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Innovation Academy 2020

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  1. 1. Healthit Your Healthy Pocket Buddy
  2. 2. "Very often my willpower is not enough." "I find myself losing motivation overtime." "Living healthily has a lot of aspects and it's overwhealming." Problem People can't build and maintain healthy habits. 12 months working with people in the industry. Research with 252 people. 31 customer interviews; Data based on:
  3. 3. Solution Gamifies the user experience, offering real rewards. Keeps users motivated and engaged with social elements. Simplifies building and maintaining healthy habits. We are building the first Bulgarian mobile application for healthy lifestyle.
  4. 4. Diverse, Real-Life Rewards Tracks Only Steps Limited, Ingame Rewards Stimulates Other Healthy Habits Unique Selling Proposition
  5. 5. Comission for every transaction Ad revenue from the providers App Users Partners How We Make Money Engagem ent R eal-Life R ew ards & M otivation N ew C ustom ers & D igitalP resence D iscounts forthe U sers We bring app users and providers of health & wellness services (partners) together.
  6. 6. Market Opportunity Health App Users Yearly Health & Wellness Expenditure Per Person 31.7m BGN Market Potential in Bulgaria Market potential is calculated as 5% (the comission) of the avg. money spent on health & wellness products & services per year. App Users Data is based on statista.com 600,000 1,051 BGN
  7. 7. Expansion Phase I: English-Speaking Market Phase II: Bulgarian Neighbours Market $6.6b English-Speaking Market $101m Neighbours Market
  8. 8. 6 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months 100 000 75 000 50 000 25 000 0 Financial Projections NumberofUsers Monthly Revenue based on: Monetisation: 50% of the users buying health & wellness products & services through the app with 5% commission. 219,000BGN 109,500BGN Monthly Revenue 4.70m BGN avg. annual revenue in 24 months
  9. 9. Go-To-Market 02 01 02 03 Ways To Grow App. Users For organic growth, we are going to use our own social media channels and the networking effect of our partners. 16,000 Social Media Fans 240,000 Bulgarians Reached Monthly 900 People in Our Newsletter 4,000 Monthly Website Users Organic Growth 10 Signed Partners with 125,000 Social Media Fanbase
  10. 10. Go-To-Market 02 01 02 03 15,000 Visitors Festival of Street Art, May 2019 Real-Life Events & Mascot Marketing For this strategy, we are going to participate in real-life events with our company mascot. In 2019 we did 3 live events. In 2020 we plan to do 5 live events in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas & V. Tarnovo. Ways To Grow App. Users
  11. 11. 02 01 02 03 We are creators of the first Bulgarian Health & Wellness Podcast - Nazdrave. We work with influencers in the health & wellness industry and produce content with them to grow together. Influencers, Podcasts & Content Marketing Our strategy for attracting people is content-marketing. We have more than 55 original articles, 770+ social media publications, and 30+ YouTube pieces produced. Go-To-Market Ways To Grow App. Users
  12. 12. Achieved & Planned Milestones "The Daily Challenges are super motivational." "Finally an intuitive health app!" "I believe your app will be an incentive for many!" Idea validated with a survey, customer interviews, and A/B testing. Prototype tested and main hypotheses confirmed. Beta Tested with 148 users. 10 partners signed. Feedback collected. Official Release in the Fall 2020 Soft launch in July 2020. Work on additional 50 partnerships. December 2019 January 2020 May 2020 July 2020 Fall 2020 Quotes from Beta Feedback:
  13. 13. Our Competent Team Strives For Success Degrees in psychology, good understanding of habit building. 4+ years of combined experience in social media content- marketing. Well-developed network of insiders in the industry�who help connect with partners. Metodi Kanazirski Emil Todorov Yuliy Yuliev Business Strategy, Marketing, Operations Business Development, Sales, Partnerships Product Development, UX/UI, SEO
  14. 14. Thank you! SIGN UP FOR THE SOFT RELEASE HEALTHIT.BAV.BG Contact: yuli@bav.bg
  15. 15. BONUS SLIDES: APP FEATURES The following slides include actual screenshots of Healthit Beta.
  16. 16. Daily Challenges Bonus Slide #1
  17. 17. Rewards Bonus Slide #2
  18. 18. Social Engagement Bonus Slide #3
  19. 19. Gamified Experience Bonus Slide #4
  20. 20. Progress Tracking Bonus Slide #5

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Innovation Academy 2020


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