search, compare, and adding diamonds to cart, before they are used in a separate checkout system. This widget also have a feature for users to visualise the diamond they selected into an actual engagement ring. CONCLUSION This search system which was a pioneer in Australia at the time we developed had greatly improved the sales of Diamond Exchange. The convenience users felt while browsing and finding a diamond opens a way for them to initiate a communication with Diamond Exchange's sales team for further enquiries.
  9. 9. CORPORATE GRAHA NATURA I N T I L A N D PT Intiland Grande is a subsidiary of PT Intiland Development Tbk, one of the largest land development company in East Java focusing on real estate and other commercial buildings. One of their many portfolio includes Darmo Satelit residence, located in western area of Surabaya. Starting from as early as 2010, PT Intiland Grande has been developing Graha Natura, an 80 hectare residential area located in Lontar, western Surabaya. P R O B L E M Graha Natura has an admirable concept in real estate business, back-to-nature with focus on residence health. Unfortunately their ideas were not properly communicated within their existing website. C H A L L E N G E The first challenge was to combine elegance and informative elements in their web interface. In addition to that, another challenge in this project was in offering a good digital experience to site viewers on a yet to be built products, them being the buildings, houses and facilities. S O L U T I O N We added a 360 view feature to the site to help visitors with viewing the home interiors and exteriors. CONCLUSION This website has since been used as the best portal for information for everything about Graha Natura. grahanatura.com FEATURES ••• Fully interactive website Responsive 360-degree panorama view
  10. 10. CORPORATE DETEKSI JAWAPOS N E W S P A P E R F O R Y O U N G R E A D E R S 1068 SITE USERS IN THE FIRST WEEK OF LAUNCH 40,9 % RETURNING VISITORS deteksijp.com DetEksi Jawa Pos deteksijp deteksi_jp FEATURES •••• Daily online polling Daily event updates manager Highly animated website Responsive DetEksi is a newspaper product, part of the Jawa Pos Group, which targets youth in Surabaya as its market. Every day, DetEksi displays poll results related to issues which matters to their young readers. P R O B L E M DetEksi’s previous website often crashes and had many broken links in it, not to mention the design was not a good representative to a solid brand DetEksi already had, nor was it informative to its viewers C H A L L E N G E Develop a website attractive to youth and teenagers, easy to use, and complement it with a UI perfectly fitted in displaying DetEksi events, both new and archived ones. S O L U T I O N Our design was carefully made to cater for the soul of youths, while still in-line with DetEksi’s brand itself. Fortunately the latter was not hard to do as the brand design was already perfectly matched its target market. We decided to develop a platform which allows Jawapos DetEksi team to post up events and poll questions and responses. The other side of that platform is a youth-friendly website, which allows its readers to access new events and news and archived ones. CONCLUSION Website was made with the quality beyond client’s expectation. The new Jawapos DetEksi website has enabled the brand to reach out beyond youths in Surabaya.
  11. 11. CORPORATE PRODESIGN B E T T E R D E S I G N , B E T T E R F U R N I T U R E PROBLEM Exclusively handle export market in the past, Pro Design was looking to tap into the lucrative local market. Pro Design is a furniture company focusing on knock down wood panel furniture concept. CHALLENGE Educating local market about the other side of a design-centric company presents a challenge in itself. This site would have to showcase the manufacturing process i.e. traditional part of the company, while keeping the design essence of Pro Design intact. Another challenge was in improving usability of the website to help users choosing the products they are interested in. SOLUTION To ensure site users would read a good part of our content, we created a single scrollable long page where the company information is organised into a narrative story. Other pages that are related to searches, store locator, and other smart features, however, were cleverly kept in different site pages. To improve usability, we introduced a wishlist and compare features that allows users to add products into their wishlist and compare them side-by-side. CONCLUSION Website launched, and our friends at Pro Design were extremely happy with the result. FEATURES •• • • Product gallery with information Bilingual website in Bahasa Indonesia or English News and information about furniture event or exhibition Company workflow and contact prodesignfurniture.com prodesignfurniture prodesign_furniture
