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  1. 1. IIssllaamm AAddeell AAbbdd EEllrraahhmmaann Personal Information Marital Status:Married Nationality: Egyptian Date of Birth: 27 March,1988 Place of Birth: Kuwait Military status:Final Exemption Gender: Male Objective and Profile Skilled accounting with 6+ years of experience. Strong understanding of all aspects of accounting and financial management. Proven ability to manage multiple assignments while meeting tight deadline schedules. Possess reputation as a self-directed professional with excellent problem solving, analytical and communication skills. Proven track record of performing work in an ethical manner with consistently maintaining the integrity of all financial data. Strong relationship –building skills and effective collaboration with management, coworkers,vendors and clients. Education 2006-2009 Faculty of English Commerce –Benha University Major: Business Grade:GOOD Computer Skills - Excellent computer command . - Advanced knowledge of Microsoft ® Windows environments (Windows , ME, 2000, XP, Vista) and Office package (Word, Excel, Access,PowerPoint, FrontPage and Outlook) - Able to Use and deal with all kinds of computer hardware attachments (printers, scanners,multimedia devices, Networks, CPUs and all other major attachments with their different brands) - Ability to learn how to use new software. 14 MASR LELTAMEER BUILDINGS SHERATON, EGYPT PHONE 0100-3934868 02-22675012 E-MAIL ISLAMADEL4@HOTMAIL.C OM
  2. 2. . Languages Arabic: Fluently spoken and written (Mother Tongue). English: Excellent “Writing, Reading, and Speaking”. German: Fair “Writing and Reading”. Work Experience 13/06/2010 To Present: ARAB Bank Position: Senior Customer Service Officer - Nozha Branch. 17/03/2013 To Present  Major Duties and Responsibilities :  Complete mandatory serviceobservations to ensure a high level of customer service  Responsiblefor the Branch petty cash.  Auditing all branch daily reporttransmissions,cards and pins. Position: Teller-Nasr city Branch. 13/06/2010 To 17/3/2013  Major Duties and Responsibilities :  Responsible for all client accounts opening.  Responsiblefor reviewing the day - to - day of operation activities.  Responsiblefor the main vaultof the branch. . 06/09/2009 To 20/01/2010: Working In Mobinil Position: Customer service– World Trade Center 06/09/2009 To 20/01/2010  Major Duties and Responsibilities :  Profile each customer met to understand his or her needs.  Solving all customers’ problems and inquiries.  Handling all different classes of customers Training and Courses Courses:  From 10/01/2008 till 25/10/2008 English Conversation Course “Ministry of Defense”  From 22/06/2009 till 10/08/2009 ICDLCertificate “UNESCO-Ministry of Communications”  From 04/12/2010 till 11/12/2010 fakemoney.  From 15/05/2012 till 16/09/2012 anti money laundry.
  3. 3. References Available upon request.