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Greenway Health Case Study Infographic

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A combination of case study and infographic, this piece uses the experience of a specific practice to flesh out both the challenges of the healthcare landscape, and Greenway’s ability to help meet those challenges.

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Greenway Health Case Study Infographic

  1. 1. & The Solution The Practice Threat Process Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Result 77%96% of practice leaders report inefficient billing processes1 of physicians feel they need to find additional direct patient care time that is currently taken up by business office-related With just one back-office employee, Capital Podiatry Associates was experiencing a slow, inefficient billing process. 97% percent of independent group and solo practices report high business staff turnover3 71% of respondents described "moderate" to "very severe pain" in waiting for payment for medical services6 58% 95% decrease in outstanding A/R clean claims ratio achieved 13 Average days in A/R reduced to 13 50–70% Amount practices with high-deductible plan patients expect to collect after a visit7 83% percent of hospital-based physicians report issues recruiting business office staff with experience in ICD-10, value-based More than half of those surveyed said the biggest expense they shoulder is the cost of salaries and benefits for their support staff5 Together, Capital Podiatry and Greenway worked to implement billing best practices and to improve internal processes. Together, Capital Podiatry and Greenway worked to implement billing best practices and to improve internal processes. Capital Podiatry adopted Greenway Health’s integrated EHR and PM solution. Full visibility into revenue cycle via online tools Claims denials and other issues more quickly identified and addressed “If there is an insurance issue, they notify us about it, but they go straight to the payer. They go ahead and file appeals or whatever needs to be done immediately, then get with me after that first step has already been taken care of.” “I like having a dedicated person in each department to reach out to. If I have a billing question, I know who to go to. If I have a coding question, I know who to go to.” —Michal Levinsky, Practice Get to know the revenue services partnership that generates an average 32% reduction in days in A/R © 2018 Greenway Health, LLC. All rights reserved. Cited trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of Greenway Health, LLC or its affiliates. Other product or company names are the property of their respective owners. 1 Laura Dyrda, “8 things to know on physician practice revenue cycle management outsourcing,” Becker’s ASC Review, September 30, 2016 2 ibid. 3 ibid. 4 ibid. 5 Beth Jones Sanborn, “Cash flow, reimbursement are biggest challenges facing physicians in 2017, survey shows,” Healthcare Finance, December 16, 2016 6 ibid. 7 Brooke Murphy, “11 key statistics about the healthcare payment market,” Becker’s Hospital CFO Report,” June 21, 2016 50% PAID Personnel Payment Learn more about Greenway Revenue Services. Medical Billing They also partnered with Greenway Revenue Services to improve billing and collections. Days A/R The Landscape OVERCOMING MEDICAL BILLING PROCESS, PERSONNEL, PAYMENT CHALLENGES