  12. 12. CORPORATE BROTHER A S S U R E D S A F E T Y Brothers is a brand of a manufacturer specialises in office cabinets of any sizes and models. P R O B L E M Brother wanted to expand their market’s product awareness beyond the realm of traditional office workers. C H A L L E N G E Although the brand itself has quite a history on its own, Brother cabinets has zero online persona. This was both a challenge and opportunity for us, since this scenario had allowed us to mold Brother’s online credentials with great flexibility. S O L U T I O N We developed a website to showcase Brother’s products as well as their outlets. As well, we ran a few social media campaigns to boost Brother’s online presence. To ensure this new brand direction reached the existing customers, we also redesigned Brother’s promotional tools with the new design style. CONCLUSION The website launched, and promotional tools we designed had continued to be a great supplement to their marketing. brother-tjakrindomas.com
  13. 13. CORPORATE MAX GROUP T A P E | F O A M | P O L Y C E L L maxgroupindonesia.com OUR SOLUTIONS ••• Redefine the brand and corporate identity Responsive website Social media marketing Max Group is a corporate brand which produced Max- brands. Among them is Max Tape, a plastic adhesive tape brand which distribution channels spread all over Indonesia. P R O B L E M The brand Max was associated as low-cost, mediocre quality products by the market. The company wished to improve the impression of their product quality on the market by rebuilding the brand image, and use the new impression to pursue a higher end market. C H A L L E N G E The challenge was in eliminating the old impression by exercising creative ways in rebuilding the new brand image. S O L U T I O N We designed a new logo for Maxtape and given it a tagline “Stick strong and fast” and reinforce the word “MAX” on other brands under Max Group. Using this new redefined MAX brand we developed a website for them, as well as redesigning all of their marketing and office tools. We also launched some social media campaign to increase public awareness of this new identity. CONCLUSION Website launched, and the new brand has since been used by them.
  14. 14. CORPORATE ARAFAH E L E C T R O N I C S & F U R N I T U R E Arafah is a furniture and electronic company based in Hong Kong which provides a nationwide delivery service. P R O B L E M Arafah has not implemented e-marketing and wished to leverage its brand as a trusted furniture and electronics company for Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong. C H A L L E N G E To develop an e-marketing system that is easily accessible and usable by every Indonesian migrant workers in Hongkong was not an easy task. We needed a sound, yet simple online system to allow the sales team to assist their prospects in choosing the right products. In addition to that, we also needed to redevelop Arafah’s brand and making it stands out above its competitions. S O L U T I O N A trend that we saw within Arafah’s customer base was that they are mostly more adapted to small mobile screen. In the end the system we built was a website that is highly usable in mobile apps, with additional twists. We created a module that allows a salesperson to log in to the system and pick items for their customers, while creating an administrator area for other team to manage the site’s contents and process orders. For the brand we crafted a highly symmetrical yet simple logo and typography. Based on the knowledge we gathered from our client about this brand, we played around with the logo and colours that fits exactly to our client’s needs. arafah.co.id arafahid
  15. 15. FEATURES CONCLUSION The system was quickly propagated into the current business model with little training, and Arafah’s new branding had continued to be remembered by their customers since. Click • • • • • • Friendly user interface Gallery of products and products cross-selling feature. Shopping cart with assistance feature. Multi-lingual Responsive Online marketing tools Contacted by the marketing team Shipped
  16. 16. CORPORATE ODOGPS T I R E D O F G U E S S I N G ? odogps.com OUR SOLUTIONS ••• Promotional tools design Company profile Infographic design ODO GPS is a brand of GPS tracker system with nationwide customer outreach. P R O B L E M ODO GPS wanted to promote their new tracking technology by giving a detailed, yet easily digestible product information. In addition to that, ODO GPS wanted to make their brands more remarkable. C H A L L E N G E Promoting a technologically advanced product to a wide audience is rather challenging since we need to figure out the exact position where an information is numerous enough to be informative, yet few enough to be digestible by large range of audience. As far as its branding goes, the challenge lies in getting the right message to be implicitly communicated through the brand. S O L U T I O N We came up with a fun infographic-style brochure which explain the product and technology’s benefits compared to others. We also included customer testimonials and other helpful information to help users making up their decision to go with ODO GPS. We also simplified the logo design and changed overall colour of the brand to blue colour which implies both trustworthiness and simpleness. CONCLUSION Product brochure printed and the information provided there had helped ODO GPS in their marketing campaigns. Our new branding styling had since been used in all of ODO GPS PR and marketing needs.
