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Standards – building blocks of the Smart City - Michael Mulquin

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Standards – building blocks of the Smart City - Michael Mulquin (Securing Asia 2015)

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Standards – building blocks of the Smart City - Michael Mulquin

  1. 1. Standards – building blocks of the Smart City Michael Mulquin
  2. 2. There are a lot of standards relevant to smart cities
  3. 3. Standards can help at every level of the value chain
  4. 4. Standards define building blocks – Not “a one size fits all” city!
  5. 5. Benefits of smart city standards • Enable integration between different city systems • Underpin common understanding • Between partners • In procurement • Help to obtain funding • Help to prevent vendor lock-in • Enable scale • Support benchmarking and evidence gathering
  6. 6. International standards organisations ITU JTC1 IEC ISO Founded 1865 Standards is only a part Area of work - ICT UN body Members countries, private sector and universities Members are national standards bodies Founded 1906 Electrical and Electronics Founded 1987 ICT 2,776 (ISO) standards Founded 1947 Everything else! 19,500 standards
  7. 7. European Standards Organisations ETSICENELEC CEN ICT standards Members: Industry, National standards bodies etc Members: European National Standards bodies
  8. 8. Other standards organisations OGC W3C IEEE ??? Oasis ???
  9. 9. International standards work on smart cities IEC Systems Evaluation Group on smart cities is just about to finalise its report JTC1 Smart Cities Study Group is developing its phase 2 report ITU Focus Group on smart and sustainable cities developed useful technical reports A new phase of work about to start on IoT and Smart Cities ISO TC268 is developing standards for sustainable development and smart community infrastructures CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Coordination group reviewing standards for smart and sustainable cities and communities
  10. 10. Cybersecurity • ITU – Technical report on Cyber-Security, Data Protection and Cyber- Resilience in Smart Sustainable Cities • JTC 1 Smart Cities Study Group – Risk Assessment methodologies • ISO TC268 – Smart Community Infrastructures – looking at risk assessment • ISO TC268 - Indicators for Resilient Cities
  11. 11. Key lessons • India has a lot to learn • India has a lot to contribute • One key way in is via the Bureau of Indian Standards
  12. 12. michael@citybuildingblocks.com
  13. 13. ITU-T SSC Technical reports • Smart Water Management for Smart Sustainable Cities • EMF Considerations in Smart Sustainable Cities • ICTs for Climate Change Adaptation in cities • Overview of Smart Sustainable Cities Infrastructure • Best practices and use cases on infrastructure for smart sustainable cities • Technical Specifications on Building Smart Sustainable Cities • Smart Sustainable Buildings for Smart Sustainable Cities • Cyber-Security, Data Protection and Cyber-Resilience in Smart Sustainable Cities • Integrated Management for Smart Sustainable Cities • Best practices and use case on integrated management for smart sustainable cities • Anonymization Infrastructure and Open Data for Smart Sustainable Cities • Standardization Activities and Gaps for SSC and Suggestions to SG5 • Engaging Stakeholders for Smart Sustainable Cities • Assessment of Energy and GHG Emission from ICT in Cities