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Isobar Belgium research: brands on Snapchat in Belgium

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This what brands do on Snapchat in Belgium:

The amount of Snapchat users in Belgium is estimated at 1 million and continues to grow. The application isn't more popular anywhere else than in our country (60% of 16-24yo's are using Snapchat).

It was about time to better understand how brands are using Snapchat in Belgium. In collaboration with Digimedia we setup a research in order gather more insights on brands first experiences on Snapchat. Beside experiences of brands that are active on Snapchat, we also researched brands that aren't present (yet) and their reasons why. Engagement and awareness are Snapchat main assets, while content creation & analytics are the main challenges.

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Isobar Belgium research: brands on Snapchat in Belgium

  1. 1. Brands on Snapchat in BelgiumJuly 2016
  2. 2. Table of content  Key Insights  Active brands  Inactive brands  General
  3. 3. About the research Purpose of the research Snapchat counts about 1 million users in Belgium and is growing fast. We have the highest usage among 16-24yo’s in Belgium of all countries and the app is always present in the top5 of most downloaded apps. In collaboration with Digimedia we set up a survey to gather some insights on the first experiences of brands presence on Snapchat. Beside active brands on Snapchat we’ve also gathered insights of non-active brands to identify why they’re not active (yet). In total 93 brands participated in the research, all data was collected through an online survey. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey or shared it! Image by https://www.youtube.com/user/GettingPretty/
  4. 4. Key insights Brands are discovering Snapchat Of all 93 brands that participated in the research, there’s 31 active on Snapchat, 90% of which for less than one year. Brands that are not present on the platform say its difficult to identify performance on Snapchat. However more than half of the brands to launch their Snapchat presence. Snapchat scores on engagement The first experiences of brands active on Snapchat are positve, but still in a learning and testing phase. Most brands are positive about the engagement they receive. Followers respond more quickly and more frequently than on Facebook. Increasing awareness and reaching a young audience are the major reasons for brands to be active on Snapchat. Content creation is a challenge Creating good Snapchat content is something that brands are still struggling with. Content has to be fast and fun and less commercial than on other platforms. Snapchat is not a platform where its only about promoting a brand. There’s a big challenge for brands because Snapchat is more ‘in the moment’. Need for analytics Our research shows that brands have a strong need of insights and a measurement of the impact of Snapchat. At this stage the view on performance and analytics is poor. Also the ability to plan and schedule content is considered a drawback for many brands.
  5. 5. One third of brands are active on Snapchat in Belgium Q: Are you active on Snapchat? (N: 93)
  6. 6. Brands active on Snapchat
  7. 7. Brands active on Snapchat are owned or managed by … Q: Are you Snapping for a brand as an Advertiser, Agency or Publisher? (N: 31)
  8. 8. Most of the brands became active on Snapchat only recently Q: For how long have you been active on Snapchat? (N: 31)
  9. 9. Follower bases are still relatively small, with a few exceptions Q: How much followers do you have on your Snapchat account? (N: 31)
  10. 10. Feedback is still rather low, but it’s high maintenance Q: How much reactions do you get on average on a snap? (N: 31)
  11. 11. Brands are Snapping multiple times a week or during campaign phases Q: How frequently are you Snapping content? (N: 31)
  12. 12. Brands are reaching out to young adults Q: On which target group are you focusing your content on? (N: 31)
  13. 13. Brands are snapping about products and on the moment Q: Which are the subjects that you are talking about on Snapchat? (multiple answers possible) (N: 31)
  14. 14. Awareness is the most important added value of Snapchat, but its also still in a testing phase Q: Which is the added value of Snapchat? (multiple answers possible) (N: 31)
  15. 15. Lack of stats & unavailability to schedule are the major shortcomings of Snapchat for brands. Q: What are the shortcomings of Snapchat? (multiple answers possible) (N: 31)
  16. 16. The reach on young audiences is its major advantage vs. other social media Q: Which are Snapchat’s strenghts compared to other social media channels. (multiple answers possible) (N:31)
  17. 17. Learnings • Platform specific content & imagery is very important. • Loose control and let your audience speak • Take benefit from the audience’s FOMO, create original snaps that people don’t want to miss, that’s Snapchat’s strength. • Going into dialog with some of your active followers is very interesting and is much appreciated. Q: Which are the most important learnings since you’ve started on Snapchat? (multiple answers possible) (N:31) “Snapchat is a whole new channel that allows us to show our content in a funny, interactive and exciting way to a young audience.” - Deirdre Keustermans, Marketing Director at 20th Century Fox “For the moment Snapchat has not yet come to age. It remains very time consuming to manage and local advertising solutions to obtain a higher reach are still missing. It is however a great channel to engage with the younger target audiences of our brands.” - Nicolas Robeet, Digital Content Planning Manager, AB InBev
  18. 18. Brands inactive on Snapchat
  19. 19. More than half of the brands plan to launch their presence on Snapchat Q: Do you plan to get active on Snapchat? (N:62)
  20. 20. The reach on young audiences is its major advantage vs. other social media Q: Which are the conditions that need to be completed to be active on Snapchat? (multiple answers possible) (N: 62)
  21. 21. General
  22. 22. Inspiring brands to follow Q: Which brands are doing Snapchat in a good way? (N: 93) buzzfeed GreenpeaceInt cocacola netflix studiobrussel jupiler_belgiumvtm.be foxfilmbe INTERNATIONALBELGIUM
  23. 23. About Isobar About Isobar Isobar is 4,500 people in over 70 locations across more than 45 markets globally, united by belief in the power of “Ideas Without Limits.” As digital technology continues to transform businesses and brands, what we can do has no boundaries. We take up new challenges with an open mind about the structure, team, technology and creative solution necessary to deliver the best possible outcome for clients. Isobar is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network. Dentsu Aegis Network is innovating the way brands are built for its clients through its best-in-class expertise and capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services.
  24. 24. About Digimedia About Digimedia Since 2002 Digimedia.be informs everyone who is interested in the use of new media in marketing and communication in Belgium. The website is targeted at anyone who is interested in the implementation of the new media in the marketing and communications mix. The website can be considered as the online version of the magazine Inside Digital Media and represents a part of the archives available on its website. Want to know more about the commercial potential of Digimedia.be? Contact via stephanie@best.be
  25. 25. Happy Snapping! Contact: Nicolas Vanderseypen – Deputy Managing Director nicolas.vanderseypen@isobar.com +32 2 663.51.42 www.isobar.com/be