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Group decision Making

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A small presentation on Group decision making

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Group decision Making

  1. 1. Group Decision Making Talking Points Isha Chhatwal IST 614 – Management principles for information professionals
  2. 2. Why not Individual decision making?  Bounded Rationality  A decision-making process restricted in the real world by:  limited resources  incomplete and imperfect information  managers’limited decision-making capabilities
  3. 3. How to do a group decision making? . Delphi Technique Stepladder Technique Electronic Brainstorming Structured Conflict Nominal Group Technique
  4. 4. Strategic and action planning meet (STRAP)  Tier leaders participate in this annual meet to strategize on the organization’s business plan for the year ahead.  My Idea, My Infy  The idea entitled 'A new platform for hiring fresh talents via Innovation' is selected for My Idea, My Infy campaign as part of STRAP SURROUND 2014 in Infosys.
  5. 5. Questions  What kind of decisions, do you think, should more appropriately be taken by an Individual than a group?  Does a consensus group decision at all levels of organization is a good approach of decision making?