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Sexual Healing through Product Design

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Exploring how Product Design can be used to help victims of sexual assault

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Sexual Healing through Product Design

  2. 2. SEX AFTER TRAUMA Victims of sexual assault often experience difficulty of a fulfilling sex life. While most of the treatment offered to victims focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of the damage. However, people are often left to work out for themselves what sex after a trauma looks like for them. 2
  3. 3. Survivors of sexual assault and rape, their body is taken away from them. But when they are ready to start thinking about sex, after they’ve had therapy and counselling, there is nowhere to go.
  4. 4. Rather than a clinical approach to recovery. Reprogramming how people deal with physical sensation from different stimulus will accelerate the recovery and dislodge the association between trauma and intimacy. However, the tools that will be provided, are designed to give the survivor the opportunity to explore their personal sexual recovery. 4 SLOW DOWN AND RELAX
  5. 5. ” non-fleshy, non-phallic and non-penetrative tools
  6. 6. THE AIM This study, is exploring how design can help victims and survivors of sexual assault. By granting people permission to explore sex again in a healthy, safe environment and without the physical pressure that can come with having a partner. This could be achieved through designing sensual objects that don’t resemble traditional adult toys. But rather focuses on restoring the confidence of touch and intimacy. 6
  7. 7. 7 Mirror Designed to help you view yourself better and in a non-intimidating way Soft Brush Designed to help you not recoil to the sense of touch Pebble Designed to help the victim explore different parts of their body in a non intrusive manner. It could also remind the user to slow and and concentrate.
  8. 8. While there is the opportunity to explore this and design more products that focus on different aspects of trauma. It is also important that these therapeutic products adapt with the user. And not let them fall into a trap where these products become and everyday tool.