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Illumination, India, Mumbai, Lighting Products

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Exporting of 3Watt IP-68 Led Spot Fibre Optic Sideglow Cable, Curtain Fibre Light, Full Light Sideglow Fibre, Star Ceiling Light, 1 Watt Up-Downlighter, 1 Watt LED In Acrylic Bamboos, 1 Watt LED Lights For Jewellery Display, 1 Watt LED Lights For Step.

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Illumination, India, Mumbai, Lighting Products

  1. 1. The advancement in technology and the changing needs of the lighting industryhas made us pioneer in manufacturing and exporting of innovative lightingsolutions like commercial lighting solutions, residential and fiber optic lightingsolutions.
  2. 2. - Profile -Incepted in 2004 by Mr. Naveen Shrivastava, Illumination India is a leadingmanufacturer and exporter of lighting solutions like outdoor LED lightingsystems, radiant LED lighting system, etc., which are both decorative as well asinnovative. Under the expert guidance and motivation of our founder we haveeasily developed market understanding and traits for designing of these fancylights. We know the wide demands of various industries and have accordinglystepped into production of these lights in various sizes, shapes, colors anddesigns.We have an excellent and professional team, modern production facilities,advanced practices and equipment and a solid economic base. Overall we are aHigh Tec and highly professional enterprise producing LED Lighting and othersuch products which can easily add a charm to the room or the place. All theintricate details are paid attention so that the products are made as per thetechnical requirements and their usage in the industry.
  3. 3. - Lighting Products -Fibre Optics:We offer an exclusive range of Fibre Optics Lights that are widely used and demanded in theindustry to provide a decorative look to the interiors. These are known for their energyconsumption, superior visual effect and cost effectiveness. 3Watt IP-68 LED Spot & Curtain Fibre Light Fibre Optic Sideglow Cable Full Light Sideglow Fibre Star Ceiling Light
  4. 4. - Lighting Products -Led Indoor Lighting:Our range of Indoor led lighting is specially designed so as to emit the maximum light.Available in various colors our range is highly durable and spectacular in its finish andtherefore is in high demand across the globe. We also meet customized requirement for ourclients benefit. 1 Watt LED Lights For 1 Watt LED Lights For Jewellery Display Step 1 Watt LED In Acrylic 1 Watt Up-Downlighter Bamboos
  5. 5. - Lighting Products -Led Lighting Outdoor:Our range of Led Lighting outdoor is the best item to decorate the exterior of building,house, office, and others. These are highly durable as it has a water proof body and provideoutdoor led lighting in all the possible colors. It is further capable in scattering light to thedistance of few meters. We also offer customized designs of outdoor led lightings, which alsohave an amazing finish. 1Watt & 3Watt IP-67 3 watt Ip-68 LED Lights Grade Fixture For Swimming Pool Fascade Up-Lighter By LED For Signage LED Power Light
  6. 6. - Lighting Products -Led Fixture: 1Watt Up-down Drive Way LED Fixture RGB Fascade Light 9 Watt LED Spot Light (1 x 9)
  7. 7. - Lighting Products -Illumination Strip: Single Colour Light Strip Multicolour Strip Light High Illumination Strip Light
  8. 8. - Lighting Products -Led Products: 12 Watt LED Uplighter 27 Watt LED Uplighter 2 Watt Road Light 3 Watt Surface Mount IP- 68 LED Fixture
  9. 9. - Lighting Products -Theatre Lights: Step Light In Theatre- Step Light-L Vasai Step Light-R Step Light With No. & Down Throw
  10. 10. - Lighting Products -Outdoor Led Lights: Exit Sign 1Watt Step Light (IP-67) 3Watt IP-68-1 LED Lights 3Watt IP-68-2 LED Lights
  11. 11. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2004Nature of Business Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesTurnover US$ 0.25-1 Million (or Rs. 1-4 Crore Approx.)
  12. 12. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Illumination, IndiaMr. Naveen SrivastavaK - 5, Ekta Bhoomi Garden, Near K. G. K. Tower, Rajendra Nagar, Borivali EastMumbai, Maharashtra - 401 107, IndiaWebsite: www.illuminationindia.net