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Technical Services eBook

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eBook created for Symantec Technical Services. Better prepare, design, deploy, operate and optimize your security solutions.

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Technical Services eBook

  1. 1. ©2015 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Go ahead, you’ve got Symantec Technical Services DOWNTIME… BREACHES… DATA LOSS. SYMANTEC TECHNICAL SERVICES HELP YOU AVOID THEM.
  2. 2. There’s More to Protect 1 Gartner, “What’s Driving Mobile Data Growth?” 2 Ponemon Institute, “2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States” 3 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2015 4 Forrester/Disaster Recovery Journal November 2013 Global Disaster Recovery Preparedness Online Survey In 2015, the average cost for each lost or stolen record containing confidential information increased from $201 to $217.2 By 2019, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than 3X the global population.1 Breaches are more frequent and more costly The number of breaches increased 23% in 2014.3 Mobile data traffic worldwide grew 59% in 2015.1 72% identified loss of employee productivity as the most impactful result of downtime disruption.4 2 Go ahead, you’ve got
  3. 3. Symantec Is Security Keeping the world safe from ever-evolving digital threats with: Threat and Information Protection Protecting your environment against malicious threats and your information from misuse, damage or loss Trust Services and User Authentication Protecting access to your network through multiple identification factors Cyber Security Services The intelligence to understand your security environment in relation to the current threat environment 3 Go ahead, you’ve got
  4. 4. Avoid the Security Gap Bridge the distance between the security technology you’ve got—and the security protection you need Even the best security software must be: • Properly installed and configured • Fully utilized • Effectively managed and maintained Then it must be monitored, and customized to stay ahead of evolving threats. Don’t risk significant gaps in security due to your technology’s untapped capabilities. 4 Go ahead, you’ve got
  5. 5. Prevent issues with proactive services like product configuration reviews Train your staff to maximize security software functionality and minimize errors and downtime Ensure up-to-date software capabilities and the best practices to support them Gain a trusted advisor to customize solutions to meet your business needsOptimize Security Minimize Risk Maximize Return 5 Go ahead, you’ve got
  6. 6. Services to Help You Every Step of the Way Learn how Symantec provides services throughout the security lifecycle Prepare Design Deploy Operate Optimize Essential Support   Business Critical Services Remote Product Specialist    Business Critical Services Premier      Education     Consulting      6 Go ahead, you’ve got
  7. 7. Access Content Updates and Support Expertise Essential Support delivers expert issue resolution and the content required to keep your environment current • 24/7/365 access to support expertise • Product updates, including new features, feature upgrades and version patches • Security content updates, including virus definitions and spam rules 7 Go ahead, you’ve got
  8. 8. Gain a Champion Inside Symantec Simplify support, maximize return, and protect your environment with the Business Critical Services (BCS) portfolio BCS Premier provides: A named services expert acting as your trusted advisor who coordinates access to top Symantec technical experts for rapid issue resolution, proactive planning and risk management, and instructor-led training BCS Remote Product Specialist (RPS) provides: A designated Symantec engineer, expert in a specific product family and familiar with your infrastructure, for personalized, responsive service on your mission-critical application(s) 8 Go ahead, you’ve got
  9. 9. Enhance Your Success with Supporting Services Symantec Consultants can help you assess, design, implement and manage systems and protocols in: • Data Security • Endpoint Management • Security Monitoring and Management Increase the value of Symantec solutions with Symantec Education • Anytime, anywhere online learning • In-class or virtual instructor-led education • Certification for validated expertise 9 Go ahead, you’ve got
  10. 10. Business Critical Services Education Essential Support Remote Product Specialist Personalized access to a designated engineer with technical expertise in a specific product family, who’s also familiar with your environment • 24/7/365 online learning anywhere • In-class or virtual instructor-led education • Certification Premier • Your own designated services expert • Rapid response issue resolution • Proactive planning and risk management • Included access to Symantec technical education • Onsite support assistance • 24/7 access to technical support engineers • Product updates, including feature upgrades and version patches • Security content updates, including virus definitions and spam rules Protection Isn’t Complete without Symantec Services Knowledge and expertise throughout the software lifecycle to help you meet your business goals Consulting 10 Go ahead, you’ve got