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DTI Single Slide Case Studies

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Slide deck of single slide case studies highlighting what DTI's customers have achieved through their partnership with DTI.

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DTI Single Slide Case Studies

  1. 1. Complex, dispersed documentation simplified through managed data processing and coding Why DTI • Long-standing relationship based on trust and subject matter expertise • DTI invested in learning about the agency’s unique processes and organizational needs • Ability to complete the entire project in-house Benefits • Project completed on deadline, leveraging technology to reduce time and cost to complete • Increased efficiencies through use of best practices and expertise • Accuracy ensured via comprehensive quality control process • Freed up agency resources to take on other work DTI Services • Customized, end-to-end project management, including data processing and conversion of raw file formats into PDFs • Document coding matching client-created ID numbers • Structured database, with linked index for court filing Challenge • Following filing of lawsuit, agency needed to create record for the court, containing all documents that went into its decision making process • Documents totaling 100,000+ pages were disorganized and in different file formats • Insufficient internal agency resources to take on the large project within the 2–month timeframe Company: Government Organization Managing Over $6 Billion in Annual Revenue
  2. 2. Unintentional disclosure of privileged information prevented, through document review protocols and quality control Why DTI • Proven ability to deliver high quality work and value at a competitive price • Willingness to work around the clock from multiple locations to support teams overseas and meet tight timelines • Knowledge of the firm’s specific, unique requirements Benefits • Document review protocols and QC prevented client from unintentionally disclosing privileged information to opposition • Industry experts met ongoing demands for tight turnarounds and around-the-clock coverage while delivering high-quality work • Reduced cost by millions of dollars in less than one year compared to previous vendor Services • Received media via multiple channels, including electronic files and hard copies • Stripped out meta-data using processing tool and Relativity to identify relevant information; provided review platform for firm’s internal review teams to ensure pertinent information met their needs • Performed quality control (QC) cycles which identified privileged information that had previously been sent out redacted Challenge • Needed to outsource high priority production services for complex collection and review of over 30 TBs of electronic and hard copy documents • Fast moving litigation review, with extremely tight timelines • Unsatisfied with previous vendor due to high cost, lack of communication, and slow turn-around Company: Top 50 Global Bank
  3. 3. 7 days, 8 locations, 121,000 documents processed Why DTI • Large, flexible team and deep pool of resources that could complete the work within the given timeframe • Proven subject matter expertise Benefits • Law firm delivered ahead of deadline—121,000 documents processed in 7 days • Collaborative team made up of highly skilled employees streamlined processes and utilized best practices to improve efficiency and save time • Flexible team provided comprehensive off-site document preparation using reliable equipment DTI Services • Travelled to eight locations to scan hard copy documents using on-site tabletop scanners, perform electronic numbering, then print • Shipped in batches so collation, sequencing, and quality control could be done in parallel to increase efficiency • Worked flexible hours to accommodate available scanning hours of each individual location Challenge • Client needed to attain and organize files from eight different locations throughout the Pacific Northwest in 10 days • Documents contained confidential information and could not be released, requiring on-site collection and scanning during operating hours only • Client was at risk of not being able to meet their deadline Company: World's Largest Private Timber Land Ownership Group
  4. 4. 90% reduction in review universe saves time and resources Why DTI • Long-standing relationship based on trust and confidence in capabilities and expertise • Ability to provide end-to-end resources Benefits • Increased efficiency and time-savings by reducing document population 90% • Generated goodwill in the court by meeting aggressive deadlines from opposing council • Training and knowledge transfer from subject matter experts, for leverage in future reviews DTI Services • Processing of data collections including de- duplication, and error resolution reporting in adherence to industry standards • Complex data review and proximity searching of text and metadata, clustering to identify key terms and analytics assistance using Relativity • Collaborated to develop unique solutions and provide consistent consultative feedback and training throughout the process Challenge • Required full-scale ESI services to execute fast moving data collection, review and production • Limited understanding of data hosting platform, and challenging requirements from opposition requiring hands-on management from highly technical team • Limited internal resources and budget Company: Global Provider of Engineering and Project Management Services to Oil, Gas and Mining Industry
