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My Life #OutsideWork (Intuit Employees)

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A glimpse into how Intuit employees unwind, reboot, and refocus outside of work to make them better at work.

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My Life #OutsideWork (Intuit Employees)

  1. My Life Outside Work A glimpse into how Intuit employees unwind, reboot, and refocus outside of work to make them better at work
  2. Family Taking my family to a baseball game. Helping with my kids sports teams, playing ps4, and taking kids to places they have never been too. My wife, two dogs, son, and I spend as much time as we can playing outdoors, at home in the Sierra. Family - it could be getting together for a BBQ that includes whatever game is that weekend, or going to one of the grandkids football or basketball games, or wrestling match. Being a Mom!!! A homework helping, dinner making, "hurry we're going to be late to practice" Mom!!!
  3. Extra-Curricular Activities Volunteer job as a "Clown Doctor" at hospitals in Brazil! I love to paint. When I need to unwind, I lose myself in color. I bake. My teammates eat. Now that's work life balance. Alone time with guitar and working out at the gym.
  4. Pets Watching my Great Dane Beaux makes me relax. And sometimes I mix work and home. I hang out with Mr Butters. He's also an office mate since I'm a remote worker. He's kind of a slacker, to tell you the truth. Taking this cutie for a walk every day after work brings back the Zen in me. Seeing a dogs enthusiasm for a nature hike is so calming and satisfying.
  5. Health/Wellness DIY projects at home, time with family doing the things we enjoy when possible like: skiing, hiking, kayaking and coloring in my adult color book. I spend every morning at the Intuit Gym. Helps me clear my head for the day. Also love spending time with my family, watching the Giants and Warriors and enjoying time up in the mountains with friends and family. Exercise from spinning class, lifting, yoga or walking my dogs!! Spinning and Yoga are "me" time where I can unwind, let out frustrations (if I have any), feel good about myself... I always leave a happier, calmer person.
  6. Visit our Intuit Life Facebook page: http://intuit.me/1PD1vir Where Intuit employees go to share their stories and connect about life at Intuit.
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A glimpse into how Intuit employees unwind, reboot, and refocus outside of work to make them better at work.


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