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history of music videos

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  1. 1. •I’m The Walrus. •Released: 24th November 1967. •Genre: Rock. •Back in the 1960s, few acts recorded music videos. •There was no MTV, and in an age of endless touring, artists couldn’t often make it to TV studios to perform. • In the original music video there were mix changes from true stereo to fake stereo.
  2. 2. Video Killed the Radio Star. Genre: pop  It was first recorded by Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club for their album English Garden.  later by British group The Buggles.  and the first video shown on MTV.  The track was released as their debut single on 7 September 1979 and included on their first album.
  3. 3. •MTV (music television) • launched: August 1, 1981 •The first music video shown on MTV was The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star“ • The original purpose of MTV was to be "music television", .playing music videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week. •The original taglines of the channel were "You'll never look at music the same way again," and "On cable. In stereo." •Although the original MTV channel no longer plays music videos 24/7, several of its spin-off channels do, including MTV Hits and MTV Jams.
  4. 4. oThriller oNovember 30, 1982 oA rare pop song with a horror theme. oThis was the first hit song with year- round appeal containing lyrics about creatures of the night who terrify their victim. oAt the time, Michael Jackson was one of the least frightening people on Earth, so the video had to sell it. oThe music video is considered the most famous music video of all time. oThe video was a cultural milestone, introducing elaborate choreography, costumes and dialogue into the format. o It also introduced the concept of the long-form music video, where a mini- movie was made for a song, then edited down for the short version. oWith its famous graveyard dance, the video started the trend of group dance scenes in pop videos, forcing even non- dancers to front a group of dancers in their clips.
  5. 5. Madonna’s Bedtime Story. Released: Feb 13th 1995. Genre: Electronic. The lavish music video was inspired by the works of female surrealist painters.
  6. 6. o"If It's Lovin' that You Want“ (Rihanna) oReleased: September 13th 2005. oGenre: Contemporary oThe music video for the song was shot on a stretch of beach on the coast. oFeatures voyeurism and omale gaze.
  7. 7. Sugar (Maroon 5) Released 13th Jan 2015 "Sugar" is a disco, funk-pop and soul song. features a wide range of instruments including percussion, keyboards and guitars. The clip follows the plot story of Dobkin's 2005 romantic comedy film Wedding Crashers as we witness the band drive across Los Angeles, surprising a handful of newlyweds on their big day.