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How to Think Like a Social Media Cowboy

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Identity Marketing & PR's Brandon Chesnutt explores the similarities between the Wild West and social media, and discusses the strategies companies can use to find their inner cowboys, appoint the right posse, deputize sheriffs, establish outposts, and settle the new terrain.

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How to Think Like a Social Media Cowboy

  1. 1. How to think like a social media cowboy Brandon Chesnutt [email_address]
  2. 2. The Old West: a time of exploration, discovery and opportunity.
  3. 3. Cowboys were known for navigating this unfamiliar territory.
  4. 4. The Code of the West.
  5. 5. Brands are now entering the “unknown.”
  6. 6. The new digital frontier.
  7. 7. The new gold rush.
  8. 8. The new Code.
  9. 10. Thankfully, we have new cowboys.
  10. 11. Your brand and social media. Practicing Transitioning Non-participant
  11. 12. How can YOU think like a social media cowboy?
  12. 13. Don’t get caught up in the technology.
  13. 14. Focus on strategy.
  14. 15. Bring teams together.
  15. 16. “ With these tools, you are business development, marketing and customer service.” Chris Brogan
  16. 17. Look for “smoke signals.”
  17. 18. Listening is a crucial step.
  18. 19. Social media shifts responsibility back to brands .
  19. 20. “ Everyone is sharing how they feel, even about you , and now you have the ability to go out and fix it.” Gary Vaynerchuk
  20. 21. Fortify your home base.
  21. 22. A “presentable” home: Dynamic/fresh content Unique URLs SEO-friendly Subscription capability Shareable documents/news
  22. 23. Create your outposts.
  23. 25. Elect your sheriff(s).
  24. 26. People are interesting. Companies often aren’t.
  25. 27. “ It’s a lot harder to screw a brand when there is a person behind it.” Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company
  26. 28. External social media efforts should be communicated internally.
  27. 29. Have a social media policy in place.
  28. 30. Where does advertising and PR fit?
  29. 32. Takeaways.
  30. 33. Takeaways.
  31. 34. Thank ya, Pardner. Brandon Chesnutt 248.258.2333, bchesnutt@identitypr.com www.brandonchesnutt.com @bchesnutt www.delicious.com/brandonchesnutt www.slideshare.net/brandonchesnutt www.identitypr.com www.identitypr.com/blog @identitypr
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