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IoT Growth: A Forecast

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The Internet of Things is set to be a defining technology of our time. Where will it take us in the next few years?

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IoT Growth: A Forecast

  1. 1. $143.93bn MARKET STATS The Intelligent Transportation Systems market is expected to grow to $143.93bn by 2020 WWW.IQTELECOM.COMJANUARY 2017 IOT GROWTH: A FORECAST “THE IOT IS RELEVANT IN VIRTUALLY EVERY INDUSTRY, ALTHOUGH NOT IN EVERY APPLICATION. THERE WILL BE NO PURELY 'IOT APPLICATIONS.' RATHER, THERE WILL BE MANY APPLICATIONS THAT LEVERAGE THE IOT IN SOME SMALL OR LARGE ASPECT OF THEIR WORK.” W. ROY SCHULTE, GARTNER The whole IoT market is expected to grow to $661.74bn by 2021 $661.7bn 2017 $18.45bn The Smart Agriculture Market is expected to grow to $18.45bn in 2022 $5.31bn The Cellular IoT market is expected to grow to $5.31bn by 2022 $7.15bn The IoT Cloud Market is estimated to grow to $7.15bn by 2021 GARTNER’S TOP THREE IOT TECHNOLOGIES FOR 2017 ANALYTICS The number of organisations using IoT data is expected to triple in the next few years SECURITY Worldwide IoT security spending will increase by 73% until 2019 DEVICE MANAGEMENT The number of IoT devices will rise to 30.7bn in 2020 and 75.4bn in 2025 SOURCES: MARKETS & MARKETS, INDUSTRYARC, SCALAR MARKET RESEARCH, TDWI, GSMA $123.8bn The Industrial IoT Market is expected to grow to $123.8bn by 2021 $133bn The Connected Home market is expected to grow to $133bn by 2021