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Windstream Cloud Security Infographic

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Infographic created for Windsteam to highlight the importance of cloud security and data protection.

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Windstream Cloud Security Infographic

  1. 1. A RELIABLE, WORLD-CLASS NETWORK WITH PREMIER SECURITY PARTNERS TO SAFEGUARD CONFIDENTIALITY DELIVERING THE ESSENTIALS OF CLOUD SECURITY CLOUD SECURITY IS INCREASINGLY ESSENTIAL TO DOING BUSINESS SECURITY CONCERNS ARE SLOWING DOWN CLOUD ADOPTION WINDSTREAM – PERSONALIZED SERVICE DELIVERING CLOUD SECURITY BASED ON THE CIA TRIAD $ There’s a big gap between perceptions of cloud security, and reality. 60% of small businesses that were not using the cloud were concerned about the security of their data. 2 94% of businesses reported that they saw an improvement in security after switching to cloud computing. 2 PERCEPTION REALITY 39% said that they could not switch to the cloud because of compliance requirements. 2 91% said that their cloud providers were making it easier to meet government compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA. 2 75% said that network availability improved. 2 49% said Security remains the number one inhibitor to cloud adoption. 1 It’s called the CIA Triad and it’s a benchmark for information security. CONFIDENTIALITY Limiting information access and disclosure only to authorized users. INTEGRITY Knowing that your data can be trusted—that it hasn’t been changed inappropriately through malice, or by accident. AVAILABILITY Ensuring that your information resources are available whenever you need them. ENSURE INTEGRITY WITH SECURITY TOOLS TO MEET ANY NEED MAXIMIZE AVAILABILITY WITH DATA CENTER RESILIENCY AND SECURITY SECOND-TO-NONE 27 Data Centers with 8 Multi-Tenant Cloud Pods 100% Uptime SLAs on Power and Network Connectivity 24x7 Staffed Physical Security Biometric Access Control Client Access Lists Fully compliant with SSAE-16, SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH AT101, NIST 800-53 and SAFE HARBOR Intrusion Detection Vulnerability Scanning Web Application Firewall DDoS Mitigation Managed Firewall Anti Virus and Anti-Malware Services By 2017, nearly 2/3 of all workloads will be processed in cloud data centers 66% today 42% Hybrid cloud usage now 55% Hybrid cloud usage in 2016 $183 billion projected in 2015 - up 126% since 2011 DATA IN THE CLOUD 1 CLOUD SECURITY SPENDING 2 CLOUD DATA CENTERS 1 HYBRID CLOUD1 73% in two years 1 2014 Future of Cloud Computing – 4th Annual Survey Results 2 Smart Data Collective, Cloud Computing Trends and Latest Stats,” April 3, 2014 WINDSTREAM – DELIVERING THE ESSENTIALS OF CLOUD SECURITY AND THEN SOME, WITH THE PERSONALIZED SERVICE TO SATISFY ANY BUSINESS NEED. Gain confidentiality, integrity, and availability in the cloud. Visit windstreambusiness.com/solutions/cloud to learn more.