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Symantec ebook - Academic Alliances

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eBook for Symantec's Academic Alliance Program, helping faculty teach leading-edge IT technologies.

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Symantec ebook - Academic Alliances

  1. 1. Symantec Academic Alliances Partnering for Student Success
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  3. 3. Today’s students need to know tomorrow’s technology At the rate of technological change, by the time they face the real world, even tomorrow’s technology may be yesterday’s. That’s why the Symantec Academic Alliances Program was developed—to help faculty teach leading-edge IT technologies. From cyber security best practices, to secure application coding, to storage and data management, Symantec’s multi-media tools for educators provide students with intimacy with every part of managing information in the modern data center. It helps institutions teach today’s technologies—and to prepare for tomorrow’s— in real-world contexts.
  4. 4. Symantec Academic Alliances courseware draws from curricula taught to thousands of working professionals each year The coursework includes both technical fundamentals, and detailed, hands-on product training. Your students will benefit from the most current content and future-ready thought leadership on today’s most important IT issues, including: • Data management, backup and storage • Security – cloud security, cyber threats, end-user security training and more • Endpoint management and protection • Technology and law  – eDiscovery, legal holds, storage, transparent predictive coding • Secure applications coding
  5. 5. Your students will learn with the same tools used by over 99% of the Fortune 100 Symantec course materials blend with and augment instructor curricula, ensuring that students have access to hands-on instruction based on one of the most comprehensive sources of IT expertise and Internet threat data in the world. With training based on real-world scenarios, you’ll give them a leg up in the real-world marketplace.
  6. 6. For instructors, the Academic Alliances Program offers: • Both eLearning and eBook content for online or offline use • Research materials, whitepapers, eLearning and more for instructor preparation • Hands-on labs for many technical product courses • Curriculum development support
  7. 7. Ensure that your IT instruction meets today’s market needs Access broad, deep curricula and tools that raise the profile of your programs, and attract the best and the brightest students. The program serves both technical and non-technical students, including those focused on Business Administration, Law, Information Technology, Information Security and more.
  8. 8. World Class Security Expertise Through your partnership with the Symantec Academic Alliances Program, students will learn lessons gleaned from spam, phishing and malware data captured through a system of more than five million decoy accounts, malicious code reports from more than 130 million systems across the Internet, and data from 240,000 network sensors in more than 200 countries.
  9. 9. Pave your students’ paths to success with leading-edge curricula from Symantec The Symantec Academic Alliance Program courseware is available to accredited higher education institutions. For more information about the program or how your institution can become an Authorized Academic Alliance partner, go to: go.symantec.com/academic_alliances or email academic_alliances@symantec.com.