  17. 17. MAYBELLINE TAIWAN 純淨礦物防曬B B 霜PROBLEM Maybelline wished to gain prominence in their newly approached Taiwan market for a new line of products they have just published. The most efficient way, they realised, was through online means, as that would allow them to reach more number of people affordably than offline campaigns. Maybelline is an American cosmetics and make-up brand. Originated from New York, it was started as a family-owned business and is now one of the top brands. As well as its products’ quality, Maybelline also focuses on their affordability. CONCLUSION The campaign had launched successfully and this new product line was widely accepted in Taiwan market. SOLUTION We came up with an idea of a small event site, where it would basically showcase just their new product line. This website though, is just one amongst many factors on why the campaign had succeeded. We also contacted many Taiwanese health and beauty site bloggers to review Maybelline’s new products. BEAUTY A small and effective event site. Effective viral promotion by bloggers through their reviews. ••
  18. 18. GIORGIO ARMANI 黑曜岩新生奇蹟乳霜 輕盈版 BEAUTY SHU UEMURA 黑曜岩新生奇蹟乳霜 輕盈版
  19. 19. FASHION DONINI L E A T H E R B A G S & A C C E S S O R I E S doninibags.com doniniitalianbags donini_bags donini_bags FEATURES • • KlikPay from BCA for website payment system. Responsive •• Facebook sign in feature e-commerce Donini is a brand of premium leather bags and accessories from Italy that was founded in 1970. P R O B L E M Donini needed to improve their online website’s accessibility. Their initial website was built partly in Flash, that was not available on mobile devices. Another requirement was to improve their e-commerce platform by automating its on-site sales system. C H A L L E N G E For this platform, we figured the e-commerce system would have to be very user friendly as the site would be used by mostly non-tech-savvy users. The design itself must match, if not leverage, the brand Donini. Fortunately good technology with great design is Trio’s speciality. S O L U T I O N We decided to build a new web system from ground-up, to make sure we could cover all of the technical details. For the payment system, instead of credit card payment, we decided to work with BCA bank to implement KlikPay system. As with all of our other projects, we also made this website accessible on mobile apps by making the app responsive. CONCLUSION Website built, e-commerce system implemented.
  20. 20. LIFESTYLE ZOOM HOTELS S M A R T P E O P L E , S M A R T S T A Y zoomsmarthotels.com zoomsmarthotels zoom_hotels zoom_hotels FEATURES •••••• Fully interactive website Bilingual web system Responsive 360-degree panorama view for each room English and Indonesian copywriting Online booking system with The Booking Button Located on Raya Jemursari in Surabaya, Zoom Smart Hotel is the premier destination for savvy travelers who come to visit Indonesia’s second largest metropolis. Featuring 80 smart rooms, our chic and modern building is ideally positioned in the heart of one of Surabaya’s popular dining and shopping districts. P R O B L E M Zoom Hotels needed a website that perfectly matches their “smart” concept. This website would be used to showcase their rooms and services, as well as allowing visitors to book rooms online. C H A L L E N G E The “smart” concept was a relatively new idea in Indonesian hotels during the development of this website. This fact allowed us to experiment with various design elements and interactivity to capture the persona. On-site booking system was also quite an unusual requirement that we needed to research prior to working on this project. S O L U T I O N We developed a highly interactive website which well reinforced the “smart” concept of this brand. In this project, we also introduced, for the first time, our 360 view feature, which allows users to feel as if they are truly standing inside the showcased room. To ensure a quality content, our content copywriting team took care of writing all the content of this website. This resulted in a highly professional content that improved the brand’s image. For the online booking system, we implemented a third party system called The Booking Button, allowing it to smoothly connect with the hotel’s internal booking management system. CONCLUSION The 360 view, as well as the interactivity of the website itself, is nothing less than awesome based on the feedbacks of users we invited to test this website. It has since then continued to be one important marketing front for Zoom Smart Hotels.
