IQ Work Hacks : Verbal communication

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Communicating at work can sometimes be tricky, in our newest work hack we will show you how to refine your communication skills.

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IQ Work Hacks : Verbal communication

  2. VERBAL COMMUNICATION Verbal communication is the easiest and most common way of communicating with one another. Different situations require different verbal skills whether it be phone calls, interviews or presentations. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about verbal communication in the workplace.
  3. Tl-I| i'. I‘( BEFORE YOU SPE/ iK E. V
  4. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Use words to your advantage.
  5. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Verbal communication can be used in different ways but make sure you use it to your advantage
  6. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Always think before you speak.
  7. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Be clear on the point that you want to put across.
  8. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Be confident in what you are saying, don’t waffle on as the listener is likely to lose track of what you are saying.
  9. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Be sure that what you are saying is true, avoid any
  10. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK ‘‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. ” - Peyton Manning.
  12. YOUR SURROUNDINGS Adjust to your surroundings and different scenarios.
  13. YOUR SURROUNDINGS When in a room with lots of people be sure to increase the volume of your voice and be authoritative in tone to suit the occasion. A n M IA —I —II I
  14. YOUR SURROUNDINGS When in a room with lots of people be sure to increase the volume of your voice and be authoritative in tone to suit the occasion. A 1 I‘ —I —II A
  15. YOUR SURROUNDINGS However, if you are in an interview or meeting, a loud voice isn’t needed so it is important to alter your voice and tone to suit the occasion.
  16. YOUR SURROUiID| i'. GS A (ii iii (A Make sure your points are clear and that you are confident in the message which you are conveying.
  17. YOUR SURROUNDINGS Avoid using fillers such as ‘erm’ and ‘uh’ to make the listeners believe in your message as well as keeping them engaged. m (I) A5
  19. BE FRIENDLY A Having a warm smile alongside the appropriate tone will take you far in your career. IO
  20. BE FRIENDLY A Individuals are drawn to friendly people as they are more likely to be on board with their ideas over someone who isn’t as friendly- this is vital for the work environment.
  21. POS| T|/ ITY
  22. POSITIVITY Choosing the right tone of voice, language and style is key as it can be the deciding point as to whether you gain or lose a client.
  23. POSITIVITY Try to swap negative vocabulary for positive vocabulary. Eg- ‘down-sizing’ for ‘right-sizing. ’ ¢"" M ‘II I
  24. POSITIVITY Use a positive tone to your voice, this will enforce a friendly tone and also show you as approachable; this will come across in your voice. m (I)
  25. YOU R MESSAGE T trio
  26. YOUR MESSAGE It is important to emphasise certain aspects of your message to create impact and highlight key parts.
  27. YOUR MESSAGE I If you want to add emphasis, it must be done in the correct way depending on which aspect of the message you want to emphasise.
  28. / A J/ HR 1 A / . "W I / I = '.. :-; ;I. I'ir. I?, iI. l-_— : 2w -4. offers a lucrative career. lnterQuest Group : “'’= :'': a lucrative career. | nterQuest Group offers a L: :'+: :.I: -M: career. | nterQuest Group offers a lucrative . ‘:r"= .r= .r’_ _/ / / / A‘ I
  30. VOCABULARY Use suitable vocabulary for the occasion. QIO I
  31. VOCABULARY Make sure you use sophisticated vocabulary which is suitable for the work environment.
  32. VOCABULARY Try and avoid slang or colloquialisms. QIO i
  33. VOCABULARY Avoid using terms such as ‘pal’ or ‘mate’ until you are fully acquainted with your colleagues.
  34. VOCABULARY You must avoid swearing.
  35. VOCABU L/ -RY l I AAA Concentrate on the language you use when you are talking to someone.
  36. VOCABULARY I I . Whether it’s a presentation or a meeting, make sure you are focussed on your choice of vocabulary and how you are delivering it.
  37. VOCABULARY Now you can use verbal communication to your advantage to communicate correctly in a professional environment.