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New Funding & Development Opportunities for Innovators

  1. New Funding and Development Opportunities for Innovators Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network
  2. The Innovation Nexus Improving health and wellbeing through industry partnership Linda Magee Executive Director Industry & Wealth Programme
  3. GM Academic Health Science Network • GM AHSN is one of 15 AHSNs across England covering Greater Manchester, East Cheshire and East Lancashire • Connects NHS, academic organisations, local authorities, the third sector and industry • Catalyst to facilitate change across whole health and social care economies • Members comprising all NHS organisation and universities (34) • Accelerating innovation adoption at pace and scale • Three delivery programmes  Health & Implementation  Research & Informatics  Industry & Wealth
  4. Industry and Wealth programme Aims Increase the flow of good quality, and effective products and services for the GM AHSN members Help industry, SMEs in particular, overcome barriers to doing business with the NHS: support regional economic growth Facilitate the introduction of disruptive innovation into the NHS: health benefit for local population
  5. The Innovation Nexus Mechanisms for delivery: •Nexus - web portal containing information and links to key partners and associates for SMEs wanting to engage with the NHS •An advice service providing access to NHS experts, procurement specialists •Funding Programmes, providing intensive support, designed bespoke for companies
  6. Nexus companies supported
  7. Case study – Optasia Medical • Automated analysis of medical images for spinal fractures to diagnose Osteoporosis and reduce rates of further fracture • Registered for Innovation Nexus. Through the support of GM AHSN IN advisors learned about the Accelerator programme and successfully applied. • Piloted service at GM based NHS trust. Early results indicate that a typical trust could save up to £250k per annum when using Optasia's ASPIRE VF service • Successfully applied for i4i funding to further develop the technology. • Current proposals in discussion to pilot at other sites outside of GM in near future.
  8. Innovation Funds Aim of the funds: To promote the introduction and adoption of needs led, evidence-based innovations into the health system in Greater Manchester Early stage development of innovative solutions. Open to academics, NHS/Social Care and Industry Partners Open for applications: 8th November 2016 Proof of concept/prototyping projects. Open to academics, NHS/Social Care and Industry Partners Open for applications: Currently closed Support market ready innovative products and services. Open SMEs working with GM NHS/Social Care Organisations Open for applications: 8th November 2016
  9. Innovation Funds – previous awards Contactless monitoring ICU, remote monitoring for rehab, bowel closure device, aseptic skin prep, arterial plaque detector, falls detector, patient identification system, nutrition & hydration aids, inhaler device, medicines adherence system , dementia device, peer support system, stroke monitoring device Interstitial fluid extraction system, cancer testing device, colonoscopy device, dialysis infection monitoring system Fracture screening software, digital wound care management, Blood cell recovery system, breast cancer screening technology, Patient monitoring system , Mental health app, district nurse scheduling software, draining solution for dialysis patients
  10. Innovation Funds Ignite and Momentum – November 2016 Richard Deed Technology Director Industry and Wealth work programme manager
  11. Innovation Funds – November 2016 Opens: 8th November 2016 9am Initial Application Close: 13th December 2016 9am Theme: Prevention, screening and diagnostic technology Priority Focus: Mental Health and Cancer but applications from other clinical areas will be considered Max award value: £30,000 Applicant type: Particularly aimed at HEI but applications also welcome from NHS/Social Care and Industry Partners Applicant must have a GM NHS or Social Care Partner Priority Focus: GM AHSN Priority Area Max award value: £25,000 Applicant type: Aimed at SME but applications have also been awarded to Social Enterprises and NHS Orgs Applicant must have a GM NHS or Social Care Partner
  12. Effective Applications Project Planning • Must have a GM NHS or Social Care Partner • Well-defined and realistic project goals • Fits within GM AHSN priority areas and aligns with the objectives of the Industry and Wealth Programme Clear & concise language • Particularly the summary
  13. Effective Applications Application Audience • Clinicians, specialist and/or GP • GM AHSN board members • Commercial and Investment Professionals • Innovation Experts • Patients/Service Users
  14. Financials Value of requested funding Provide the details • How will you spend the money? • Where will you spend it? • Link to goals Contribution/Leveraged funding