  21. 21. FASHION ROTELLI I T A L Y Rotelli is a brand for shoes, handbags, and women accessories. They target professional urban women as their primary target market. P R O B L E M The company wishes to reach online market to complement their offline sales C H A L L E N G E As with all fashion websites, the design must be both simple to use, but in Rotelli’s case it must also have a working semi e-commerce feature. By ‘semi e-commerce’ it means it does not have an actual credit card processing system, but it allows for bank transfer payment. S O L U T I O N Instead of going with a full-blown e-commerce system, we developed a very simple semi e-commerce site which allows user to browse around and make a purchase through the site. This simplicity allowed us to be as flexible as we liked on the design part of this site. CONCLUSION Website made perfectly to requirements and beyond. 21,784 42,9% rotelli-fashion.com rotellifashion rotelli_fashion rotelli_fashion FEATURES ••• Semi e-commerce Responsive Simple order management system AVERAGE PAGE VIEWS RETURNING VISITORS
  22. 22. FASHION GOSH I T A L Y Gosh is a brand with products similar to Rotelli, but aimed towards younger generations. P R O B L E M The company wishes to reach online market to complement their offline salesa C H A L L E N G E As the site was aimed towards younger audience, we had to come up with a way to attract them to use this website instead of building your typical e-commerce sites. S O L U T I O N As well as building a website with high interactivity, we launched a social media campaign featuring a well known Indonesian Korean girl band, Cherrybelle. We predicted this campaign would invite even more young customers to the website. CONCLUSION Website developed, and the social media campaign was a great success propelling the successful launching of this website. 207,642 9.9 gosh-fashion.com goshfashionID goshfashion_ID gosh_fashion FEATURES ••• Semi e-commerce Responsive Simple order management system AVERAGE PAGE VIEWS PAGES / SESSION
  23. 23. LIFESTYLE DR. RATNA A E S T H E T I C C L I N I C C E N T R E zoomsmarthotels.com zoomsmarthotels zoom_hotels zoom_hotels FEATURES ••• Bilingual web system Responsive English and Indonesian copywriting Dr. Ratna is a well known aesthetic clinic located in Surabaya. Their services, among others, are acne treatments, spot removal, and wrinkle treatments. P R O B L E M Dr. Ratna wanted to share information of various services they have to a wider audience through online media targeted to mainly women readers. To ensure the quality of the content, they needed a professional English and Indonesian copywriter to fill in the website’s content. C H A L L E N G E The website to deliver Dr. Ratna’s information must be highly usable and accessible by readers of all ages and devices. S O L U T I O N We developed an information-rich website, with a design highly suitable for female audience. For content, we scheduled regular meetings between our content copywriting team and Dr. Ratna’s specialist to gather up content for this website. CONCLUSION Website launched and the information provided on the site has since improved public’s awareness to the brand Dr. Ratna.
  24. 24. FOOD & BEVERAGES TEAPRESSO I T ’ S F R E S H , I T ’ S B E T T E R www.loveteapresso.com loveteapresso loveteapresso loveteapresso OUR SOLUTIONS •••• Outlet design Menu Brochures Responsive Website TeaPresso was founded in Taipei, Taiwan. After number of years of research, dedication and passion for BubbleTea culture, the founder created TeaPresso. His dedication and passion took him all around Taiwan (the birth place of BubbleTea) to search the best and freshest ingredients and learn their unique way of preparing. Every cup of TeaPresso is no different than the other. P R O B L E M Teapresso wanted to introduce their brand to Indonesian market. The image they want to show was that Teapresso use only the fresh ingredient imported directly from Taiwan, and mixed on the spot. C H A L L E N G E The biggest challenge is how to introduce the Teapresso’s to local market in order to compete with the competitor’s brand that already became the audience’s top of mind S O L U T I O N We developed a logo with foliage elements to accentuate the impression of fressness and naturality. Several marketing strategies through the web, social media promotions, and events were also held on regular basis to build public's brand awareness of Teapresso. We also introduced a tagline "It's Fresh It's Better" to further reinforced this idea. CONCLUSION Teapresso had indeed continued to be one of the prominent players in BubbleTea industry all across Indonesia.
  25. 25. FOOD & BEVERAGES YAMAGOYA RAMEN S U R A B A Y A Yamagoya a brand of a ramen chain restaurants which was relatively new in Indonesia at the time this project started. P R O B L E M Yamagoya ramen wished to introduce their products through online means in order to be more reachable by curious gourmet lovers. As well, they needed a menu book to be designed. C H A L L E N G E Yamagoya ramen wished to introduce their products through online means in order to be more reachable by curious gourmet lovers. As well, they needed a menu book to be designed. S O L U T I O N We created a website which design was greatly inspired by traditional japanese stalls. As far as menu photos we used high resolution pictures to ensure the best viewing experience. CONCLUSION Site made and launched, and menu book was designed and printed. ramenyamagoya.com FEATURES •• Responsive High resolution photos
  26. 26. GRUMPY FOX Grumpy fox is an iOS and Android game we developed as our side project as part of our research into mobile-app and gaming technologies. The game was distributed for free and we updated it as its users provided their feedback. This app was featured in an article in Jawapos on June 7th, 2014.
  27. 27. GOOD ENOUGH NEVER IS marketing@triodigitalagency.com +6231 545 1169