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Micro Moment Design for unmatchable Product Experience

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Learn the benefits of applying the Micro Moment approach in your Product Design & Development Strategy?
Micro Moment Design optimized the product functionality and help you to provide an enhanced customer experience at every touch point, and results in boosting customer loyalty and conversions.
Micro Moment Design has revolutionized the product development approach. It works to optimize user experience throughout their product journey by improving the micro-moments.
To know more about How businesses can benefit from billions of micro-moments experienced by people and design better experiences around them. Click here and listen to our webinar on Micro Moment Design Approach: https://www.imaginea.com/designing-micro-moments-webinar/

You could also write to us at connect@imaginea.com to know more about our Micro Moment Design Approach .

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Micro Moment Design for unmatchable Product Experience

  1. 1. DESIGNING FOR MICRO-MOMENTS Why customer experience should drive your product design strategy WEBINAR PRESENTATION
  2. 2. Speakers Subhasish Karmakar Head of Design Subhasish leads design practices at Imaginea and also drives a design thinking culture in the company. He comes with a rich experience of over 17 years in defining UX strategy for globally successful software and consumer electronics products. His end-to-end UX proficiency and design expertise have also helped organizations set up, and successfully manage, large-scale global UX practices. Suresh Babu Chief Revenue Officer Suresh drives Imaginea’s business growth through robust sales, marketing, and business strategies. He is a proven leader with a successful track record spanning 20 years, and is known for his ability to build high-performance teams and drive profitability and growth.
  3. 3. Objective of today’s discussion Learn how to identify the moments that matter the most to your customers and how to optimize them Understanding the power of Micro-Moments In today’s experience economy, in order to retain or acquire new customers, you need to be present in a meaningful way in all the Micro-Moments How to be present in all key Micro-Moments Learn how to create a seamless customer experience across multiple touch points using our m360 framework Building product strategy using m360 framework
  4. 4. Key takeaways Understand Micro-Moments and their importance How to identify Micro-Moments that are relevant for your business How to build product strategy based on key Micro-Moments: Examples A framework for building your product strategy
  5. 5. What are Micro-Moments Intent rich, contextual, and immediate moments for which the customer turns to a device/ product/ brand—to take a certain action. Ways brands can win in Micro-Moments Thinking with Google
  6. 6. Why Micro-Moments matter? FIAT drives brand goals by being there for small car searchers Sprint drives people in-store Walmart improves mobile performance with faster load times 50% 90% 69% Users purchase from a brand other than the intended one because the information provided is useful Users leave and never return on a mobile site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs Online consumers agree that the quality, timing or relevance of a message influences their perception of a brand or product
  7. 7. Apple got it right!
  9. 9. Design for Micro-Moments Identify the Micro-Moments that matter to your brand Understand the customer journey and touch points Deliver on user needs by focusing on behavior within each Micro-Moment
  11. 11. The moments of intent Being there and being relevant is at the core of a product experience I want to KNOW Exploring, feeding passion, learning I want to DO Seeking instructions I want to ACCOMPLISH Buying, completing a task, publishing I want to EXPERIENCE Experiencing the accomplished tasks, evaluating
  12. 12. Think 360 Degree: Moments-driven design framework
  13. 13. MAKING TRAVEL EXPERIENCE MEMORABLE Building a simple yet flexible holiday planning and booking platform
  14. 14. The Micro-Moments during travel
  15. 15. Target specific user group with relevant destination Hotels and activities populated based on user's interest Motivate users by showcasing different themed vacations Personalized emailers to existing customers Dreaming of traveling
  16. 16. Suggestive travel itinerary that is completely editable Select flight and class based on previous user behavior Guided stepwise flow, which can resume after drop-off Planning the vacation
  17. 17. Clear and upfront information at the time of need Ability to partially pay and block itinerary In-page edits without tracing back the steps Let’s go
  18. 18. Information guides are sent before departure Contacts of hotels and excursion services always available Calendar-based itinerary view to keep you in the loop Continuing to be useful Location-based information of the holiday destinations
  19. 19. SELLING MADE SIMPLE A tablet-based app which helps the agent to understand, propose, and sell insurance products to customers
