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EAI Case Study | Midwest Broker Dealer

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Case study created for EAI, highlighting how they restructured compliance oversight and automated multi-tier commissions for a nationwide independent broker-dealer in the mid-west supporting over 300 brokers in 100 locations.

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EAI Case Study | Midwest Broker Dealer

  1. 1. 8700 SW Creekside Place, Suite A Beaverton, Oregon 97008 TEL (503) 644-3057 FAX (503) 646-1711 www.eaiinfosys.com EAI restructures compliance oversight for over 100 OSJ branches To learn more about how EAI’s Compliance and Commissions Modules can help your business, please email Marketing@eaiinfosys.com or call (877) 537-1507 CHALLENGE A Midwest Broker-Dealer with 300 brokers needed to accommodate heightened compliance requirements amidst rapid growth. It needed a compliance system that could not only manage the books and records for over 100 OSJ branches as business grew, but also offer the flexibility to support a complex commission structure. To do this, the company needed to replace its underperforming compliance system and clean up its Excel®-based commissions processing. They chose EAI Information Systems to help them. SOLUTION After an evaluation of the firm’s system and a complete review of the compliance and commission structure and reporting requirements, EAI implemented the EAI Data Management Vault with Compliance and Commissions modules. The system accomplished the following: • Established an automated and consistent regulatory/compliance process across all branches nationwide. • Automated identifying and correcting inaccurate ticket and service charges. • Developed comprehensive, transparent tracking and accountability of multi-tier payout levels. • Consolidated reports to capture all multi-tier payouts on one report. RESULT With EAI’s help, the Broker-Dealer created a consistent and accurate solution for the oversight of over 100 OSJ branches. • In a short period of time, the multi-tier commission structure and associated reports were finalized and running smoothly and accurately. • The client was able to reduce the number of full-time employees devoted to the internal support of commission tracking, reporting and compliance. • Profitability-measuring reports were accurate on all broker and branch levels, which enabled retention of brokers at higher compensations. Since completing the installation, EAI has delivered consistent technical support to ensure the consistency the firm needs to maintain timely, accurate compliance reporting and commission payouts.