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Equifax In-depth UCV ebook

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A tool to help salespeople introduce prospects to the a new solution that provides previously unavailable capabilities.

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Equifax In-depth UCV ebook

  1. 1. Universal Customer View™
  2. 2. The data challenge What keeps you from a unified view of your customers? Customer information housed in disparate systems and databases Disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other Multiple channels into your organization, and different channels for different types of customers 2Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  3. 3. Consequences of the data challenge Inability to quantify total customer value Without a consolidated view of the products customers buy and how they buy them, it’s impossible to maximize lifetime customer value Missed revenue opportunities by not cross-selling to all customer locations Inability to know the exposure or credit extended across an entire legal entity Inability to meet ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements 3Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  4. 4. Customer data holds the keys to the kingdom Data as the fuel of the decision-making engine, providing a comprehensive picture of your customer Disconnected, incomplete and inaccurate data can hide both financial risks and new growth opportunities It’s challenging to manage customer data across multiple systems and databases BUT 4Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  5. 5. Enter Universal Customer View™ An advanced customer data management solution that helps facilitate 360º views of customers within your enterprise. Revenue Total Balances Owed by the Customer Number of Locations/Sites Sales Channels Products Purchased Transactions 5Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  6. 6. How it works Links customer information across disparate systems and databases to help streamline the management and integrity of your data Assigns a unique identification key to every customer record across your enterprise, linking business sites to legal entities to integrate customer data regardless of database or site Provides a comprehensive customer view to help you: manage risk exposure improve the customer experience optimize your customer relationships 6Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  7. 7. Sync customer data across your organization Legal business names and addresses standardized; addresses verified Assign every customer a unique identification key at point of entry Maintain and update keys as your customer base grows and changes Standardize Manage Assign 7Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  8. 8. The Identifier The Universal Customer View unique identification key connects customers across databases, products, and sites. Unique ID Company A Company B Company C Product Database A A B Site Database B C B Customer Database C CA 8Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  9. 9. Standardize Assign Support Standardization Process Legal business name and address formatting plus deliverability verification via Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). Unique Identification Key A unique key identifies and tracks the business unit, while ensuring that records are not shared with other clients. Dedicated Client Service Manager Handles all post-sales questions and acts as primary touch point for all product related issues. Data Maintenance Process Keys are updated when a site is sold or acquired, or business ownership changes. Confidence Level Index Quality of matches rated using a code to indicate overall strength of match. Research Request Tool Online system for entering data quality research requests. Customer may assign the priority to any issue based on business needs. Manage Universal Customer View: process 9Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  10. 10. Gain benefits across the organization Profit Process Risk IT Customer Experience Gain insights into customer business sites and legal entities to asses the real value of the customer relationship. Benefit from improved forecasting and reporting. Simplify financial reporting. Optimize collection practices. Reduce expense for risk account management. Better assess exposure and credit extended across an entire legal entity. Identify operational exposure and get volume discounts from vendors. Technology agnostic solution integrates data without the expense of replacing legacy systems. Integrate customer, product and activity data Get a view of products by customer to identify new sales opportunities Present the right offer to customers based on business relationship size and enterprise-wide need. $ 10Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  11. 11. Understand total customer value Have a complete and accurate customer view at your fingertips. Offer products and services that better meet customer needs. Extend credit based on the complete picture rather than a site- level view of the customer. 11Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  12. 12. Realize a unified customer view Maximize profitability by empowering employees with the customer knowledge to increase sales, upsell, and cross-sell Improve financial management of customer accounts by knowing the full value of the relationship across divisions and sites Identify total potential risk exposure and manage emerging risk efficiently and effectively Ensure personalized customer engagement is aligned across every touch point during the customer lifecycle 12Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  13. 13. Leverage the power of Universal Customer View Schedule time to complete an ROI analysis and assess the value of Universal Customer View for your business. Visit www.equifax.com/business/universal-customer-view/ 13Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™
  14. 14. Complementary solutions Risk Mitigation Risk Score provides a non-judgmental, statistically sound indicator of future performance, including general credit risk, and likelihood to become delinquent or fail. Identity Linkage Business Levels returns site, HQ (legal entity), Immediate parent, and Ultimate parent identifiers. Identity Insights Business Identity Report lets you quickly verify business identity including alternate company names, DBA names, business addresses, business telephone numbers, principal and guarantor names, addresses, telephone numbers and inquiries. Data Enhancements Firmographics Demographics provides data types including, but are not limited to: • Business Data • Consumer Data • Attributes Scores Consultation Services The Remediation Exception Processing platform facilitates the investigation of data, resolves questions on matching customer records which do not reside in the commercial database, and creates dynamic matching rules to enhance future matches of new customer records. Automated Data Integration Interconnect provides a decisioning platform that streamlines processes across multiple data sources and systems. Management Reports Advanced Reporter is a real-time user interface system that generates customized reports. 14Confidential and ProprietaryPowering the World with Knowledge™