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Patient Support Services

  1. A Brief Overview 01 February 2023 Patient Support Services
  2. © 2022 Indegene. All rights reserved. 2 What we do | Partnering together to ensure engagement with patient and practices is seamless through each mile of the “marathon” MILE 1 MILE 12.5 MILE 25 “...the last mile with PSS” Symptoms, experiences, emotions prior to seeking care Patient seeking help from HCP to diagnosis Choice of treatment for disease/condition Navigating processes to access product (i.e. prior authorizations, co-pay, free drug, etc.) Patients being able to stay on therapy that their HCP has prescribed Awareness & Recognition Presentation & Diagnosis Treatment Selection Product Access Adherence Pre-Rx Post-Rx Remove barriers to help patients start and stay on therapy
  3. © 2022 Indegene. All rights reserved. 3 Why | Patient support is insufficient in meeting patient , practice and caregiver needs Pain Points of Current Patient Support • Counter-intuitive, complex experience for patients & practices • Lack of consumer-centric approaches • Outdated technical infrastructure making it difficult to innovate • “One size fits all” approach that doesn’t solve for specific patient & practice needs
  4. © 2022 Indegene. All rights reserved. 4 How | Building sustainable core competency around patient experience that’s flexible, omnichannel, and consumer-centric Indegene Model • Consumer-centric solutions • Configurable technology • Omni-channel engagement Easy-to-access PSS- specific digital entry point Best in class customer engagement center Best-in-class design standards Technology backbone
  5. © 2022 Indegene. All rights reserved. 5 We cover | Our broad range of capabilities cover various type of archetypes cross the product portfolio for our customers Capabilities Retail • Digital patient self-enrollment into PSP and adherence services • Customer Engagement Center (CEC) for all patient inquires • Tech backbone with full access to patient data, simple configurability, and vendor integrations • Integrated Pharmacy services to boost adherence Specialty • Practice referral pathways for on-boarding support • Case management capabilities across patient journey from intake through adherence • Reimbursement services to appropriately help patients and practices with insurance coverage, appeals, prior authorizations, etc. • Single view of patient across all touchpoints to support data-driven decisions • Personalized adherence services to increase average length of stay Buy & Bill • Expansion of practice-facing capabilities to support buy & bill model (e.g., medical benefit triage) • Additional visibility into reimbursement activity between practice and payor + +
  6. © 2022 Indegene. All rights reserved. 6 Our end-to-end business capabilities provide a fully integrated patient onboarding and engagement experience Patient Segmentation Patient Journey & Activities Management Patient Surveys Patient Outreach based on Activity Patient Programs Operations & Reporting Patient Analytics (Adherence, Outcomes, RWE) Patient Data Management Patient Identity / Consent Management Campaign & Journey Management Measurement, Optimization & Outcomes Pre-onboarding Onboarding Post-onboarding Access & advocacy Activation & engagement Enrollment & diagnosis Reimbursement & financial support Adherence management Care management & coordination Patient Intake (Paper, e-SRF) Service Provider Coordination Pharmacy Integration Call Center Support Assessment / Scheduling & Outreach Benefit Coverage & Access Support Co-Pay Enrollment Payment Adjudication Coupons/ Vouchers Financial Assistance Programs) Free /Bridge Product Adherence Programs (e-diary/adherence tracker) Treatment compliance report Patient Reminders Virtual Care Chatbot Finding HCP/Specialist Adverse Event Reporting Remote Monitoring Patient Communities Order / Refill Management Patient Program Registration Consent Management Patient Identity Verification Patient Disease Awareness Education Treatment Options Education Patient Lifestyle Support Medication Usage Training Patient-to-Patient Mentoring Define Value Story Shape Policy with Stakeholders Patient Community Engagement Market Insights Public Affairs & Media Strategy Patient Coaching
  7. © 2022 Indegene. All rights reserved. 7 Drive future ready healthcare with personalized Experience Our NextGen Tools & Accelerators EHR integration Electronic consent Virtual care Seamless Handoff 24/7 access to support AI/ML-driven behavioural modelling Risk Stratification Call Center Automation Medical BV automation Electronic BV/BI Digital and technology enablement is creating opportunities for a better experience throughout the patient journeys. We bring a number of NextGen tools and Accelerators that can co-exist with customer’s current infrastructure and enhance customer experience There is an increasing need for automation, analytics and & connected channel ecosystem to drive better experience
  8. © 2022 Indegene. All rights reserved. 8 The Result | Helping customers “controlling” critical parts of the experience that lead to more certain patient and business outcomes Experience delivered... • Minimize their involvement beyond the script • Meet them close to their workflow • Enable access to the drug they choose for their patient Practices Patients • Streamlined experience getting medications • Simplified access to financial support programs • Personalized ongoing support ...Perception achieved Prescribing “Your” medications is simple, easy & lets me focus on practicing medicine “You” understands my need and is a partner in my care