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AWS 101: Introduction to AWS

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This the my intro to AWS presentation from the AWS 101 sessions delivered in London on June 5.

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AWS 101: Introduction to AWS

  1. 1. AWS 101 - Welcome 5th June 2015 ianmas@amazon.com @IanMmmm Ian Massingham — Technical Evangelist
  2. 2. Before we start … … we’d love your feedback
  3. 3. some background
  4. 4. Consumer Business Tens of millions of active customer accounts 13 countries: US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, China, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, India, Spain, Australia Seller Business Sell on Amazon websites Use Amazon technology for your own retail website Leverage Amazon’s massive fulfilment centre network IT Infrastructure Business Web-scale cloud computing infrastructure for developing, deploying & operating applications Over 1 million registered customers in over 190 countries
  5. 5. How did Amazon… … get into Cloud Computing?
  6. 6. AWS Mission Enable businesses and developers to use web services* to build scalable, sophisticated applications. *What people now call “the cloud”
  7. 7. A broad and deep platform that helps customers build sophisticated, scalable applications What is Cloud Computing?
  8. 8. Not excess capacity! ✕
  9. 9. Who is using AWS and what are they using it for?
  10. 10. Startups on AWS http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/
  11. 11. 400,000
 people are hosted 
 on any given night
  12. 12. Total Number of Guests January 2013 4 Million Sep 2008 Mar 2009 Sep 2013Sep 2009 Mar 2013Sep 2012Mar 2012Sep 2011Mar 2011Mar 2010 Sep 2010 3M Mar 2014 Jun 2014 6M 9M 12M 15M
  13. 13. Sep 2008 Mar 2009 Sep 2013Sep 2009 Mar 2013Sep 2012Mar 2012Sep 2011Mar 2011Mar 2010 Sep 2010 June 2014 15 Million Up by Over 10 Million in One Year Total Number of Guests 3M Mar 2014 Jun 2014 6M 9M 12M 15M
  14. 14. 0 350 700 1,050 1,400 2010 2014 24 48 432 1,300 Total Number of EC2 instances
  15. 15. Why AWS?
  16. 16. EC2 Servers, Production Traffic, Hive, Hadoop RDS All Relational Databases S3 Storage, User Generated Content DynamoDB Rollups, Metadata ElastiCache Memcache Route 53 DNS, Inventory
  17. 17. We have a 5 person operations team. AWS allows us to devote our resources and mindshare to the core business. “ ”
  18. 18. Enterprises on AWS http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/
  19. 19. Each day AWS adds enough server capacity to power Amazon when it was a global, $7B enterprise
  20. 20. utility computing
  21. 21. On demand Pay as you go Uniform Available Utility
  22. 22. On demand Pay as you go Uniform Available Infrastructure
  23. 23. Infrastructure API
  24. 24. API Compute Database Load Balancing Networking Storage Directory Messaging Email Monitoring Content Distribution Security DNS
  25. 25. global footprint
  26. 26. US-WEST (Oregon) EU-WEST (Ireland) ASIA PAC (Tokyo) US-WEST (N. California) SOUTH AMERICA (Sao Paulo) US-EAST (Virginia) AWS GovCloud (US) ASIA PAC (Sydney) ASIA PAC (Singapore) ASIA PAC (Beijing) EU-CENTRAL (Frankfurt) AWS Regions
  27. 27. US-WEST (Oregon) EU-WEST (Ireland) ASIA PAC (Tokyo) US-WEST (N. California) SOUTH AMERICA (Sao Paulo) US-EAST (Virginia) AWS GovCloud (US) ASIA PAC (Sydney) ASIA PAC (Singapore) ASIA PAC (Beijing) EU-CENTRAL (Frankfurt) Availability Zones
  28. 28. Accessible via API endpoints
  29. 29. aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-a813fadf --count 3   --placement AvailabilityZone=eu-west-1a --instance-type m3.medium aws ec2 run-instances   --image-id ami-a813fadf   --count 5 --placement AvailabilityZone=eu-west-1c —instance-type m3.large
  30. 30. elasticity
  31. 31. Traditional IT capacityCapacity TimeYour actual capacity needs Elastic Capacity (or lack of in this case)
  32. 32. On and Off Fast Growth Variable peaks Predictable peaks Elastic Capacity (or lack of in this case)
  33. 33. On and Off Fast Growth Predictable peaksVariable peaks Waste Customer Dissatisfaction Elastic Capacity (or lack of in this case)
  34. 34. On and Off Fast Growth Predictable peaksVariable peaks Elastic Capacity
  35. 35. From One Instance
  36. 36. To Thousands
  37. 37. And Back Again
  38. 38. exploiting elasticity
  39. 39. Typical weekly traffic to Amazon.com Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  40. 40. November November traffic to Amazon.com
  41. 41. Provisioned capacity November November traffic to Amazon.com
  42. 42. November traffic to Amazon.com Provisioned capacity November 76% 24%
  43. 43. the toolbox
  44. 44. What are AWS’s services and how do I use them to run my workloads?
  45. 45. Enterprise Applications Administration & Security Core Services Platform Services Infrastructure AWS Marketplace A Broad Range of Services
  46. 46. 11 regions 28 availability zones 53 edge locations Infrastructure
  47. 47. Increasing your Security Posture in the Cloud AWS security approach Size of AWS
 security team Visibility into
 usage & resources https://aws.amazon.com/security/
  48. 48. https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/ Broadest Certification & Accreditations
  49. 49. Security Benefits from Community Network Effect Partner 
 ecosystem Customer ecosystem Everyone
