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Using localised precision marketing to reach new customers

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Recently Big Hospitality (and their sister publication Restaurant Magazine) invited us to give a talk at their annual Digital Innovation Forum, at The Soho Hotel.

The presentation focussed on how restaurants can utilise localised, precision marketing; across a mix of digital channels, to reach new customers.

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Using localised precision marketing to reach new customers

  1. 1. Using localised precision marketing to reach new customers
  2. 2. Channel Mix Digital Channel Mix
  3. 3. Case Studies
  4. 4. Beefeater Grill – Local Campaign
  5. 5. Observatory Local Campaign
  6. 6. Dos Caminos Local Campaign
  7. 7. Dos Caminos Local Campaign
  8. 8. Targeting
  9. 9. Geographic
  10. 10. Demographic Profiling
  11. 11. Advanced Targeting Keyword Local interests Placements
  12. 12. Coming Soon
  13. 13. New Advertising Channels Social media advertising is set to nearly double by 2017, from around $6.1 billion to $11 billion.
  14. 14. Instagram Advertising
  15. 15. SnapChat Advertising How it might look… Potential for promoted content & advertising. Utilising ‘stories’, closest feature to ‘broadcasting’ Snapchat has to offer
  16. 16. Pinterest Advertising Clever targeting, pay for website visits only, highly engaged user base.
  17. 17. www.ignitehospitality.com +44 (0)20 7275 8682 sam@ignitehospitality.com @ignitetweet