  15. Important Dates Initial Application Open: 8th Nov to 13th Dec at 9am Full Application Open: 3rd Jan to 1st Feb at 9am Face to Face Pitch: Week of 6th March Winners announced: Week of 20th March
  16. Contact/Questions Web - Email - Phone - 0161 276 2697 or 0161 701 2509
  17. | @SBRIHealthcare| @TheEAHSN Joop Tanis Director SBRI Healthcare programme Health Enterprise East
  18. | @SBRIHealthcare| @TheEAHSN SBRI Healthcare Programme An NHS England funded initiative delivered by the Academic Health Science Networks
  19. Academic Health Science Networks – Accelerating Innovation 15 Academic Health Science Networks across England • Licensed and mainly funded by NHS England • Promoting innovation in healthcare • Disseminating innovation – from the UK and beyond • Improving care across whole systems • Providing access to the NHS for industry • Creating wealth and health Clinician NHS service Business Academia
  20.  Helping the Public Sector address challenges • Using innovation to achieve a step change  Accelerating technology commercialisation • Providing a route to market  Support and the development of Innovative companies • Providing a lead customer/R&D partner • Providing funding and credibility for fund raising SBRI is a pan-government, structured process enabling the Public Sector to engage with innovative suppliers:
  21. SBRI Key features  100% funded R&D  Operate under procurement rules rather than state aid rules  UK implementation of EU Pre-Commercial Procurement  Deliverable based rather than hours worked or costs incurred • Contract with Prime Supplier  Who may choose to sub contract but remains accountable • IP rests with Supplier  Certain usage rights with Public Sector – Companies encouraged to exploit IP • Light touch Reporting & payments quarterly & up front
  22. Things to Note • Any size of business is eligible • Other organisations are eligible as long as the route to market is demonstrated • All contract values quoted INCLUDE VAT • Applications assessed on Fair Market Value • Contract terms are non-negotiable • Single applicant (partners shown as sub contractors) • Applicants must fully complete the application form
  23. • Labour costs broken down by individual • Material Costs (inc consumables specific to the project) • Capital Equipment Costs • Sub-contract costs • Travel and subsistence • Other costs specifically attributed to the project • Indirect Costs: o General office and basic laboratory consumables o Library services/learning resources o Typing/secretarial o Finance, personnel, public relations and departmental services o Central and distributed computing o Cost of capital employed o Overheads Eligible costs (all to include VAT)
  24. SBRI Process Problem Identification Open call to Industry Feasibility Testing Prototype development Pathway testing & Proof of Value AHSN led - typically undertaken by clinicians – service driven AHSN led - Workshops with industry to support understanding Assessment PHASE 1: Typically 6 months – max of £100k PHASE 2: Typically 12 months – max £1m milestones agreed & monitored OpenProcurement Due diligence & contracts PHASE 3: Typically 12 months – milestones agreed & monitored Assessment
  25. AHSN/SBRI companies Yorks & Humber Halliday James Ltd East Midlands Monica Healthcare Ltd, Astrimmune Ltd Eastern - Aseptika, Bespak, TwistDX S.London, Imperial, UCLP ABMS, Therakind, uMotif Wessex CreoMedical, Morgan Automation North East & North Cumbria Polyphotonix Ltd Kent, Surrey & Sussex Anaxsys, InMezzo Greater Manchester & NW Coast - Sky Med, Rapid Rhythm, Veraz West Midlands SensST Systems, Just Checking Ltd West of England SentiProfiling, My mHealth, HandAxe CIC South West Frazer Nash, Plessey Oxford - Fuel 3D, Oxford Biosignals, Message Dynamics Scotland & N Ireland Radisens, Edixomed,
  26. New Competition Autumn 2016 Competition launch: 12 September 2016 Closing Date: Noon 24th November Briefing Events: 25th October - Cambridge 27th October - Bristol Technical Assessments: December Clinical Assessments: January Interview panels: January/February Contracts awarded: February/March 2017 General Practice of the Future
  27. NHS Five Year Forward View In 2015 a ‘new deal’ for general practice Aim of enabling prevention and management of ill health closer to peoples’ homes Increased investment in primary care Tackling the problem of recruitment and retention of GPs
  28. The Reality • More facets of care are being pushed out of hospitals to general practice • Failure to cope with the pressures facing it will affect us all • Recent BMJ article warns “if general practice fails, the whole NHS fails” • The importance of general practice to the NHS cannot be underestimated
  29. General practice: what’s the problem? • 2016 • 18,400 patients • 6.4 FTE GPs • 2.5 FTE nurse practitioners • 80,000 GP appointments annually • 2010 • 10,200 patients • 5 FTE GPs • 1.5 FTE nurse practitioners • 42,500 GP appointments annually
  30. • Workload and Demand Management • Diagnostics and Earlier Triage • Self-Care
