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Instavast pitch deck - Instagram automation - Bot, auto DM, Scheduler and more!

Instavast is a web-based service for managing and promoting Instagram accounts. The Instagram bot is our most popular product. Using this bot you can automate your like, comment, follow and unfollow activity on Instagram.

Automated direct messages is another service of Instavast. Some call this service Instagram dm bot, using it you will be able to send automatic direct messages to both your followers and also other users. it's a very effective channel to generate leads and drive more sales for the ones who sell a product on Instagram.

Instagram post schedule is a service which lets you upload, draft and schedule all your Instagram posts including photos and videos. Photo editing tools and feature likes add the first comment, add location and schedule removal time are among the most useful functionalities of this service.

Instagram comment manager is another service of Instavast. This service is suitable for the ones who receive lots of comments on Instagram posts. You can have all your comments in one look, mark, reply or delete them fast and easy.

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Instavast pitch deck - Instagram automation - Bot, auto DM, Scheduler and more!

  1. 1. Instavast Web-based services for Instagram Management and Promotion. We help people and businesses to gain real followers and grow their social impact. Instagram automation tools
  2. 2. Problem Getting Real Instagram Followers Ain’t Easy! Small businesses, specially in Fashion & Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle and Healthcare industries, are dependent on Instagram and spend lots of Money in order to:  Generate Leads  Provide Social Proof  Drive more Sales Talented individuals, such as Models, Musicians, Entrepreneurs and Artists spend too much time to employ Instagram in order to:  Grow their following  Acquire more audience  Increase influence Social Media Marketing Agencies, Instagram growth is an inherent part of their job and they need practical tools to:  Accomplish tasks easier and faster  Deliver Tangible Results  Convince customers with proofs 1
  3. 3. Products Automation could be a secret weapon! Advanced Instagram Posting system:  Post photo/video via Desktop  Draft or schedule posts in advance  Photo editing tools  Auto delete & add first comment Instagram promotion Bot:  Automated interactions  Hashtag and Competitor targeting  Save time by auto engagement  Growth on autopilot Instagram Direct Marketing:  Start a conversion with prospects  Appreciate followers by greeting DMs  Offer special discounts Comment Management System:  All the comments in one look  Never miss an important comment  Mark, reply or delete comments 2
  4. 4. Products Automation could be a secret weapon! Instagram Likes and Video Views:  Provide social proof  Effective catalyst for young accounts  Reach top 9 posts of niche hashtags  More exposure and organic eyeballs Hashtag Generator:  Automatic relevant hashtags  Generation based on photo or a keyword  Specific tags for each posts  Check hashtags popularity and find niche tags Instagram Downloader:  Download videos as well as photos  Download Story & profile pictures  Direct and fast to your phone, tablet or PC Searchable List of Banned Hashtags:  Stay away of shadow banning  Be on top of changes  Comply with community rules 3
  5. 5. Business Model This is how we make money! Four Main Revenue Streams Promotion – Posting – Auto DM – Comment Manager Each of these services costs $10 monthly for one Instagram account Two Additional Revenue Streams Likes/Video View - Proxy Server $1 for 100 likes $0.5 for 100 views One proxy $5 monthly 4
  6. 6. Traction So far, so good! Visitors New visitors Signups Conversion Oct 2017 3,011 2,990 669 22.4% Nov 2017 4,737 4,454 984 22.1% Dec 2017 5,097 4,562 987 21.6% Jan 2018 7,220 6,631 1,321 19.9% Feb 2018 10,526 9,535 1,493 15.7% Mar 2018 13,561 12,182 1,867 15.3% Average MoM growth 36.2% 33.62% 23.9% Avg= 19.5%  Zero paid traffic, yet! CAC= 0  Top channels: Organic search – Social media  Source: Google Analytics – Acquisition Report Acquisition Report 5
  7. 7. Traction So far, so good! $0 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $12,000 $14,000 $16,000 $18,000 $20,000 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Monthly Revenue (USD) Average month over month growth= 65.5% 6
  8. 8. Market & Growth Strategy Bright days are coming! As the number of users on Instagram grows, the platform hits the second most popular social media in the world! Future plans to catch our clients amongst this massive population  Content Marketing  Video marketing  Email Marketing Campaigns  PPC and display Ads  Affiliate Marketing  Influencer Marketing Number of Instagram Users in Millions Source: www.statista.com 7
  9. 9. Instavast Gramista SocialDrift Instato Auto-like Auto-(un)follow Auto-comment Auto-direct Post Scheduling Comment Management 8Competitors We’re the best!