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Content marketing

  1. Content marketing Sergio Pinzon This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
  2. Content creation It is the creation and sharing of content in different formats such as videos, blogs, and social media posts
  3. Types (categories of content) Connection Content Conversation Content Education Content Entertainment Content Inspiration Content Promotion Content
  4. Content that covers the customer journey
  5. Content marketing strategy • Objectives. • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement. • Audience segmentation. • Content type selection. • Platform selection. • Social listening. • Competitor analysis. • Content audit. • Resourcing • Scheduling.
  6. The mini- creative brief • Creative briefs provide a kind of map that clients and creative partners can use to determine which avenues to pursue.
  7. The mini-creative brief CONTENT CONTEXT PURPOSE
  8. The mini- creative brief • Content: A recipe for shortbread cookies with chocolate chips and sea salt • Context: The audience is Facebook readers interested in baking and desserts • Purpose: Get readers to buy your brand of sea salt
  9. Activity 1: Inside out and Bio ink Who do you think the target market/s are for the content on these initiatives? What types of content do they use? E.g inspirational, educational etc (customer journey) Design a mini creative brief for a Tik tok video
  10. Activity 2 Create a 1 minute tik tok for these two initiatives Discuss a writing piece for these two initiatives
  11. Reminder Projects