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PayU - the major online payments provider in SA - shares insights into online shopping

  1. 2013 26 million online stores worldwide
  2. Domains -233 Million
  3. 51 % of South Africans connected to the internet have shopped online *14 million internet users in SA
  4. 1. Experience Confirm how long the company has been in the payment business from trusted sources
  5. 2. Reputation
  6. 3.Software Efficiency Every payment gateway company has various software packages to provide to its customers. For a good company, they must have worked with the software for a long time and should be able to give you a test drive for some time.
  7. 4. General cost of service bundles The general cost of services provided by a payment gateway company should be open and clear. Ensure you are not presented with ambiguous tier percentage based pricing
  8. 5.Security for clients • SSL -Certificates secure all the data on your ecommerce site • PCI DSS -The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) • 3-D Secure is an XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions • Fraud and risk monitoring tools
  9. 6.Additional services and payment instruments • Any extra service package offered by a payment gateway comes in hand with better financial transactions for that company. E.g. • PayPal • E Bucks,Discovery • Visa ,Mastercard • Amex ,Diners • Vouchers • EFT • Debit cards • Wallets • Cash • Mobile • Call centre payment options • Fraud and risk management • PCI compliance card storage for 1 click shopping
  10. 7.Reporting and reconciliation Even the most humble small business has plans (usually big plans) for future growth. When things get busy, a full suite of backend reporting functionality is a must- have. Bank reconciliation and mark off data matching is crucial
  11. 8.Shopping cart and ease of integration • eCommerce shopping cart software has greatly evolved to include far more than a basic virtual shopping cart for your customers to add products to; it offers all the essential tools you need to manage all the facets of an eCommerce website. • Ensure your gateway has API’s to integrate with your shopping cart
  12. 9.Disaster and recovery • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) are to protect resources and employees, to safeguard the organization’s vital records, and to ensure the ability to function effectively in the event of a severe disruption to normal operating procedures. The primary role of the DRP is to plan for response, recovery, resumption, restoration, and return after severe disruption in service. • ensure sufficient measures of redundancy are built in to services • to minimize the effect a disaster will have upon on-going services and or operations. • Choose a gateway that has multiple bank integrations
  13. 10.EASE OF USE & 24/7 Support
  14. • 4 continents • 16 countries • 13 years of experience • Over 25 000 Merchants • Over 50 cooperating banks • Tens of thousands of supported merchants • A few hundred million transactions • Safe processing of billions of dollars • 10 language versions • 151 payment types in Africa • 11 tender types in SA • Many currencies • Local and global payment methods in 1 system • 1 click shopping experience • PayU instalments (up to 36 instalments, ) • Dedicated solutions for the largest auction platforms all over the world • Part of international group Naspers
  15. A few of our Top Merchants ...
  16. Payment Tenders PayU wallet is an online and mobile payment method that enables credit card and cash customers to quickly and safely transact. No bank account is required Auto Pay allows Standard Bank customers to shop online using their current, savings or transmission account Cell Pay Point allows FNB customers to shop online using their current, savings or transmission account via cell phone banking. eBucks allows eBucks members to shop online using their eBucks MiMoney is electronic cash which can be used for online purchases Secure Payment allows Nedbank customers to shop online using their current, savings or transmission account PayPal PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows merchants to trade internationally PayD enables you to accept certain debit cards as an online payment method Ukash is a cash payment method for those who wish to shop online but do not have a bank account or credit card , and can be purchased at multiple retail outlets country wide . WiWallet allows users to shop online using a mobile wallet American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa EFT Recurring payments USSD Discovery Miles
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