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Facebook issues

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Facebook issues

  1. 1. English For Communication I UBI 3012 Facebook Issues Irwan Bin John Imbayan 030294 Madam Mairas Binti Abdul Rahman
  2. 2. What is Facebook?
  3. 3. What is the Issues with Facebook? Influences Addiction Loose Privacy Rights
  4. 4. Addiction
  5. 5. Addiction
  6. 6. Addiction
  7. 7. Influences
  8. 8. Influences
  9. 9. Privacy?
  10. 10. Privacy?
  11. 11. Conclusion Don't say anything about someone else that you would not want said about yourself. And be gentle with yourself too! What might seem fun or spontaneous at 18, given caching technologies, might prove to be a liability to an on-going sense of your identity over the longer course of history. Have fun and make productive use of these new, exciting technologies, but remember that technology does not absolve one of responsibility. Behind every device, behind every new program, behind every technology is a law, a social norm, a business practice that warrants thoughtful consideration.