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Case study: Orion

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Case study: Orion

  1. 1. Intel Confidential11By diagnosing and repairing PCsremotely with Intel vPro technology,MSP Orion saves on truck rolls—often tocustomers more than 70 miles away.With Intel vPro technology, Orion hasbeen able to reduce OS repair times by75% and hardware repairs times by33%. At the same time, it has reduceddeskside visits by 20% and cutdowntime by 40%.“Our objective is always to minimizecustomer downtime. vPro™ PCs let us beless intrusive and fix problems faster.It’s much better than taking away acustomer’s machine and results in muchless lost productivity.”Greg Chavez, President, OrionCutting Downtime by 40%
  2. 2. Intel Confidential22For the growing CPA firm of Little-Morris,competitiveness comes down to fastresponses to customers and the ability torun 24x7 during tax time. The remotemanageability of Intel vPro technology-based PCs helps them respond quickly byaccelerating repairs by 75% and cuttingPC downtime by 40%.“If a piece of malware was to takeout the whole firm, it would cost us $10kan hour, every hour we were down. IfOrion’s tech could repair a system[remotely with vPro]—say on a Saturdayor Sunday during tax season when wehave 30 people in the office—that wouldmake a huge difference.”Brian Yeargain, tax partner, Little-Morris.Numbers Lead to Great Savingsand Decreased Downtime