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ICI Project 3

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ICI Project 3

  1. 1. Introduction To Construction Industry Final Project Name : Ngieng Tien Yung ( Proposal 1 ) Alan Chung JiaZen ( Proposal 2) Student ID : 0320221 0321487 Intake : FNBE Aug 2014 Tutor : Ms. Iffa
  2. 2. Contents Pages Contents 2 Introduction to project 3 Introduction to site - Site Context - Site Inventory - Site Analysis 4 - 9 Proposal 1 By Ngieng Tien Yung 10 - 23 Proposal 2 By Alan Chung JiaZen 24 - 37 Conclusion 38 2
  3. 3. Introduction For our ICI Final Project, we are required to work in a group of 2 students and find a specific empty land to initiate a small construction project. The land that we choose must be between 900m2 (30mx30m) – 1200m2 (30mx40m). Besides, each both of us are required to propose one project that serves one of the following purposes: 1. Recreation Area 2. Commercial Area 3. Industrial Area 4. Agriculture Area 5. Tourism Area 6. Residential Area The 2 students for our group are Alan Chung JiaZen which chooses tourism area for the development of our site and Ngieng Tien Yun which chooses recreational area for the site. The site that we have chosen are Tun Fuad Stephens Park which is located at Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 3
  4. 4. Introduction to the site Our site located at Taman Tun Fuad Stephens , known as bukit padang in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Tun Fuad Stephens Park is the biggest public park in Kota Kinabalu. The park has a seafood restaurant, hawker center, a water world, a lake and a 2 km walking track along the jungle trail. The distance of jungle trail is 0.65km from the bottom to the top. Located at the entrance to the park is the popular Kampung Nelayan Seafood Village and a hawker centre. Both of these places have open air building structure.The Kampung Nelayan Village is popular with tourists and locals for its seafood and nightly cultural dance performance. Location Plan 4
  5. 5. Key Plan Site Plan 5
  6. 6. Site View Surrounding Views 6
  7. 7. Site Context There have 2 buildings , 1 water world and 1 bridge 1. 2. Water World Kampung Nelayan , Seafood restaurant 3. 4. Hawker Centre Bridge 7 ○1 ○2 ○3 ○4
  8. 8. Site Inventory Vegetation There have only trees in the site. Microclimate It show the wind direction and also where the sun rise and sets on. 8
  9. 9. Site Analysis Potential of the site The site have no air pollution and sound pollution because it far away from the road and located on the top of hill. The surrounding trees make the air in the atmosphere fresh and cold. Next, the site has good ventilation due to large and high open spaces. People can have overall view of the city center. Besides, the site is exposed to the air so it is the great place to watch sunrise and sunset. Weakness of the site There is no drainage system to access the water during the rainy days. 9
  10. 10. Proposal 1 By Ngieng Tien Yung 0320221 10
  11. 11. Proposal 1 I will propose recreation area on the site. Parks and recreation facilities are the places that people go to get healthy and stay fit. Justification of Recreational Development This is the place where people gather around to rest when they reached the top of the hill. They will do some stretching and enjoy the views while on the top of hill. Hence, develop a recreation area might enhance the land without changing the objective of the land. Concept of recreation area The site will install with outdoor fitness equipment and playground equipment. Tartan track will be paste according the playground equipment and fitness equipment as a walk way for the people. The fitness area and playground area will plant with grass in stead of put sand because the sand might be blown by the wind. Sitting area will be plan accordingly around the equipment so they can sit down to rest. There will also build a wooden terrace with gazebo for people enjoy the views and take photos. This is to limit the people not to get closer at the boundary of the land. Benefits for the client and surrounding community The playground intended to help children with social interaction and motor skills. Besides, there is no any charge while using the fitness equipment. Teenagers and adults are encouraged to exercise to stay healthy and fit. People also have a safety place to enjoy the surrounding views. Impacts for the client and surrounding community After the site had been developed, the place will become crowded and noisy. It also will cause the traffic problem as the number of car increase because the parking lot are limited. 11
  12. 12. Bubble Diagram My initial idea of recreational develop 12
  13. 13. Conceptual Plan The location how should I arrange in the site. 13
  14. 14. Master Plan 14 ○1 ○2 ○3 ○4 ○6 ○7 ○8 ○9 ○10 ○11 ○12 ○5 ○13 ○14
  15. 15. ○1 Gazebo ○2 Wooden Staircase ○3 Bench ○4 Tower Slide Swing-Double ○5 Seesaw with tyres ○6 Catria Climb ○7 Upper Body Trainer ○8 Entrance ○9 Healthy Road ○10 Sit Up Bench ○11 Body Flexer ○12 Free Runner ○13 Flex Wheel ○14 Terrace 15
  16. 16. Description about equipment Fitness Equipment 1. Upper Body Trainer 2. Sit Up Bench 3. Body Flexer 17 By improving the strength in your upper body, you will actively work on improving your body composition. The equipment with hot dipped galvanized surface treatment and optional powder coated top layer in silver grey color. You may be able to improve your posture and prevent back problems by doing this exercise. The equipment with hot dipped galvanized surface treatment and optional powder coated top layer in silver grey color. Core strength is related to better body posture and lower back pain prevention. The equipment hot dipped galvanized surface treatment and optional powder coated top layer in silver grey color.
