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Vasant Fabricators Private Limited, Banaskantha, Low Bed Trailer

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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cement Bulkers, Chemical tanker trailer, Tipping tanker, fuel tank and Storage tanks such as Chemical Tank Semi Trailer, Chemical Tanker Semi Trailers, Chemical Tanker Trailer, Chemical Tanker, Chemical Tankers, Side Wall Semi Trailers, Peroxide Storage Tanks, Petrolium Class C product, Low Bed Trailer with Boggie Suspension, Sulphuric Acid Tanker Trailers.

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Vasant Fabricators Private Limited, Banaskantha, Low Bed Trailer

  1. 1. We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Cement Bulkers,Chemical tanker trailer, Tipping tanker, fuel tank and Storage tanks. All ourproducts are recognized for their high quality, excellent designs and reliability.
  2. 2. - Profile -As the history and the facts speak the leading manufacturers and suppliers ofAcid and Cement tankers and trailers Vasant Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. wasestablished in the year 2007. During the start up it was just a manufacturer ofChemical Tankers and Pressure Vessels and today Vasant Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.has turn itself from “Rags to Riches” with their great amount of hard work andperseverance. Over these years they have established and widen their feet in theindustry and have spread their business throughout the Indian subcontinent. Theproducts of Vasant Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. finds application in diverse industrieslike automobile, chemical, construction and engineering among others. Theirrange of products includes Bulkers, Bulker Semi trailers, Chemical Semi trailers,Flat-bed, Low-bed, Side-wall semi trailers, Chemical Storage tanks, Tippingtanker semi trailers, Fuel Tanks and Tip trailers. Additionally, backed by theirexperience in this domain, they have also gained expertise in manufacturingspecial purpose trailers and transport solutions.The products manufactured by Vasant Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. are widelyappreciated for their striking technical features like reliability in operation,giving the best strength to weight ratio, low cost of maintenance and longerservice life which make them ruling power in their stream by providing suchquality services. The success of the company is not just which they shows butit’s a golden fact with the turnover of 1 to 5 million U.S dollars!!!All the products developed at Vasant Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. are fabricated at ourstate-of-the-art manufacturing unit, which are equipped with modern machinesand equipments. They understand the revolution and life cycle of technology inthe industry and hence they take significant research in R & D department.
  3. 3. Bulker Semi Trailer:Our Bulker Semi Trailers are recognized for their high quality, excellent designs andreliability.The Experience and extensive knowledge in Bulker Semi Trailer manufacturing and designbased on a wide products range, qualifies VFPL to offer the best solution for problems.That’s why we are one of the leading manufacturers of bulkers in India. Bulk Semi Trailer Bulks Semi Trailer Bulk Semi Bulk Trailers
  4. 4. Chemical Tanker Semi Trailer: Chemical Tank Semi Chemical Tanker Semi Trailer Trailers Chemical Tanker Trailer
  5. 5. Tip Bulker Semi Trailer:We are a leading Manufacturer of Tip Bulker Semi Trailer such as Chemical Tanker, TipTanker, Tip Tankers, Chemical Tankers and Chemical Tank from Gujarat, India. Chemical Tanker Tip Tanker Tip Tankers Chemical Tankers
  6. 6. Fly Ash Bulkers:We are a leading Manufacturer of Fly Ash Bulkers such as Fly Ash Bulk, Fly Ash Bulker and FlyAsh Bulkers (Long) from Gujarat, India. Fly Ash Bulk Fly Ash Bulker Fly Ash Bulkers (Long)
  7. 7. Cement Bulkers:We are a leading Manufacturer of Cement Bulkers such as Cements Bulkers, Cements Bulk,Cement Bulker and Cement Bulk from Gujarat, India. Cements Bulkers Cements Bulk Cement Bulker Cement Bulk
  8. 8. Other Products: Cement Bulker Industrial Bulker Fuel Tanker Storage Tanker
  9. 9. Other Products: Tipping Tankers Storage Tanker Pressure Vessel Alumina Bulker
  10. 10. Other Products: Powder Bulk Side Wall Semi Trailers Floor Bulkers Sulphur Tanks
  11. 11. Other Products: Tanker Trailers Peroxide Storage Tanks Petrolium Class C product Tanker Trailer
  12. 12. Other Products: Sulphuric Acid Tanker Low Bed Trailer with Trailers Boggie Suspension Low Bed Trailer Aluminum Tank Trailer
  13. 13. Other Products: Aluminum Tanker Trailers Box Body Trailer Box Body Semi Trailer Stainless Steel
  14. 14. Other Products: Stainless Steel Tankers Special Tanker Special Purpose Tankers
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2007Nature of Business ManufacturerTotal Number of 11 to 25 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent East/Middle Africa South/West Africa East Asia Middle East South East Asia
  16. 16. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Vasant Fabricators Private LimitedMr. Nikhil PanchalNo. 1, Panchal Estate, Survey No. 8, Narasan Road, Chhapi, T. A.- VadgamBanaskantha, Gujarat - 385 210, IndiaWebsite: www.bulkertrailer.com