  31. So what could help diagnostics?
  32. Application Process
  33. Application Process
  34. Assessment Phase Timelines • Close competition, noon on 24th November • Review compliance (November) • Assessment packs assigned and issued to Technical Assessors (end November) • Each application reviewed & scored by Technical Assessors (December) • Assessment of long-list applications at panel meeting involving clinical leads (January 2017) • Production of rank ordered list for interview (January) • Interview panels to select final winners (January / February) • Draft and issue contracts (February/March) • Publish contracts awarded (March) • Feedback to unsuccessful applicants (by March)
  35. 1. What will be the effect of this proposal on the challenge addressed? 2. What is the degree of technical challenge? How innovative is the project? 3. Will the technology have a competitive advantage over existing/alternate technologies that can meet the market needs? 4. Are the milestones and project plan appropriate? 5. Is the proposed development plan a sound approach? 6. Does the proposed project have an appropriate commercialisation plan and does the size of the market justify the investment? 7. Does the company appear to have the right skills and experience to deliver the intended benefits? 8. Does the proposal look sensible financially? Is the overall budget realistic and justified in terms of the aims and methods proposed? Assessment Criteria
  36. Key Points to Remember • Research and define the market/patient need • Review the direct competitor landscape and make sure you define your USP • Consider your route to market, what is the commercialisation plan? Do you know who your customer will be, how will you distribute, how much will you charge for the product/service? • How will the project be managed (what tools will you use, how will the team communicate etc) • Provide a clear cost breakdown • Make sure you answer all of the questions in sufficient detail • Try not to use too much technical jargon, sell the project in terms the NHS will understand (outcomes, benefits to patients etc)
  37. Joop Tanis Director SBRI Healthcare Programme 01223 928040 @sbrihealthcare Contact Us
  38. Other available funding schemes – open now /sbri-the-small-business-research- initiative#sbri-funding-competitions support/funding-for-research- studies/how-to-apply/research- programmes/invention-for-innovation/ opportunities • Using technology to improve dermatology 14/11/16 • Improving care for stroke patients – 9/12/16 • Vaccines for global epidemics – 21/12/16 • GP Practices of the future – 24/11/16 Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme • Call 13 Product Development Awards – 14/12/16 • Challenge Awards Call 7 – Mental health - 2017 Evidence in practice – 16/11/16 Putting research findings into action to improve health service delivery Innovate UK
  39. Ian MacArthur Head of Sectors Business Support in Greater Manchester 8th November 2016
  40. Who we are: • The Business Growth Hub is part of the Manchester Growth Company. • The Hub was set up in 2011 and since then has helped thousands of businesses across Greater Manchester to grow, develop and reach their full potential. • We work with ambitious businesses that want to grow their bottom line, boost their profile, and create new business growth. • Our key aim is to help people to think differently about their business and explore different ways of developing their company.
  41. Our journey…
  42. What we set out to do… • growth-led transformation of the Greater Manchester economy. • unlocking the growth potential of businesses. • become a core partner of all businesses. • develop a community of like minded companies. • create an integrated business growth support service. • establish a cross-referral process.
  43. The Challenge of the GM Economy… £7bn Gap between tax and spend £8.2bn Productivity gap Inclusive Growth
  44. The Challenge of the GM Economy… £7bn Gap between tax and spend £8.2bn Productivity gap Inclusive Growth
  45. Understanding business challenges in Greater Manchester… Barriers to growth: • Lack of staff or skills 30% • Access to markets 27% • Accessing finance 22% • Access to broadband 14% • Inadequate strategy/planning 12% Support required: • Increasing sales via marketing 44% • Developing workforce 42% • Expanding the workforce 39% • Business growth advice 37% • Accessing finance 37% A characteristic of growing businesses is that they seek external advice
  46. Help for entrepreneurs and growing businesses in Greater Manchester with the skills and support they need to succeed, through: • Enquiries line • Networking/conferences • Online resources • One to one support • Industry/sector specific programmes • Workshops/masterclasses/clinics • Partnership networks
  47. Innovation • Identifying opportunities • Fostering an innovate culture • Bringing a new product or service to market • Commercialisation • Harnessing technologies • Eco-design of products, packaging and processes • Specialist R&D Operational efficiency • Systems and process review • Reducing operating costs • Managing output, quality and performance Sustainability • Developing eco-design of products, packaging and processes • Harnessing new technologies. E.g. digital • Reducing operating costs “I want to develop and launch a new product or service to market.” “I want to increase the operational efficiency of my business” “I want to be environmentally sustainable & reduce my carbon footprint” • Common pitfalls • Planning and strategy • Training and development • Promoting your business • Discovering product markets • Market research • Research and development Starting a business “I want to start a business” How can we help?