 benefits https://aws.amazon.com/security/
  50. 50. Compute Compute (EC2 Instances, Auto-scaling and Load Balancing)
  51. 51. G2 GPU enabled M3 General purpose Memory optimized R3 CR1M2 Storage and IO optimized C4 Compute optimized C1 CC2 I2 HI1 HS1 CG1M1 Broad Set of Compute Instance Types… C3
  52. 52. EC2 Instance Type: C4 2.9 GHz E5 v3 (Haswell) Up to 36 vCPUS EBS-optimized by default, at no extra cost Compute Optimized
  53. 53. Networking, Security & Access Control Networking VPC Route 53 Direct Connect Security IAM CloudTrail CloudHSM
  54. 54. Storage Storage (Object, Block and Archive)
  55. 55. Highly durable and available cloud storage Amazon S3
  56. 56. Extremely low-cost cloud archive storage service Amazon Glacier
  57. 57. Persistent block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances Amazon EBS
  58. 58. Databases Relational NoSQL Caching
  59. 59. AWS Database Services Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Elasticache
  60. 60. Amazon Aurora Commercial-grade Database Engine at Open-source Cost
  61. 61. MySQL compatible Available, durable and fault tolerant 5X better performance than standard MySQL Highly scalable and secure Available through Amazon RDS Amazon Aurora Commercial-grade Database Engine at Open-source Cost
  62. 62. Analytics Hadoop Real-time Data warehouse Data workflows
  63. 63. Sources of Truth Analysis PlatformsHigh Performance Databases Running Analytics Workloads on AWS Amazon S3 Amazon EFS Amazon Redshift Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Aurora Amazon EMR Real time Amazon Kinesis
  64. 64. App Services Queuing Orchestration App Streaming Transcoding Email Search
  65. 65. λAWS Lambda An event-driven computing service for dynamic applications
  66. 66. A Focus on Functions, Data and Events AutomaticCloud FunctionsEvents from AWS services
  67. 67. Deployment & Management Containers Dev/ops Tools Resource Templates Usage Tracking Monitoring and Logs
  68. 68. Mobile Services Identity Sync Mobile Analytics Notifications
  69. 69. So, what are we going to build today?
  70. 70. A dynamic web application featuring: A highly available, fault tolerant architecture Elasticity to deal with spikes in load A fully managed database Static content served through a CDN
  71. 71. break
  72. 72. innovation at AWS
  73. 73. Small, autonomous teams Roadmap ownership Decoupled launch schedules Get Core Functionality in the Hands of Customers, Quickly Small, “Two Pizza” Teams Operational stability High scale Limited initial feature set Iterate Based on Customer Feedback Epic Collaboration + =
  74. 74. 2008 2009 2010 2011 Amazon EBS Amazon EC2 Amazon SNS AWS Identity & Access Management AWS Import & Export Amazon CloudWatch Amazon EMR Amazon RDS Amazon VPC Auto Scaling Elastic Load Balancing Amazon ElastiCache Amazon SES AWS CloudFormation AWS Direct Connect AWS Elastic Beanstalk GovCloud Amazon SWF Amazon Route 53 Amazon Redshift Amazon Glacier Amazon Dynamo DB Amazon CloudSearch Amazon EC2 AWS Storage Gateway Amazon CloudTrail Amazon CloudHSM Amazon WorkSpaces Amazon Kinesis Amazon Elastic Transcoder Amazon AppStream AWS OpsWorks AWS Data Pipeline AWS Rapid Pace of Innovation +24 +48 +61 +82 +159 +280 20132012 Since inception AWS has: • Released over 1170 new services and features • Introduced over 40 major new services • Announced 47 price reductions +516 2014 Amazon Mobile Analytics Amazon Cognito AWS Zocalo AWS Directory Service Amazon RDS for Aurora AWS CodeDeploy AWS Lambda AWS Config AWS Key Management Service AWS Service Catalog Amazon EC2 Container Service AWS CodePipeline AWS CodeCommit
  75. 75. On-premises infrastructure Upgrades are your responsibility Every New Feature and Service Arrives Ready to Use Upgrades happen automatically Now available to all customers
  76. 76. AWS PRICING PHILOSOPHY More AWS Usage More Infrastructure More Customers Lower Infrastructure Costs Economies of Scale Reduced Prices Ecosystem Global Footprint New Features New Services Infrastructure Innovation 47PRICE REDUCTIONS We pass the savings along to our customers in the form of low prices and continuous reductions
  77. 77. What is the next step and how do I take it?
  78. 78. AWS Free Tier To help you get started with the AWS Cloud, the AWS Free Tier allows you to gain hands-on experience with a broad selection of AWS products and services. http://aws.amazon.com/free/
  79. 79. AWS Free Tier To help you get started with the AWS Cloud, the AWS Free Tier allows you to gain hands-on experience with a broad selection of AWS products and services.
  80. 80. Design your application for the AWS cloud For more, visit the AWS Architecture Center : http://aws.amazon.com/architecture/
  81. 81. Certification aws.amazon.com/certification Self-Paced Labs aws.amazon.com/training/
 self-paced-labs Try products, gain new skills, and get hands-on practice working with AWS technologies aws.amazon.com/training Training Validate your proven skills and expertise with the AWS platform Build technical expertise to design and operate scalable, efficient applications on AWS AWS Training & Certification
  82. 82. Don’t forget … … we’d love your feedback
  83. 83. Follow us for m ore events & w ebinars @AWScloud for Global AWS News & Announcements @AWS_UKI for local AWS events & news @IanMmmm Ian Massingham — Technical Evangelist