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INN Days 2018: Community Engagement Powerhouses

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Community engagement presentation with guest speakers Halle Stockton (Managing Editor, PublicSource), Ben Nishimoto, (Director of Philanthropy, Honolulu Civil Beat), and
Meg Waters (Development Director, Voice of OC)

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INN Days 2018: Community Engagement Powerhouses

  1. 1. Community Engagement Powerhouses INN Days June 14, 2018 Orlando, Fla. • Halle Stockton, Managing Editor, PublicSource, halle@publicsource.org, @HalleStockton • Ben Nishimoto, Director of Philanthropy, Honolulu Civil Beat, bnishimoto@civilbeat.org, @Ben_Nishimoto • Meg Waters, Development Director, Voice of OC, mwaters@voiceofoc.org, @voiceofoc Moderator: Melanie Sill, news consultant, Membership Puzzle Project and Democracy Fund
  2. 2. — Susan Forde, professor of journalism at Griffith University, who has studied community media for 20 years, from “Our new recipe for talking about ‘public trust’ in media,” Membership Puzzle Project. “Audiences report that they return to these outlets because they feel the announcers and journalists are accessible; they feel the news site or the station belongs to their community and represents it in all its diversity; that the organization is delivering something of a selfless community service; and they have a standpoint but it is transparent.”
  3. 3. A few resources: • Gather: Connection, discussion, community of practice around engaged journalism. https://gather.fmyi.com • The Year of Listening: https://theyearoflistening.org, via News Integrity Initiative at CUNY. • American Press Institute’s research and articles on community engagement. • Guide to Audience Revenue and Engagement, Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Membership Puzzle Project and INN.