  17. 17. 4. Flex Wheel 5. Free Runner 18 Improve torso strength and mobility -consequently getting better posture. The equipment is available with hot dipped galvanized surface treatment and optional powder coated top layer in silver grey color. Aerobic workout and resistance training can help maintain good level of overall health and fitness. The equipment is available with hot dipped galvanized surface treatment and optional powder coated top layer in silver grey.
  18. 18. Playground Equipment 1. Tower Slide Swing – Double 2. Seesaw with Tyres 3. Catria Climb 19 This play unit contains a good combination of varied play activities. The curved access to the tower makes a good climbing access and the platform offers a nice look over the play area and a slide down. The set of double swings is a playground classic, which is a great trainer of the children’s vestibular system. A somersault bar offers climbing as well as somersaulting. The seesaw with tyres design is to ensure safe play for many children. There are four different ways of climbing up: climbing rope, rope ladder, fireman´s pole and a ladder. The effort of climbing to the top is well rewarded with new and exiting challenges. The large Catria top net invites the explorer to crawl above or swing from rope to rope from beneath.
  19. 19. Costing SOFT AND HARD LANDSCAPE WORKS ITE M DESCRIPTION UNIT QTY RATE ( RM ) AMOUNT ( RM) 1. Site Clearance m2 600 10.00 6000.00 2. Earth filling m3 100 100.00 1000.00 Sub-total carried to Summary 7000.00 SOFTSCAPE ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT QTY RATE ( RM ) AMOUNT ( RM) 1. Tree no. 74 300.00 22,200.00 2. Shrub no. 16 50.00 800.00 3. Grass m2 400 30.00 12,000.00 Sub-total carried to Summary 35,000.00 HARDSCAPE ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT QTY RATE ( RM ) AMOUNT ( RM ) 1. Gazebo no. 1 5,000.00 5,000.00 2. Single Fitness Equipment no. 6 1,000.00 6,000.00 3. Bench no. 11 250.00 2,750.00 4. Terrace m2 110 50.00 5,500.00 5. Tower Slide Swing-Double no. 1 750.00 750.00 6. Seesaw with tyres no. 2 300.00 600.00 7. Catria Climb no. 1 250.00 250.00 8. Walk way pavement ( Tartan Track) m2 150 40.00 6,000.00 9. Healthy road m2 8 10.00 80.00 10. Concrete Tiles no. 8 20.00 160.00 Sub-total carried to Summary 27,090.00 20
  20. 20. Maintenance Maintenance cost RM/Mth Labour cost 1. 2 laborers @ RM50/day x 4 times a month 400 2. 1 supervisor @ RM70/day x 4 times a month 280 Material cost 1. Fertiliser, once a month 100 2. General monthly service equipment 100 3. Replacing dead plants 100 Total 980 - Add Profit & overhead 15% 147 1127 Say RM1,200/month 21
  21. 21. Summary RM SOFT AND HARD LANDSCAPE WORKS 7,000.00 SOFTSCAPE 35,000.00 HARDSCAPE 27,090.00 MAINTENANCE FEE 1,200.00 Total 70,290.00 22
  22. 22. Proposal 2 By Alan Chung JiaZen 0321487 23
  23. 23. Proposal 2 The development that I’ve chosen for my site, Tun Fuad Stephens Park which is located at Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, would be to develop a tourism area. Justification of Tourism Development The reason why I choose to develop tourism area at my site is because my site is located at the top of the hill and it has a breathtaking view from up there. This provides a good option for me to develop a tourism area as the tourist whom visited there can enjoy a great view overlooking the city of Kota Kinabalu. The air up there would be cooler and fresher so it’s best to build tourism at my side. Concept Of Tourism Development A tower with 360o panoramic would be built at my site so that whoever visited there can enjoy the view from there. A bar would be built too at the tower so that they can have a drink while enjoying the view. An extended path would be built at the edge of the hill to allow the tourist to walk on and enjoy a closer look of the surrounding and probably taking photos. Additional railing are added surrounding the edge of the hill and also the extended path to ensure the safety of tourist. Benches and wooden tables are provided so that they can relax at that place too. A memorial about the history of Bukit Padang would be placed at there so that the tourist can read and understand the history of the site. Besides, a few shops would be built up there too to sell souvenirs to the tourist. Benefits for the client and the surrounding community The tourists may be able to enjoy a good scenery, which the benefit here are the scenery is a view which overlooks the city of Kota Kinabalu, as not much of the place can have a clear view of the city. The tourists who visits here have exercised their body while hiking up the hill. Other than that, the restaurant that are originally built at there could receive much more customers when the tourists visits that area, increasing their income. Besides, by developing a tourism area at my site, the property of the surrounding area would increase as it gets much more popular than before. 24
