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Lean Startup Conference 2012 (Notes & Quotes)

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This is just a collection of notes and quotes from speakers at the Lean Startup Conference.
I attended a Simulcast hosted by my company, 33voices & Vistage in San Diego CA.

I'm missing a good number of awesome speakers - thus an even greater number of valuable insights.
If anyone would like to contribute some additional notes & quotes, please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at Chase@33voices. You can also tweet me at @33voices. Cheers!

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Lean Startup Conference 2012 (Notes & Quotes)

  1. 1. presents…  Lean StartupConference 2012Notes & Quotes
  2. 2. Eric Ries e Lean Startup / theleanstartup.com / @ericriesIf you hate big companies so much,why are you trying to create one?
  3. 3. Todd Park United States Chief Technology Officer / ostp.eop.gov / @Todd_ParkOpen data sets = innovation (see data.gov)Don’t even think about talking to the VA
  4. 4. Tendai Charasika EnterpriseCorp / enterprisecorp.com / @XcellentTeaDon’t ask your uncle –the first version of your product won’t be your last!If you don’t get out of the building,you are missing an opportunity to learn.
  5. 5. Beth Comstock GE / ge.com / @bethcomstockFall in love with the customer problem,not the solution.
  6. 6. Jessica Scorpio Getaround / getaround.com / @jessicascorpioUse prototyping to validate your big idea
  7. 7. Danny Kim LitMotors / LitMotors.com / @LitMotors If you’re going to run a car company, build a car. In 3 months, LitMotors built a full-scale prototypeof their car by hand, saving $2.8M in manufacturing & proving it possible
  8. 8. Lane Halley Carbon Five / carbonfive.com / @thinknowSketching is a form of Making.It can be superior to talking –like a visual shorthand for thinking.
  9. 9. Matt Brezina Sincerely / sincerely.com / @brezina 10 tips for rapid app development:1.  Minimal viable product2.  Off-brand testing (or test in Canada)3.  De-emphasize visual design – especially off-brand products, not interaction design, engineers do their own visual design4.  Reuse common components5.  Buy cheap, disposable users – no cross promotion, no PR, buy users from Stumbleupon, Admob6.  Be comfortable with killing your app and losing customers7.  Use android for quick testing – android apps have no approval, updates go live in hours, apple updates go live in 7 days,8.  APIs are everything9.  (Missed this one)10.  Minimize interdependencies – “my goal: empower an engineer to have 4-6 hours of uninterrupted magic each day”
  10. 10. Ron J. Williams Knodes / knod.es / @ronjdubJust like knowing your body type helps you with fitness,knowing your entrepreneur type helps you with your startup
  11. 11. Andres Glusman Meetup / Meetup.com / @glusman Myth #1: People give a damn about ‘lean’ Nobody wants to buy a process. Just start doing it. Myth #2: People want to test things. People actually like building things. To make it worse, they wanna make big bets.Test: Sales funnel, Subject Lines, Buttons in email, Onboarding Flow, Algorithm changes Myth #3: There’s no room for failure. Myth #4: You can test your way to a great experience – you end up with an incoherent experience. Design + Lean is the way to go.
  12. 12. Jocelyn Wyatt IDEO.org / @jocelynwSpeed your thinking by conceptualizing it…even with toilets for Ghana – it helps.
  13. 13. Adam Goldstein Hipmunk.com / @adamjgoldsteinAfter enough people ask you a question,you learn certain things that aren’t easy.You may have to lose a lot of customers.
  14. 14. Justin WilcoxCustomer Development Labs / CustomerDevLabs.com / @Justin_Wilcox Is your startup a business or a hobby?The question, “How much will they pay?” determines that.
  15. 15. Alejandro Velez Back to the Roots / backtotheroots.com / @BTTRVentures Customer engagement with the product moved the vision fromfresh mushrooms to mushroom kits.
  16. 16. Stephanie Hay FastCustomer / Stephaniehay.com / @steph_hay Use REAL PEOPLE words to Find, Understand & Choose. 1.  Test your messages in adwords 2.  Embrace the unsexy words used in organic searches3.  Look at entry points and top content in Google Analytics
  17. 17. Steve Blank Steveblank.com / @sgblank Entrepreneurship is about theory and practice.People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill,they want a quarter-inch holeHow do you create 10,000 startups?
  18. 18. George Bilbrey Return Path, Inc. / returnpath.com / @gbilbreyPrepare for pivoting.Start small and organize for experimentation.Not every suspect is a prospect.Training will require pivots and iteration.
  19. 19. Ivory Madison Red Room / redroom.com / @ivorymadison Numbers you shouldn’t be using: Page views, new members, total members, unique visitors,percent growth, conversion rate, twitter followers, facebook friends, facebook likes.Characteristics of actionable metrics: Measure success at your core business Show or directly relates to revenue Track real, individual customers Illustrate cause and effect
  20. 20. Ash Maurya Spark59 / ashmaurya.com / @ashmauryaBuild a continuous feedback loopMetrics alone aren’t enough –go beyond numbers
  21. 21. Leah Busque TaskRabbit / TaskRabbit.com / @labusqueTrying to do everything at once will leave it all poorly. Understand where to begin – know your customers.Be holistic in marketing and customer acquisition.
  22. 22. Dan Milstein Wingu / @danmilF.A.E. - Fundamental Attribution Error
  23. 23. Robert Fan Sharethrough / sharethrough.com / @rfan Innovate or die.Disruptive innovation – gets you the hockey stick 1.  Create the right environment 2.  Set goals and boundaries 3.  Milestones and progress checksWhen you finish,have a transition plan
  24. 24. Scott Cook Intuit / intuit.com / @intuitMindset leads to behavior.Make experimentation become part of your work.When results aren’t how you expected,its usually the market trying to show you something.Change lives so profoundlythat they can’t imagine going back.
  25. 25. Drew Houston Dropbox / dropbox.com / @drewhoustonLive in the future and build what’s missing.Your vision is a constant –rely on it to guide and inform your decisions.Set a vision to share with others.
  26. 26. Marc Andreessen Andreessen  Horowitz  /  a16z.com  /  @a16z  Neither Tesla nor Spacex could be done as a lean startup
  27. 27. NOTE TO THE READERese notes and quotes were taken by Chase Jennings @33voices during a Livestream event in San Diego. I had to leave early, so many speakers are missing (as well as valuable insights provided by them). If you’d like to contribute any additional notes and quotes, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at Chase@33voices.com. anks! J
  28. 28. Thanks! Livestream hosted at Vistage in San Diego, CA. Special thanks to Moe Abdou @moeabdouSpeaker information provided by http://leanstartup.co/  
  29. 29. Connect and learn about us at .com h7p://www.twi7er.com/33voices   h7p://www.facebook.com/33voices