  48. How can we help? Accessing Finance • Navigating finance options, NWBA/CO Angel • Investment readiness • Business planning support • Financial modelling Introductions to funders • Exporting Leadership & Strategy • Management and company structure advice • Governance • Leadership skills • Business planning & target setting • One to one skills • Succession planning Workforce • Developing your workforce • Finding the right people for your business • Talent management • Understanding the skills gap • Communications • Structures • Culture and values “I want to know how I can finance my business” “I want the right structures and capability in place to lead my business” “I want the right people and capability to develop my business” • Expanding a customer base • Generating leads • Diversify into new markets • Exporting • Market research • Supply chain management • Domestic/International tenders • Digital/marketing strategies • Product marketing Finding new markets “I want to increase sales & find new markets”
  49. … a targeted service delivering sector development and specialist support to SMEs and their supply chains in the: • Life Sciences, • Digital, Creative and Tech, • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, and • Low Carbon Services sectors. The Sectors Project is…
  50. • Digital, Creative & Tech • DC&T team - The Landing – Creative England • Advance Materials and Manufacturing • Manufacturing Team • Low Carbon Development • Low Carbon Development team • Life Sciences • TRUSTECH (+ 2 embedded Growth Hub Advisors) • MIDAS / Marketing Manchester Delivery…
  51. Making a positive difference
  52. Contact us to find out more Phone: 0161 359 3050 Email: @bizgrowthhub • +Businessgrowthhub BusinessGrowthHub
  53. STEP IN to healthcare programme Grow your business in the healthcare sector Richard Deed Sectors programme life science lead
  54. Insight from NHS Decision Makers Experience engaging workshops and tailored 1 to 1 support Develop enduring networks and business connections Grow your business through collaboration and partnership Gain access to huge range of support services and NHS and Social Care expertise Pay nothing – it’s fully funded The benefits of STEP into healthcare
  55. Proposed structure - overview2sessions Learning Days 3sessions Small group coaching 2sessions Face to face mentoring 1session Pitch your product
  56. Proposed Structure - detail Session 1 – full day Session 2 – full day A : small group coaching and scheduled 1:1 session B : small group coaching and scheduled 1:1 session Session 5 – full or half day Meeting/actual pitch With feedback C : small group coaching and scheduled 1:1 session D : small group coaching and scheduled 1:1 session Attends 2 sessions (3&4)
  57. • In depth NHS market overview • Review business model • Analysis of your place in the healthcare market • Finding opportunities in the healthcare market • Regulation and law • Creating partnerships • Developing a compelling value proposition • Successful Clinical trials • Financial justification to NHS decision makers • Creating valuable NHS business cases • Procurement • Pitching to the NHS Proposed Topics
  58. Get involved now Register your interest • Online survey – mailed to you on Wednesday 9th Nov Complete short survey • Programme still being finalised • Influence the content Launched early 2017

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  1. Established in 2014 GM - Clinical focus on vascular health, patient safety and digital health 3 principal work streams Large Data Health and Implementation Industry and wealth
  2. ***RT – is the best slide to introduce GM AHSN** Animated. Want this removing? Established in 2014 GM - Clinical focus on vascular health, patient safety and digital health 3 principal work streams Large Data Health and Implementation Industry and wealth
  3. Animated. Want this removing? 3 principal aims
  4. Animated Multiple activities brought together as time has evolved into a delivery service called the Innovation Nexus Portal Advice service Funding programmes
  5. Since launch in oct 2014 Supported over 250 companies Primarily SMES with innovative products/services Just over 50% within GM But another 50 % outside GM , either with a truly innovative product and/or intention to work with GM NHS clinical partner organisation or considering establishing GM base
  6. SpineAnalyzer if the software tool that Optasia developed and what they utilise to carry out the analysis of images.  ASPIRE VF is the name for the Vertebral Fracture case finding service for CT images that they intend to offer to NHS Trusts.
  7. 25-50,000 Total fund £400 p.a.
  8. Bold whichever ones that you’d like to highlight
  9. Established in 2014 GM - Clinical focus on vascular health, patient safety and digital health 3 principal work streams Large Data Health and Implementation Industry and wealth
  10. 25-50,000 Total fund £400 p.a.
  11. Any size of business is eligible Other organisations are eligible as long as the route to market is demonstrated All contract values quoted include VAT Applications assessed on Fair Market Value Contract terms are non-negotiable Single applicant (partners shown as sub contractors) Applicants must fully complete the application form
  12. Any size of business is eligible Other organisations are eligible as long as the route to market is demonstrated All contract values quoted include VAT Applications assessed on Fair Market Value Contract terms are non-negotiable Single applicant (partners shown as sub contractors) Applicants must fully complete the application form
  13. Quick way of calling, headsets, patients being available, acknowledging numbers
  14. AWP capacity reduced from 2800 to 2000
  15. Epilepsy self help
  16. Epilepsy self help