  24. 24. Impact for the client and the surrounding community The impact of developing tourism area at our site is that it requires a high costing on building and enhancing the site, as the land there is quite uneven, so it is a necessity to make it flat for the building to be built firmly. The other impact is that it takes a long time to develop completely and the process of delivering the building materials to the top of the hill are quite hard. While it also brings impact to the surrounding community when the sound produced during the process of building may affects the peaceful environment of the residents living there. 25
  25. 25. Bubble Diagram 26
  26. 26. Conceptual Plan This is the conceptual plan of my development of tourism area on my site. 27
  27. 27. Master Plan 28 ○1 ○2 ○3 ○4 ○5 ○6 ○7 ○8 ○9
  28. 28. ○1 360 degree tower ○2 Restaurant ○3 Bench ○4 Playground Area ○5 Stalls ○6 Tombstone ○7 Rest Area ○8 Stone Pathway ○9 Toilet 29
  29. 29. Description of my developments A tower A Sky Bar Stalls 31 A 360 degree tower with a panoramic view will be built at my site to allow the tourist to enjoy the view from up high. A sky bar will be built inside the tower so that the tourists can have a drink and relax their minds while enjoying the view. Stalls would be installed at my site which sells souvenirs and famous food of our city to the tourists.
  30. 30. Public Toilet Benches Tombstone 32 Public toilets would be built at there too for the tourists as my site is the top of the hill, so it is quite not convenient for them to search for one. Benches are provided for the tourists to have a sit and rest . A huge tombstone are carved with the description of our area which is about Tun Fuad Stephens Park.
  31. 31. Swings Railings Stone Pathway 33 Swings are installed at my site so that the children can play around. Railings would be built circling the edge to ensure the safety of the people who stand close to it and to prevent them from falling. The pathway would be built with stone so that the people can walk on it without stepping on muddy ground.
  32. 32. Costing Soft And Hard Landscape Works Item Description Unit QTY Rate(RM) Amount(RM) 1. Site Clearance m2 600 10.00 6,000.00 2. Earth Filling m3 150 100.00 1,500.00 Sub-total carried to Summary 7,500.00 Softscape Item Description Unit QTY Rate(RM) Amount(RM) 1. Tree no. 22 300 6,600.00 2. Shrub no. 6 50 300.00 3. Grass m2 300 30 9,000.00 Sub-total carried to summary 15,900.00 Hardscape Item Description Unit QTY Rate(RM) Amount(RM) 1. Timber Deck m2 100 350.00 3,500.00 2. Pavement (Stone) m2 100 350.00 3,500.00 3. Fencing – 1.80m high m 20 350.00 7,000.00 4. Bench no. 8 250.00 2,000.00 5. Swing no. 2 450.00 900.00 6. Concrete Tiles no. 80 30.00 2,400.00 7. Tower no. 1 15,000.00 15,000.00 8. Restaurant no. 1 8,300.00 8,300.00 9. Stalls no. 8 3,500.00 28,000.00 10. Tombstone no. 1 7,000.00 7,000.00 11. Toilet no. 3 400.00 1,200.00 Sub-total carried to Summary 78,800.00 34
  33. 33. Maintenance Maintenance Cost Rm/Mth Labour Cost 1. 3 laborers @ Rm 50/day x 4 times a month 600 2. 1 supervisor @ RM80/day x 4 times a month 320 3. Transport- 2 lorry @ RM 100/day x 4 times a month 800 Material Cost 1. Fertiliser; once a month 100 2. Pest control, twice a month 200 3. Replacing dead plants 100 Total 2020 Add profit & overhead 30% 606 2626 Say Rm2,700/month 35
  34. 34. Summary RM SOFT AND HARD LANDSCAPE WORKS 7,500 SOFTSCAPE 15,900.00 HARDSCAPE 78,800.00 MAINTENANCE FEE 2,700 Total 104,900.00 36
  35. 35. Conclusion As a conclusion, we have learnt that patience is one of the primary keys in developing a good area. Developing an area is not as easy as it seems as it takes a long time for one to come up with a idea to develop and to also think about the surrounding, such as the nature and would it bring benefits or impacts to them. We have also learnt the method on calculating the cost of materials that we used as building materials. Last but not least, time management are also important because we need to have a good control of our time to make sure it progress smoothly according to our plan and to prevent any unexpectable outcomes occurred. 37