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  2. 2. SCOPE • It makes tough for those people who actually want to do something for public and wants to bring a change for betterment. • People spend a lots of money on publicity , rallies before elections so by this they make a investment. • Many industrialist , rich person give funds to the political party with the greed that if that party will win .They will provide the benefit for them. CAUSES • Most people believe they have more or less freedom than they actually have, and these delusions are manipulated by social power holders to influence public behavior. • Lack of intelligence among the people make them to view only short term things instead of long term things. • Edu ated people who an think ut don’t take interest in it. • Maximum population in India is below poverty line so they go for the campaign and rallies for the greed of the foods ,cloth and other things which is distributed among them. REASONS FOR SELECTING A SPECIFIC CAUSE • The targets for the power hungry Indian politicians are the simple minded and poor citizens living below poverty line, who are vulnerable to the temptations of easy money and vague promises due to their desperate economic and social conditions. • The evil practices start even at elections to the students unions in colleges and universities and gain full scale at the panchayat, municipal , state and national level. • Today, the money and muscle power play such a dominant role in elections, that there is little chance for a common man with honest intentions and little resources to contest elections , even if he has the capability. The politi al parties are responsi le for this situation, sin e they only onsider the winna ility of the person for nominating him as the party candidate..
  3. 3. • It has been demanded from the ruling party for the state funding of election. • As a andidate’s prospe ts in any election should depend upon his resourcefulness , a ceiling on election expenditure is essential. • At present, most of the expenditure on election is met by company donation and donation from big houses and this in turn results in many evils and malpracticies ,it increases the role ,power and influence of large concerns and capitalist • At present, candidate or the parties to which they belong have to race their on resources. So the contesting and filling of an election , has become an expensive affair. • It points to eliminate these evils ,and to do away with corruption in high places. •Common man who is left behind with no funds or resources equal to his rich fellow contestant, even though he has the right to contest
  4. 4. Political leader is main cause for our backwardness because before they got elected they promise us to do good for city or country but after got elected they forget about well-fairness of the people. As we know that most of rural areas in our country is still not getting the facilities of power, water, even not having good education system still as well as not a good hospital for welfare of people, this shows what? This shows our leader is not concerned about us but they mean to their profit only. They get the much money for development but they use it for their personal development. In the godowns millions of tons of grains are wasted and deteriorated but not a single leader take any action against it but in return price of the goods and commodities raised, we people directly get affected by these things. We people are also responsible for backwardness by giving our valuable votes to such leader, as well we people are also corrupted somewhere else. We always face these situation in school, colleges, hospital especially in government sector they used to take commission for their personal profit.
  6. 6. At college level ,student having the strong family background are being elected. Student elections are not safe for the college girls as they are being threatend by those having money and muscle power. Sexually harashment cases are more often in colleges. Public following the RTI Act against the ruling and non-ruling party are been threatened for the life. No actions are being taken regarding our problems.
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