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QuickBooks Online: Intuit Developer Product Update

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The latest developments in Intuit's QuickBooks Online platform, especially for app developers. This presentation was part of the developer track in Intuit's QuickBooks Connect 2014 conference in San Jose on Oct. 22, 2014.

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QuickBooks Online: Intuit Developer Product Update

  1. 1. QuickBooks Developer Product Update #QBConnect
  2. 2. #QBConnect Ketan Kittur Director, Product Management, Intuit Developer Group @IntuitDev
  3. 3. • Deliver awesome app experiences with QuickBooks #QBConnect Platform Priorities • Provide you access to global customer base of SMBs & accountants solving real customer problems • Provide quick & easy connectivity with QuickBooks • Drive discovery, usage of Apps for you Increases Long Term Value (LTV) for you !
  4. 4. Current Developer Experience…listening to your feedback! #QBConnect Stability Confusing Closed Consistency Documentation Difficult Support Incomplete Quality Limiting Samples Testing Marketing Debugging Complex Making Money More Experiences Backward Compatible Global Standards
  5. 5. #QBConnect Delightful End-End Developer Journey Developer Experience Powerful APIs Developer Productivity App Store 1 2 3 4
  6. 6. #QBConnect 1. Developer Experience
  7. 7. #QBConnect 1. Developer Experience Today Tomorrow • “Hello world” in 15 mins • Visual Ux for easy discovery of SDKs & APIs • Better documentation • Improved Publishing flow & dashboards • Improved developer journey for developers & SIs • No code integration via itDuzzit technology • Developer CRM updates • DX analytics & tracking
  8. 8. #QBConnect 2. Powerful APIs • Expansion of APIs across the ecosystem • Consistent & complete “Ecosystem API” for easier integration with QBO ecosystem
  9. 9. 2. Powerful Ecosystem APIs to solve real customer problems #QBConnect Today Tomorrow • QBO V3 APIs with new Developer Experience • Beta Payments API • Pay by card, Authorize, Capture etc. • Payments integrated with QBO • Same credentials for QBO & Payments API access • New DevX, sample apps • Simplified Merchant on-boarding • Simplicity: API orchestrations …single call for complex use-cases • Make a sale ; Invoicing; Time Tracking; Inventory mgt; Customer Mgt, Employee Mgt; Expense mgt; Sales receipt etc. • Top developer features supported • CRUD across ecosystem; Batch updates etc.
  10. 10. #QBConnect 3. Developer Productivity Developer tools SDKs Samples
  11. 11. #QBConnect 3. Developer Productivity Today Tomorrow • Integrated Sandbox with company data • Sample Apps • e-commerce, Time-tracking • 1st phase of visual transaction tool • Multi-language support • .NET, Java, PHP • Node.js support (open source SDK today) • Global sandbox with geo-specific company data • More samples with community contributions, eg. CRM, job costing etc. • More SDKs with multiple language support, eg. Mobile SDKs etc. • Visual tools for QBO ecosystem experiences
  12. 12. #QBConnect 3. Cloud Integrations Data sync across cloud apps without coding Automate workflow Configure in Save Time minutes Powerful Library Cloud-Cloud/QBO-Cloud Integrations
  13. 13. 3. Cloud integrations; Intuitive Drag-and-Drop with itDuzzit #QBConnect Today Tomorrow • itDuzzit technology integrated in Intuit Cloud • Opt-in Beta for Partners • Drag & Drop Developer Experience • Leverage itDuzzit to rapidly create apps for QuickBooks-to-Cloud & Cloud-to-Cloud use cases. • Library of reusable connectors to SAAS apps for developers/SIs/Accountants • Improved UI
  14. 14. #QBConnect 4. App Store Developer Success; Apps Discovery, Monetization, Usage
  15. 15. 4. App Store for global apps discoverability & usage #QBConnect Today Tomorrow • Better apps discoverability • Improved apps categorization for easier discovery • Pro-advisor endorsements • Geo-filtering for global apps • Improved First-time-Use with QuickBooks with one-click sync • One-click app publish with Beta feature • Richer ecosystem apps • Intelligent discovery, recommendations across channels & “In-Product”
  16. 16. Today was a big first step in our developer journey …. our vision is to deliver the best developer platform for SMB cloud apps! #QBConnect
  17. 17. Check out our QuickBooks developer experiences… #QBConnect • developer.intuit.com • developer.intuit.com/apis New Developer Experience OuickBooks & Payments API New App Store • apps.com We want to hear from you! @IntuitDev
  18. 18. Thank You #QBConnect This information is intended to outline our general product direction, but represents no obligation and should not be relied upon in making a purchase decision.
  19. 19. #QBConnect @IntuitDev and @IntuitApps Get started: http://developer.intuit.com Publish your app: http://apps.com Connect with us!