  5. 5. Enhanced effectiveness and reduced costs through personal, customized service Why DTI • Flexibility of work processes and Technology Assisted Review services, as well as use of both New York and Portland offices to better meet unique demands and timelines • Proven value of services based on previous experience, and competitive pricing model Benefits • Continuously met tight deadlines, including reproduction of 133,000 pages in one day • Increased efficiency and enhanced effectiveness of review process due to DTI’s personalized service, extensive data processing capabilities and experience • Reduced costs by thousands of dollars DTI Services • Full-suite of electronic discovery, document processing, review services and data hosting • Increased staff to ensure quicker turnaround, enhanced communication and 24/7 availability • Hand deliveries to ensure on-time delivery of mission critical content Challenge • Needed to outsource litigation support services including processing and review of vast, complex collections of data, to enhance efficiency of review process and meet tight timelines • Limited internal resources and cost constraints • Needed to share document coding and knowledge across multiple counsel, requiring consolidation and organization of data and significant attention to detail Company: Multinational Financial Services Organization
  6. 6. Saved time and significantly reduced cost through synced video and electronic transcripts Why DTI • Confidence in quality of services provided based on long-term relationship and previous engagements • Full suite of litigation support solutions offered Benefits • Flexibility to access any statement from any deposition at any time, via same-day rough draft, real-time transcription and synched video bundles • Significantly reduced costs and time-savings by providing live MPEG conversion • Fast and easy scheduling and calendar management for over 30 witnesses DTI Services • Certified court reporting in Oregon, including real-time reporting and certified legal video; synching of high quality video to electronic transcripts • Copying, scanning, binding and tabbing of exhibits overnight, for next morning’s deposition • Scanned and/or shipped exhibits and video to local counsel in Texas Challenge • Required third-party court reporting to complete fast, accurate records of depositions in large class-action case • Extremely delicate case given the nature of the claimants, U.S. soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder Company: Global Engineering Company
  7. 7. Reduced attorney review hours through managed ESI processing Why DTI • Proven subject-matter expertise and utilization of industry best practices and technology to increase efficiency based on completion of proof of concept • Service locations in major U.S. hubs to provide local, hands-on service • Flexibility to meet changing demands based on unique requirements of different outside counsel Benefits • Reduced attorney review hours and saved costs by outsourcing data processing and having single repository for all related documents • Quality work delivered on deadline due to high-level, end-to-end project management • High responsiveness ensured technical questions answered quickly to keep workflows moving DTI Services • On-site document collection and scanning services at multiple locations nation-wide • Data processing, coding and loading onto electronic platform accessible for internal and counsel review • Preliminary document review including proactively filtering irrelevant content to reduce total document collection by over 95% Challenge • Extremely fast turnaround required for processing and reviewing massive data collection • Data associated with multiple active litigations required strong separations and varying deliverables for different groups • Inefficient and costly to complete processing using in- house resources Company: Leading Multinational Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer
  8. 8. Exclusive DTI technology enables high volume, high speed redaction Why DTI • Previous working relationship and experiences proved quality of work • Redaction Assistant application for Relativity to automate redaction process, available exclusively from DTI Benefits • Automated process of redaction via Redaction Assistant allowed for extraordinary volume of redactions within a short timeframe • Ensured proprietary information was protected • High level of confidence established through QC process DTI Services • Received and processed documents and data, preliminary document review and coding based on key search terms • Streamlined process of repetitive redactions through use of Redaction Assistant for Relativity; applied over 14,000,000 redactions at a rate of up to 100,000 redactions per hour • Technology validated redactions through automated QC feature • Delivered processed data to opposition in consumable format Challenge • Law firm needed to generate and present documents to opposition within a very short timeframe • Privileged information including IP addresses needed to be redacted from a review population of more than 100,000 documents, some of which were over 50,000 pages Company: American telecommunications company operating in 29 states and connecting more than 15 million customers