  20. 20. Work in Progress The Micro-Moments of an Insurance Agent
  21. 21. A dedicated tablet app designed to fulfill agents’ needs System suggested ‘to-do’s sorted on the basis of priority Agent-manager-customer: 3-way updates and access What’s up for the day
  22. 22. Dynamic product catalogs based on customer needs make selling easy Built-in calendar to set appointments Section-based home page to show different levels of information, such as current target, achieved goals, and ranking What’s my target
  23. 23. Scan-and-pay feature A simple share payment link to ensure the customer pays at ease Notification of expiring insurance and reminders for follow-up to make sales faster Making the sale Integrated contact lists/ customer histories help take decisions faster
  24. 24. Snapshot of progress Team performance indicators act as motivators Star ranking to ensure agents push themselves ahead of their internal competitions How am I performing Ads, tips, bonus prize keep the agents updated
  25. 25. BUILD BUSINESS APPS FAST Making application building as simple as drag-and-drop
  26. 26. WaveMaker Customer Journey
  27. 27. Targeted message based on user traits Information structure to match the mental model of the users Interactive visuals Quick signup
  28. 28. 30-second guided tour of key elements of the interface Widget tooltip Action-based app tutorial
  29. 29. Preview even before completing! In any device, even on your phone!
  30. 30. Interface redesign to mimic the app creation process Facilitates collaboration Showcase your app in the app store
  31. 31. Your challenges Converting customers from explorers to buyers Is your business moments-ready? Questions to ask Steps you can take Driving traffic to your product Retaining users of your product Increase in customer support cost and negative reviews Reaching out to your audience; Making your product market ready Are you targeting the right audience? Are you present in the key Micro-Moments? Is the product self explanatory? Is your product designed keeping end users in mind? Do you have a holistic content marketing strategy? Enhance brand experience across touch points (social, web, mobile) Define User Experience strategy using our m360 framework Improve First Time User Experience strategy for your product to ensure user retention Take design thinking-led approach to to improve usability Make your product market-ready (from marketing campaign design to videos and motion graphics animation, we do it all)
  32. 32. Recap Understood what are Micro-Moments and why they are important What are the 4 Key Micro-Moments How to create Customer Journey maps Understood the basics of m360 design framework (Moments-Driven Design Framework) How m360 design framework can be applied across different industries/ verticals How to create your product strategy using our m360 framework
  33. 33. About Imaginea Products built from conception-code-cash User-centric design Agile methodology Unique products and services Serving over 200 product companies Pramati’s M&As of leading products 1300+ engineers Innovation enablement Serving from 5 global locations
  34. 34. Billion touchpoints, brilliant experiences Design thinkers from diverse practices Solving human problem through design and technology Creating experience for the future Consultant EntrepreneurCartoonist Chef Furniture Designer Journalist Present Data Better Manage-and-Buy Policy Integrated UX Predict Patient Inflow Manage Human Resource Social Connect www.imaginea.com/design
  35. 35. Speakers Suresh Babu Chief Revenue Officer Subhasish Karmakar Head of Design suresh.babu@imaginea.com subhasish.karmakar@pramati.com
  36. 36. FOLLOW US ONHAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Just tweet your question with the hashtag #Imaginea https://www.linkedin.com/company/imaginea https://twitter.com/ImagineaTech https://www.slideshare.net/Imaginea For more details about Imaginea, visit www.imaginea.com or write to connect@imaginea.com
  37. 37. Disclaimer This document may contain forward-looking statements concerning products and strategies. These statements are based on management's current expectations and actual results may differ materially from those projected, as a result of certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions, including but not limited to: the growth of the markets addressed by our products and our customers' products, the demand for and market acceptance of our products; our ability to successfully compete in the markets in which we do business; our ability to successfully address the cost structure of our offerings; the ability to develop and implement new technologies and to obtain protection for the related intellectual property; and our ability to realize financial and strategic benefits of past and future transactions. These forward-looking statements are made only as of the date indicated, and the company disclaims any obligation to update or revise the information contained in any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. All Trademarks and other registered marks belong to their respective owners. Copyright © 2017, Imaginea Technologies, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Credits Images under Creative Commons Zero license.