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The A-Z Guide for Designing Your Office Cubicles & Layout

If you’re designing office cubicles and layouts for your company, this is the presentation for you. We’ve compiled some quick tips in an A-Z list that you can use when planning your space. Let’s get started!

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The A-Z Guide for Designing Your Office Cubicles & Layout

  1. 1. The A-Z Checklist for Designing Your Office Layout If you’re designing office cubicles and layouts for your company, this is the presentation for you. We’ve compiled some quick tips in an A-Z list that you can use when planning your space. Let’s get started!
  2. 2. Adjustable We’ve all read about the dangers of sitting all day – and standing all day isn’t the best ergonomic solution either. Incorporate adjustable worksurfaces into your design to easily go from sitting to standing throughout the day.
  3. 3. Built for You Why choose standard items out of a catalog when you can design a space that fits your exact needs? With a unique design process you can design your space down to the inch and see a 3D virtual tour before it’s built. Watch a video about the process to learn more.
  4. 4. Columns (And other design obstacles) When you measure your office space make sure you measure - or your drawings note - all columns and design obstacles like heating vents and electrical access panels in the space. Knowing these obstacles up front allows them to be incorporated into the design and will avoid issues and delays when your furniture is installed.
  5. 5. Delivery Be sure to inquire as to whether the pricing of your furniture includes delivery or will be added to the price you were quoted. This will help you to be able to compare pricing more accurately. Also think about future additions or replacement parts. If you selected a local distributor that sells imported furniture will they be able to meet future timelines as growth occurs or if there is an error in your shipment?
  6. 6. Electrical Access Position the furniture to either accommodate existing building electrical or have powered added to the furniture system.
  7. 7. Free of Emissions Create a healthy indoor environment with certified low VOC emitting furniture. Interior Concepts entire furniture line has been certified as a low VOC emitting furniture product and has been MAS Certified Green®. Interior Concepts workstations are also compliant with LEED for Schools and the CHPS performance standards set for workstations to be classified as low-emitting furniture.
  8. 8. Getting Together Today’s workspaces often require spaces for collaboration. Incorporate areas for collaboration into the workstation design, or create special meeting areas for sharing. One solution for collaboration is the Genius Meeting table with DropShare media sharing technology. Use it to easily share thoughts and ideas with team members.
  9. 9. High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) For added durability make sure your worksurface laminate is HPL as opposed to vertical grade laminate. HPL will have added durability. Interior Concepts worksurfaces have a writing surface of 1/16” highpressure laminate, and a balancing laminate backer sheet on the underside of the worksurface.
  10. 10. Identify Your Needs Designing furniture around company culture and needs can help you to achieve your business goals. Some companies prefer open office layouts, while some prefer higher panels, or a combination of the two. Work with experts that can turn your vision into a reality to align your work environment with your business goals.
  11. 11. JAVA Coffee is an important part of workplace culture. We see many of our customers incorporating gourmet coffee bars into break rooms for an extra employee perk.
  12. 12. Kwality Okay we cheated on this one, but quality is important! Most people are surprised at the quality of the furniture they receive when they purchase from Interior Concepts. Make sure your furniture can withstand the demands of a high use environment (and people sitting on the desks and leaning against panels).
  13. 13. Lighting Many studies have shown that natural light increases productivity and mood. Incorporate clear or frosted acrylic panels into the cubicle design to allow natural light to flow throughout the space.
  14. 14. Measure As the saying goes, measure twice and cut once. When you measure your space don’t forget to include doorways, heating access panels, and ledges. Even if you have a CAD drawing of your space be sure to physically measure it to ensure your furniture will fit.
  15. 15. Neutral Colors Neutral colors are best for base color palettes. Add color with paint and accessories, items that can be easily changed with tastes and trends.
  16. 16. Open Office Layout Though the open office concept is popular now it is not the best solution for everyone. Consider how employees work and what the optimum mix for privacy and openness will mean for your company.
  17. 17. Personal Touch Put a personal touch in your office space with your furniture design and colors. You can either select standard designs from a catalog, or work with a company like Interior Concepts take your design to the next level. Make the most of your space, get creative with colors, or print your logo onto panels.
  18. 18. Quick Turnaround When you utilize our online design process you will receive updated drawings the next day. Not only can you make design tweaks that turn your vision into a reality, you will get a quick turnaround on changes and revisions.
  19. 19. Real-Time Design Did you know that you can make changes to your furniture design live, in real time? Receive 3D drawings and a virtual tour of your furniture quotation, then get online with one of our designers and make changes to your design so you can see how your space will look before placing the order.
  20. 20. Sound Masking Many of our customers are concerned about sound. They are interested to learn that only a small percentage of noise reduction can be attributed to the furniture. To reduce noise equip employees with high quality headsets and consider investing a sound masking system, or white noise system to reduce distracting noise.
  21. 21. Technology Technology is constantly changing. While it may be nice to incorporate an iPod dock into your desk, think about what will happen if the next version will no longer work with the outlet you’ve incorporated into your desk. Consider options that will accommodate whatever comes next.
  22. 22. User-Friendly Design What good are fancy ergonomic adjustments if your employees don’t know how to use them? Provide training when new chairs or furniture is purchased to ensure your employees get the most out of their space.
  23. 23. Virtual Tours Utilize virtual tours and interactive 3D quoting so you will see exactly what you’re getting. You can see your design and make live changes, so you know exactly how your space will look.
  24. 24. Wires, Cords & Cables We still live in a world where we need cords and cables to charge our devices and relay data. Keep these cords and cables in mind when you consider your furniture system. The Chase Wire Management is one option to keep cords and cables easily accessible yet stored out of sight.
  25. 25. Xpert Design Advice Okay we cheated again here too, but working with design professionals that can make recommendations based on your needs can help you to achieve your business goals. Interior Concepts has in depth knowledge (over 20 years experience) in the specific needs for school, call center, and office environments
  26. 26. Years of Use Ensure your furniture will last for years with furniture backed by a Lifetime Warranty. For our customers the chance to purchase new furniture doesn’t come around often, so purchasing furniture that is meant to withstand high use environments with a warranty to match is important.
  27. 27. Zero Wasted Space Your office layout should reflect your company’s culture and goals. Interior Concepts can assist you in designing a cubicle and office layout so those who work for you can be as effective and productive as possible. Give us a call at 800-678-5550 or visit interiorconcepts.com to get started.
  28. 28. Who is ? Call Center, School & Office Furniture. Request a Quote Video Overview AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES We have completed thousands of furniture installations. Let our design experts help you build your ideal furniture layout. HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION With our installation service we take care of everything. You are provided with complete documentation including a sign off book with pictures. QUALITY FURNITURE MADE IN THE USA Your furniture will be backed by a Lifetime Warranty and will look like new for years. BREATHE EASY All Interior Concepts furniture is MAS Certified Green to help create a healthy indoor environment.