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Customer challenges in Banking

Customer Challanges in the Banking & Finance Industry

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Customer challenges in Banking

  1. 1. Customer challenges in Banking October 2015 Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage Reach. Connect. Engage.
  2. 2. Observation Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage The banking sector is working hard building up renewed customer trust since the financial crisis, and it’s doing a great job. Still, according to researchers and banking associations, there are still quite some challenges. Reorganization from silos to a complete one-to-one customer offering, for example. Next to this, ‘regulatory’ has changed and remains subject to change, the economy goes fast, so product changes and new products need to be communicated fast, and last, banks need to find the perfect mix of customer touch points: digital, mobile and human. Reach. Connect. Engage.
  3. 3. Useful Links Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage American Banker about the importance of customer communications International Banker about digital disruption, innovation and organization Deloitte about the outlook for banking
  4. 4. Your customer, Your brand Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage The customer’s choice for a bank is based on brand perception rather than cost. Brand involves more than a logo and should be inspired by the customer: • How fast is my bank in its communication? • To what extent can I independently search and find the information I need? • Does my bank reduce admin to a minimum? • How progressive is my bank in terms of new technologies? • How clean, accurate, relevant, personalized are its communications and interactions?
  5. 5. Challenges Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Engage your customers  Personalize your interactions  Empower your customers  Be accessible and flexible • Speed up operational processes  Improve (complex) documents handling  Empower your colleagues  Reduce worktime, speed up go-to-market • 5 times ize to great customer experience  Standardize and Personalize  Digitize and Mobilize  Energize Reach. Connect. Engage.
  6. 6. Engage your customers Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage Why? Customers can easily change banks or become your ambassador. Make them feel you care.  Personalize your interactions  Empower your customers  Be accessible and flexible
  7. 7. Interactive Document Assembly Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Compose communications easily by using flexible text blocks • Choose salutation, language, (in)formal speech, etc. • Use past customer communications to check relevancy, interests, etc. • Secure critical content with modification alerts in the approval flow • Authorize internal customization in restricted areas Differentiating features: Comparing and Versioning Compare customer profile data with the document you’re working on Compare two versions to show the individual impact on the end result Compare your communication to another communication already sent to the customer
  8. 8. Electronic Forms Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Use electronic forms for web or mobile purposes • Surveys, requests for contact, purchase, info, etc. • Mobile capture, like client onboarding, ‘investment profile’ determination • You allow customers to self-service, to get in touch if they want to • You can act faster in face-to-face appointments without any paper Differentiating features: Design intelligent forms without programming Reduce paperwork and print costs, save time, decrease administration Benefit from all HTML5 advantages
  9. 9. Dynamic Communications Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage Customer Experience and Customer Engagement is achieved as the communications are interactive, personalized, secure, easily accessed and customizable. • You can offer your customer a lot of information in a compact way • Even complex information can be made accessible and understandable • You enable your customer to find personalized information • The communications can be made available via a portal or a mobile solution • Interactive communications demonstrate your organization’s dynamics • There’s no irritation anymore caused by ‘another piece of paper’ or ‘another download’ Applied examples: bank statements, fund evolution reports, consumption behavior, etc
  10. 10. Multichannel Delivery Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Send your communications through the channel(s) your customers prefer • Email, online, mobile, print, text messaging, push notifications • Archive your communications digitally Differentiating features: Multibranding & Multilingual Make your brand consistent across all communications Give your brand a high-qualitative output Make your brand unique
  11. 11. Speed up operational processes Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage Why? By making your processes more efficient, you speed up your go-to-market and acquire new customers faster  Improve (complex) documents handling  Empower your colleagues  Reduce worktime
  12. 12. Document Design & Generation Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Standardize where you can, avoid human error • Design templates without programming, for multiple brands, multiple languages: 1 template for many communications • Make changes in a few minutes instead of hours or days Differentiating features: Care for accuracy Keep control Apply re-usable objects: 1 action, many changes
  13. 13. Contract Composition observations Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Mainly a strictly IT-owned operation, whereas customer relations lie with the business • Often manual work, thus implies human errors and time-consuming work • Different policy departments have specific requirements, but do share some T&C • Changes to a contract can take a long time which interrupts the negotiation phase
  14. 14. Long-term open approach Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage Implement a platform that can: • easily integrate with any of your running applications • handle complex and sensitive data • create any document • create any communication or message • distribute in any format via any channel • offer a user-friendly interface • enable interaction • allow future technologies Reach. Connect. Engage.
  15. 15. It’s about people Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage organization customer Centralized Communication Platform CRM Bill Order Help Reach. Connect. Engage.
  16. 16. Customer Experience your best investment Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage Why? Not only because everyone says so, but also because the customers are in charge. They make you.  Standardize and Personalize  Digitize and Mobilize  Energize
  17. 17. Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage How does Scriptura Engage enable you? • Standardize document template design for all messaging across the entire organization, no matter how many brands, how many languages, how many teams involved. Customers benefit from your organization’s operations efficiency. • Personalize documents and communications without IT intervention, protected by team or individual access restriction and by modification alerts and approval flows. Customers benefit from your organization’s accuracy and quality and your tailored approach to their delight. • Digitize documents, forms and communications delivery. It doesn’t only structurally reduce costs, it gives you a 360° view on customer communication, it speeds up delivery and archiving and enables you to communicate through multiple contemporary channels. Customers benefit from your organization’s flexibility, transparency and availability. Reach. Connect. Engage.
  18. 18. Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage How does Scriptura Engage enable you? • Mobilize your co-workers in the field and your customers on the way. Capture information offline or online on a mobile device using branded forms and push it to all depending systems. It can be used for tons of reasons, like client onboarding, inspection, inquiries, … and integrated with digital signing. Customers benefit from a personal face-to-face approach and a substantial decrease in administration and paperwork. • Energize all your stakeholders, that’s our motto. Your customers in the first place. Show them you care. Communicate with them in the best way. Encourage them to self-service and at the same time remain available all the way. Moreover, if you manage to really enable and equip your co-workers, give them thought flexibility, ease up their daily work, they will have and take more time and pleasure in looking after your customers. Reach. Connect. Engage.
  19. 19. Increase customer interaction Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Reduce your administration time and that of your customers • Speed up business processes • Approach your customers the way they want it • Keep your customers posted in a balanced communication strategy • Spend more time interacting with your customers and stakeholders • Make doing business with you a delight Reach. Connect. Engage.
  20. 20. Give your organization oxygen Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage • Drastically reduce printing, sending and archiving costs • Consider a balanced combination of standardization and flexibility • Save time and money by authorizing the best person in place to compose and distribute communications • Faster administration generates improved internal organization and better customer relationships, higher customer retention Reach. Connect. Engage.
  21. 21. Scriptura Engage is many solutions; start small, grow big Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage Enterprise Communication Platform Document Design and Generation Interactive Document Assembly Multichannel Delivery Mobile Electronic Forms Doccle Connect Reach. Connect. Engage.
  22. 22. More info? Contact us: EU phone: +32 3 425 40 00 US phone: 011 32 3 425 40 00 email: info@scripturaengage.com Copyright © 2015 Scriptura Engage